Land & Lore – All-In-One Wash & Eye Cream Review

I recently had the opportunity to review a variety of men’s grooming and skin products from a company called the Wolf Project. In that review, I mentioned that I’m somewhat new to the land of skincare products designed specifically for men. But as I continue to explore more products from various companies, I’m starting to better understand the difference between high-quality skincare brands and those that only purport to positively affect your skin and overall look. This time around, I managed to get a sampling of two products from a company called Land & Lore

About Land & Lore

Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Land & Lore is another specialty line of Men’s skincare products focusing on using all-natural and paraben-free products. They also claim that none of their products are tested on animals, and when a company claims that, I always wonder, if not animals, then who and what are they tested on? Perhaps volunteers? Or maybe some combination of ingredients in skincare products are now tested against software simulations that figure out any adverse effects on human skin? 

In any case, Land & Lore’s focus is on producing vegan, gluten-free products that a team of chemists has developed to make highly effective skincare products. At least that’s the claim. The company plants a tree for every product sold through something called the Arbor Day Foundation. 

You can see a full list of the key ingredients the company puts into its various products here. And while the company seems fairly small, they do offer a relatively wide range of products, including a Cleanser, Moisturizer, Dry Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Eye-Cream, and an All-In-One body, face-cleanser, and shampoo. 

For this review, I managed to try and test the All-In-One cleanser and the Eye-Cream

All-In-One Body, Face Cleanser and Shampoo

While the convenience of an all-in-one product that can serve as a body wash, facial cleanser and shampoo has always struck me as somewhat suspect. After all, I don’t think it would be reasonable even to expect a product formulated to do all three compared to some high-end products designed only to perform one of these three functions.

So what does the All-In-One purport to do? First, it claims to clean impurities, which I would imagine is the purpose of any skin cleaner. Next, it also states that it renews tired skin, a fairly generalized and subjective claim. Finally, Land & Lore also claims that the product heals, protects, nourishes, and strengthens skin and also claims to be a good substitute for a shaving gel.

I’ll be honest, while some of these claims can be tested, some of these claims are so general that it makes it almost impossible to affirm or refute them.

Land & Lore All-In-One Facts

Made in the U.S., the Land & Lore All-In-One cleanser comes in a 16 oz plastic bottle with a pump-action dispenser. There was nothing particularly special about the packaging it arrived in, but I like the simply designed bottle label. The label features a white and green look containing its brand mark, ingredients and instructions, and its purported three key benefits. And while I wish some of the label’s writing was a touch bigger as some parts are a little difficult to read, I appreciate the comprehensiveness of the information presented on the label. That also includes a description of the scent, which is pretty bang-on: A slightly earthy yet fresh blend of nature with notes of floral herbs and sandalwood. 

The cleanser comes out as a slightly yellowish-tinted gel but quickly transforms into a white foam when rubbed together. The aloe-vera-infused gel doesn’t create any huge bubbles and remains fairly concentrated prior to being applied to the skin. So how did it do as a product in the three primary body areas I tested it with? 

As a Facial Cleanser

The Land & Lore cleanser did very well as a facial cleanser. I’ve been using it exclusively as my facewash for 15 days, and it has done a very good job at cleaning and leaving my face feeling refreshed. I’ve detected no dryness or irritation, and I have only needed to use one pump or liquid to leave my face nice and clean. 

As a Body Wash

Because it has to be a good facial cleanser, the All-In-One simply can’t be a spectacular body wash. Sure it does the job, but I found myself using way too much of the liquid compared to my traditional body wash from Dove or Old Spice. Yes, it cleans well, but the lather simply isn’t as, well, “lathery” as some of these other soaps. Given its relatively high retail price of $29.00, I would say you’re going to be spending a lot of money on your body wash if this is the only one you use. 

As a Shampoo

Again, here we had a problem with lather. Traditional shampoos will lather up into a lot of soap, designed to provide plenty of coverage. While, in a pinch, I’d suggest that the All-In-One did an adequate job as a shampoo, I could probably say that about a lot of other non-dedicated soaps. 

As a Shaving Tool

I was quite surprised at how well this product did to stand in as a substitute for a traditional shaving gel. And while it doesn’t expand in size as much as a conventional shaving gel does, it provides the soothing and sleekness you want while doing a close shave—thumbs up in this regard. 

Land & Lore Eye Cream 

Without shame, I’m happy to say that the skin around my eyes is beginning to develop some real signs of aging as I get into mid-life. And that’s perfectly fine, but there is still some small shred of vanity in me that wouldn’t mind a reduction in the bags under my eyes as well as an increasingly more noticeable set of dark rings. 

So it’s with this desire and hope I began using the Eye Cream from Land & Lore. Like with the All-in-One, the Eye Cream has a fairly long list of benefits it claims. Thankfully, these ones are a bit more concrete and verifiable. Let’s have a look: 

  • Reduce eye puffiness
  • Reduce dark circles
  • Reduce wrinkles

According to Land & Lore, the eye cream uses a variety of probiotics and natural botanicals to slow the production of melanin (to reduce dark circles?) and caffeine to wake up tired under-eye skin by stimulating blood flow.

Unlike the All-in-One cleanser, the Eye Cream comes in a small glass container with a twist top that retails for $20. Once open, you’ll notice that the scent is quite similar to the all-in-one wash, and the cream is white. Applying the cream just takes a dab or two, but given the small container size, the entire contents lasted only 22 applications.

Upon applying the cream, it takes about 30 minutes to fully absorb and dries clear into your skin.

Let’s look at how effective this eye cream was at achieving its stated benefits. I used the cream every second day for 22 total applications, and here are the results.

Reduce Eye Puffiness

There’s no question that I saw a noticeable improvement. Probably at least a 30-40% reduction in eye puffiness. 

Reduces Dark Circles

This is perhaps the benefit I was most looking forward to, and I’m happy to report that the dark circles under my eyes have become less visible. I’m not entirely sure what will happen if I stop using the product entirely, but I will come back and report if I notice a difference. The total dark circles under my eyes have been reduced in visibility, maybe between 20-30%. 

Reduces Wrinkles

Nope. I don’t think it did that. At least not noticeably. So I would say in this regard, I don’t think this product is best suited for wrinkle reduction, at least not in my experience. 

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