Feetures Socks Review

Socks are big business. Bigger than you think. And while they may seem like a commodity, many innovative companies and manufacturers have turned their eyes to this often-neglected piece of apparel that may be one of the more important things you ever wear. Sure, there’s still plenty of people that simply buy giant packs of $2 socks at their local Wal-Mart of Wal-Mart equivalent, but I’m here to tell you that there’s nothing better than a premium pair of socks, particularly if you’re performance-minded.

This is a review of Feetures socks, but before we get into the particulars of these socks, let’s learn a bit about the company behind them. Started in North Carolina in 2002, the company’s founder, a life-long runner, set out on a journey to create high-end performance running socks. From there, the company has expanded to develop socks specifically tailored to the needs of runners, hikers, golfers, cyclists, tennis players and athletes currently looking for socks that will aid them in recovery from various foot and leg-related injuries.

For this review, I was sent four pairs of Feetures socks, all from their Elite collection. This collection of socks uses a wide variety of performance-minded features to help keep your feet in the best shape possible while performing a wide variety of athletic activities. With targeted compression in the arch, the socks are designed to keep blood flow moving through our feet. The socks feature an anatomical design, meaning that, unlike non-premium socks, the Feetures Elite is designed to fit your right and left foot differently. This provides a premium fit for your feet, meaning you’re less likely to get bunches and blisters.

Like many performance socks, Feetures socks include a seamless toe design that goes a long way in providing a blister-free experience. Additionally, their proprietary iWick fibres are designed to keep your feet cool and dry.


So how did the Feetures Socks perform in my use over the last three months? I’m not going to pretend that I’m an elite athlete. I used to be an athlete in my teens and early 20’s, and I don’t remember performance socks of this quality being available in the late ’90s and early 2000s. That said, I’ve now used Feetures socks in daily walks, riding my fat tire electric bikes through various dry and muddy trails, as well as during some friendly outdoor basketball games. 

Each aspect of the Feetures socks performed admirably. I’ve experienced no blisters, scuffs, rips, tears, or any noticeable signs of wear and tear after about 10-15 washes through my machine wash. I’ve found each of the pairs of Feetures socks to be incredibly comfortable, and the Elite Light Cushion No Show Tab, as well as the Elite Max Cushion No Show Tab socks, did an admirable job of providing plenty of grip in and out of my shoes. And that’s probably what sold me on these socks the most. If I have one pet peeve, it’s when my feet slide around inside my shoes due to poor sock performance. 

Another aspect of these socks that I enjoyed is simply how easily they can slip on and off. Despite their compression, they always felt like they hugged my feet with just the right of pressure. Additionally, while the materials the company uses across its various lines of socks can vary, a manufacturing technique known as 200N High-Density Knitting ensures that all of its socks feature superior comfort and durability. And I honestly don’t think that’s just an empty marketing claim. The Feetures socks that I’ve been wearing genuinely feel very, for-lack-of-a-better word, dense.

And while this is not a feature of the products themselves, the company does offer international shipping, which far too few U.S. BASED retailers do, and has also garnered a good reputation of quality customer service. The company also seems to feel quite confident in its products, backed up by a lifetime guarantee.

If there is one flaw with Feetures socks, the ones that I tested at least don’t exactly live up to the hype of being moisture-wicking. I found no particular advantage in Feetures socks wicking away moisture or sweat over any other performance socks I’ve ever worn. I would say the performance in that regard was somewhat mediocre. Additionally, and perhaps as a side effect of their high material density, my Feetures socks always took longer to dry than other performance socks from Asics, Nike, and Rockay that I own.

Feetures Elite Light Cushion No Show Tab

Here’s a break-down of the features you can expect from the Elite Light Cushion No Show Tab socks from Feetures

  • High density cushioning
  • No bulk
  • Anatomical design
  • No seams
  • 96% nylon, 4% spandex construction
  • No-show tab
  • iWick fibres
  • Very thick
  • Super comfortable
  • Overall a very nice running sock for nearly any type of running
  • Available in Sizes S, M, L for women
  • Available in Sizes M, L, XL for men
  • Available in nine colour combinations
  • This sock is all about compression and comfort, and it does both those well.
  • Pull-on very easily
  • Padding stretches the entire length of the sole, which is very nice for people with feet like mine that get tired very easily.
  • The pads on these socks do not cover the toes or forefoot’s outsides and do not stretch up to the ankle cuff in the heel region, meaning that some Achilles tendon areas remain unpadded.

Elite Max Cushion No Show Tab

  • Highest level of cushioning for Feetures socks
  • Anatomical design
  • No seams
  • No show tab sits below the ankle for versatility
  • Made with yarn from recycled plastic
  • 74% polyester, 21% nylon, 5% spandex
  • Machine wash cold

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