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Key organizers are nothing new. We’ve written about the very best key organizers for everyday carry previously. But when the company known for its excellence in minimalist wallets reached out to tell me about their iteration of a key organizer, my ears perked up. In this hands-on review, we’ll look at The Ridge Keycase, a minimalist key organizer for anyone that wants to keep their keys organized, tidy and encased in a small but useful EDC tool. I’ve been testing this tool, which retails for between $75-95, for about a month as my primary key carrying device, and I’ve been impressed thus far.  

Designed to streamline how you carry your keys, the Ridge Key Organizer is available in a wide variety of materials and finishes, including the Matte Carbon fibre finish I received in the mail. It’s also available in the following material and colour finishes: 

  • Aluminum / black
  • Burnt titanium
  • Forged ember
  • Aluminum / gunmetal
  • Aluminum / navy

What’s in the Box?

The Ridge KeyCase comes with the key organizer, a metal mini-screwdriver in the form of a solid aluminum piece of metal, as well as a separate key ring that you may choose to attach to attach even more keys externally. The mini screwdriver is used to turn the primary screw to provide extra tension or loosen the case, depending on how easily you want your keys to fold out from the case. 

Finally, there is a small 3-fold instruction booklet inside the package, with, as you can imagine, instructions on how to use the KeyCase. 


Like with other Ridge products, the Keycase comes in a small, simple cardboard box measuring roughly 3″ x 4.5 and is a simple slip-on cover box with an outline illustration of the primary product inside. Inside, all the items, except for the instruction booklet, are situated inside a hard-foam insert with carved out shapes for the KeyCase, screwdriver and key ring. 


While the material finishes on the Ridge Keycase are designed to match closely some of the finishes found on its sister product, the Ridge Wallet, there are enough options and finishes that everyone should be able to find an aesthetic they like. 

The nearly all-black matte finish of the particular KeyCase I got to review, which is featured in the photos throughout this review, was quite nice, albeit a bit simple. The Ridge “Carbon” logo is set subtly within the carbon fibre plate and exudes a minimalist quality that doesn’t become an obnoxious brand virtue signalling thing. And while the larger brand-mark logo on the back of the clip is a bit more noticeable, I don’t mind it too much here either as the implementation is a subtle embossing within the metal structure, providing little to no contrast with the surrounding material. 

Overall, the Ridge KeyCase features a simple and clean-looking aesthetic designed to match its sister products, namely, Ridge’s Wallet. 

In Practical Use

I found using the KeyCase to be a joy. On the other hand, putting it together was less than delightful. Designed to hold 2-6 keys, the KeyCase features a tension plate that expands to give you the flexibility to carry a varying amount of keys. It does this very well, and once you’ve dialled in how much tension you want on your keys to get just the right ease of sliding keys in and out of their closed position, it becomes a joy to use. 

Adding or removing keys is another story. In all, I found the process to be a bit too laborious. The tension plate makes it somewhat difficult to set any amount of keys inside the case and requires some level of pressure or dexterity that would make me somewhat reluctant to use this as an EDC key case if I knew that I would often be switching keys in and out.

Tightening the keys in place with the included screwdriver takes a bit of effort, and you’ll feel clicks as the locking mechanism falls in and out of place. It’s fairly easy to overtighten the mechanism, so be mindful of that as you’re fastening your screw in place. 

When completely unscrewed, you’ll see that the other end of the KeyCase is connected through a rubber loop whose long-term durability I wonder about. Sure it’s fairly thick, but given that an additional metal loop is attached to it, it would stand to reason that this rubber loop will suffer a fair bit of wear and tear by way of tugging tension and abuse over time. 

The KeyCase features a built-in thumb carve-out in the shape of a half-circle that makes the process of pulling out keys very easy. Additionally, I found that the included manganese spring steel clip on the opposite side was quite useful in clipping it onto my belt, backpack and pants pocket. It was also nice to see that the clip is removable by way of a set of 2 small screws for which you’ll need a hex screwdriver.

Like with all Ridge products I’ve managed to inspect, the KeyCase features an excellent dedication to supreme build quality and a commitment to tight manufacturing tolerances. The end result is a product you’ll likely enjoy for years to come. Featuring a lifetime warranty, the KeyCase can also be returned within 45 days to get your money back if you find that it doesn’t do the job you hoped it would.

Technical Details

  • Weight: 1.5 oz – can vary depending on the material, with the aluminum ones being slightly heavier at 2 oz. 
  • Size: 76mm x 12mm x 12mm
  • Lifetime warranty

How it Compares to KeySmart

Here’s how the Ridge KeyCase compares to one of the most popular key case EDC organizers on the market: The KeySmart

Key Capacityup to 6up to 8
Available Colours / Finishes63
Included key ring?YesNo
WarrantyLifetime2 year

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