Rockay Accelerate and Razer Trail Socks Review

Having recently reviewed performance socks from rival brand Feetures, I thought I knew everything there was to know about performance socks. After all, I’ve also owned a variety of performance socks from brands like Asics, Nike, New Balance, and others. Generally speaking, they all follow a similar playbook. Make socks specifically designed for performance characteristics such as moisture and sweat-wicking, cushioning, comfort and compression in all the right places.

Often they use a combination of materials to achieve these goals but rarely do they use recycled materials to do the same. That’s where Rockay makes their appearance.

Hailing from Copenhagen, this Danish company specializes in a wide variety of performance apparel. Chiefly amongst them is a line of performance socks which they were kind enough to provide for us for the purposes of review. Started by an ultra-runner, Rockay uses a wide variety of 100% recycled materials to produce its clothing. The result? Simply a terrific and premium athletic performance brand doing a lot of good by sticking to recycled materials.

By collecting plastic waste and turning it into a fabric called Econyl, the company produces t-shirts, shorts, tank-tops, long-sleeves, track jackets, windbreakers, running vests, running socks, cycling socks, trail running socks, and even running sleeves. You can learn more about the company’s manufacturing processes here.

But what you came here to do is to learn about the performance of their Accelerate and Razer Trail socks, so let’s get to that.


Designed in Denmark and manufactured in Portugal, the Accelerate Socks from Rockay are made using high-quality cylinder knitting machines. What this means, in practical terms, is that the socks feature incredibly thin and tight stitching patterns. This process, combined with the plastic-like materials, gives these socks a smooth feel and incredible stretchiness. In fact, I’d dare you to try and stretch any other sock you own as much as you can stretch the Rockay socks. I’d dub these socks the Mr. Fantastic’s of socks as they can stretch to almost unfathomable lengths without deforming or ripping.

Using a Polygiene coating, these socks claim to be excellent at repelling odours. So I decided to put that to the test. You see, while my wife generally makes fun of my feet for being dainty (which they are), my feet are more than capable of putting out some serious odour, especially on days in which I’ve put in some athletic activity. It’s extremely rare that I’m able to wear a pair of performance socks more than once after some level of rigorous exercise without them needing a wash, if for nothing else than odour reasons.

But to my astonishment, the Rockay Accelerate socks allowed me to wear them 3-4 times under heavy activity and profuse sweating. After each use, I subjected both my nose and the nose of my immediate family members to give the socks a smell rating. We collectively rated the smelliness of the socks on a scale of 1-10 and averaged out the scores. A score of 1 is equal to NO discernible smell whatsoever and 10 equalling an eye-watering stink that can only be described as the death of your olfactory senses. 

  • After one wear (post 1.5-hour walk), the Accelerate socks averaged a smelliness rating of 1.66
  • After two wears (post 1-hour basketball game) and with no wash in between, the socks averaged a smelliness rating of 2.66
  • After three wears (post-2-hour bike trail ride) and with no wash in between, the socks averaged a smelliness rating of 4.33

The Accelerate socks performed quite well in various other aspects, including arch support and comfort, owing to the seamless toe construction and overall cushioning. They felt comfortable, and breathable which is probably owed to the extra padding around the toes and the extra-light mesh in the ventilated zones. 

Ideal for cooler weather, the Accelerate socks are available in eight colour combinations and feature an attractive pattern. I found their moisture absorption, drying times and moisture-wicking properties to be all excellent. And like most performance socks, they feature a tight elastic at the top of each sock to prevent slipping. Additionally, the top of the socks features a reflective “R” for the Rockay logo to improve visibility during nighttime runs. 

A few small items did bother me, though. First, while the socks are available in five sizes, from Small up to XXL, my usual Medium size did not feel true to size. These socks felt incredibly tight on me, and I wonder if I should have chosen the L size. Nevertheless, expect a tight fit with these socks as they will compress the living hell out of your feet. 

Next, I was slightly disappointed that they didn’t feature an additional Achilles cushion tab, as that is most often where my dainty feet tend to get blisters. And finally is the high price point. To be fair, given the socks features, it’s quite justified if you have the money to spend on a high-end pair of running socks. 


  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Made from 48% Econyl, 19% Modal, 19% Cotton, 11% Recycled Polyamide, 2% Recycled Elastane, 1% Elastane. 
  • Available in five sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Available in eight colour combinations


Much of what I said about the Accelerate socks above can be directly transposed onto their Razer Trail socks cousin. Like the Accelerate, the Razer Trail socks are made with 100% recycled materials and feature seamless toe construction. 

Breathable mesh zones also make an appearance, but it would appear that the Razer Trail socks have been designed to withstand that particular side-to-side movement expected of a foot going over rougher terrain. The construction of these socks is all about preventing blisters during arduous and lengthy hikes. Also featuring a lifetime guarantee, these socks have performance cushioning in all the right places and feature the same anti-odour coating. 

One primary difference I noticed was that the socks were not nearly as “compressed” and tight-fitting as the Accelerate, making a slightly more comfortable and casual wearing experience. Don’t get me wrong, these are still performance socks in all the right ways, but they didn’t feel nearly as highly technical as the Accelerate line. They also felt a touch thinner which also made them feel a bit more breathable. 


  • Materials: 51% Econyl Regenrated Nylon, 45% Recycled Polyamide, 4% Recycled Elastane
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Available in four sizes: S, M, L, XL
  • Available in seven seven colour combinations

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