Oakywood – Desk Shelf – Dual Monitor Stand Review

If you’re of the opinion that any old monitor stand is good enough for your workspace, then perhaps this review is not for you. But if you’re here to find out if the Oakywood Desk Shelf Dual Monitor Stand is capable of satisfying every aspect of your exacting needs for a high-quality dual-monitor stand, then read on. Before telling you all about this monitor stand, let’s establish some bona fides.

Yes, I’m a dual monitor user, and for the better part of a year, I went through no less than eight dual monitor stands until I found the Oakywood and eventually settled on it as a stand that fit all my functional and aesthetic needs. 

You see, I’m just one of those nerds that take a great deal of pride in how their workspace / battle station looks and functions. Yes, I’m one of those people that spend way too much time browsing Reddit’s /r/battlestations subreddit looking for the ultimate computer and desk setups. And if you’re a dual-monitor user like myself, an excellent monitor stand is a big part of your desk setup. 

So, is the Desk Shelf from Oakywood the ultimate dual monitor stand or just another overpriced piece of wood? We’ve covered a lot of monitors stands here are Worn Simple, and I can honestly say that this product from Oakywood is pretty damn good. 

About Oakywood

I love learning about and discovering brands I’ve never had an encounter with, so when I learned that Oakywood comes from my motherland of Poland, I was especially pleased. Founded in 2017, the company produces and sells unique wooden accessories related to computers and modern offices. Founded by Mateusz Haberny, the company sells stands, classic desks, desk organizers, charging docks, laptop stands, AirPods cases, home decor, and of-course monitor stands.

With a focus on a minimalist aesthetic, Oakywood’s design sensibilities line up very closely with mine, and that’s perhaps why I was drawn to trying out their dual-monitor stand. Either that or I was too frustrated with every other dual-monitor stand I had tried.

As with many socially and environmentally conscious brands, Oakywood pledges to allocate money to planting one tree for every product you purchase from them.

The Oakywood – Desk Shelf – Dual Monitor Stand


Featuring a 41.3″ x 9″ top, this dual monitor stand / shelf is available in either American Walnut or Polish Oak. But whatever finish you choose, the quality of the wood is simply superb. While my experience was with the Walnut version, the Oak version appears to receive the same level of accolades from happy customers as far as material quality goes.

While both versions are handcrafted in Poland and then distributed worldwide, the natural wood grains are perhaps the most noticeable difference between the two wood materials. The Walnut version seems to display those grains more prominently and, to my particular eye, is the better-looking version of this shelf. Of course, if you prefer the look of a lighter wood to complement the rest of your desk setup, that Oak version is a fine choice.


I can’t say enough good things about the look of this dual monitor stand. It’s simply gorgeous, and none of the photos I took nor any photographs on the Oakywood website do this product justice. The shelf component of this stand is one solid piece of wood that features a bevelled edge that runs the entire length and width of the product. The slope is sublime and has just the right amount of smoothness and softness to its angles to create a pleasing and inviting look and feel.

However, I wonder what the shelf would look like if the company had taken the same hard angular design aesthetic from some of its other products and had applied it to this one. While I appreciate that certain products are designed for a specific look and function, there is also something to be said for creating a signature look and feel to your products and spreading that look across your product line.

Complementing the wooden component of the shelf are two rectangular-shaped steel legs that are powder-coated in a beautiful matte black. And while there is only one option of legs for both wood finishes, I think it complements either one quite pleasingly. The finish on the legs is smooth and without any discernible imperfections. The curve of the legs where it meets the bottom of the shelf is also a nice continuation of the curves found on the wooden shelf.


Upon first opening the packaging, I was a tad surprised to see that the shelf did not come assembled, but not to worry, the shelf was incredibly easy to put together with the included four screws and thin Allen Key. The screws are powder coated with the same paint as the legs. While you normally won’t see them as they are located at the bottom of the monitor stand, the fact that Oakywood went to the trouble to colour match them with the legs is a level of detail that is indicative of the high-quality craftsmanship on display here.

Once assembled, the shelf feels incredibly sturdy, and the manufacturing tolerances are excellent. I’ve been using this stand for nearly five months now, and the stand has yet to wobble or present any unevenness in its stance.

Oakywood advertises a maximum load capacity of 220 lbs, and I decided to put that to the test. I stood on it, and while I come in under that weight, I don’t come under it by that much, so it wound up being a fairly good load-bearing test. Yes, the shelf displayed a small measure of flex during that test, but nothing that would make me think this shelf can probably handle an even higher weight than advertised.

With a 4.3″ height from the desk, the height of this monitor stand is pretty standard and will lift your monitors, in my case, dual 34″ Ultra-Wide Dell screens, to a comfortable and ergonomically suitable height. And while the distance between the legs is 28.3″, what’s most functional about them is that they are hollow, allowing for more storage flexibility underneath the shelf. That’s something anyone who is looking to keep a tidy desk can appreciate.

Finally, like any high-quality monitor stand, the Oakywood comes with an excellent set of anti-scratch pads on the bottom of its legs. The pads are made from a layer of Portuguese Cork and are clearly designed to last and survive any adjustment or movement on your desk for years to come. This level of attention to detail is a big score in my books as I have owned far too many monitor stands whose cheap, stick-on rubber nubbins come off every time you attempt to adjust the position of your stand.


Retailing for $199 and $179 for the Walnut and Oak versions, respectively, there’s no question that this dual-monitor stand is in most cases two to three times more expensive than something cheap and, frankly, not so great you’ll find amidst the thousands of listings on Amazon.

But this is the sort of product you buy for life. Everything about its craftsmanship, from its smooth finish due to being covered in a variety of ecological oils, so the fact that there are so many thoughtful small details, tells me it’s well worth the price. Happily, the company ships its products worldwide, and I know you’ll be happy to have a stylish and supremely crafted monitor stand that is worthy of showing off your battle station on Reddit.

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