No matter how you move through today’s complicated world, there’s always room for a better EDC (Everyday Carry) setup. Being prepared for all situations means finding the right EDC gear and so we continue to scour the earth for the best everyday carry products you can buy. From knives, to wallets and bags, to pens, headphones, and flashlights. There’s no gear that’s out of reach for our expert reviewers and product buying guide specialists.

EDC Articles

  • The Best Travel Wallets for Jetsetting Men
    When you’re jetting off to some far-flung destination, roaming around the winding streets of a new town, or seeking adventure in a foreign land, the last thing you want to … Read more
  • ThreadBeast Review
    For years, companies like Stitch Fix, Frank and Oak, Trunk Club and Fabletics have been running successful subscription boxes on the personalized style model. Among them is a company that … Read more
  • AER Tech Pack 2 REVIEW
    At other times I’ve found that my needs have changed, and I wanted a hybrid backpack like the Troubadour Apex Backpack Explorer that would still carry my laptop and had … Read more
  • Battlbox Review – The Ultimate Survival & Adventure Box Subscription
    One thing I’ve discovered in my travels through the world of Internet retailing is that you’re either a subscription box person or you’re not. Some people swear by them, and … Read more
  • The Best Silicone Rings for Men & Women
    The traditional metal wedding band has been around for centuries and is synonymous with love and commitment. Unfortunately, it’s not always practical to wear a metal ring around your finger. … Read more
  • The Best Notebooks and Notepads for Writing, Doodling & Everyday Use
    Despite living in the digital age, there are simply times when it’s still best to reach for a trusted paper notebook. Of course, not all notebooks are made equal. While … Read more
  • The Best Tactical Vests
    If you’re hitting the battlefield for a round of paintball or brushing up on your firearms training in a tactical environment, then it’s important to have a good tactical vest … Read more
  • The Best Subscription Boxes for Men
    It’s all well and good saving up your cash for a nice new watch, a stylish outfit, or a bottle of expensive whiskey, but sometimes a treat is even better … Read more
  • The Best Keychain & Compact Flashlights
    Keychain flashlights are small, lightweight, functional lights with reliable brightness for everyday use. Even though its beam may not meet the standards of a tactical flashlight, this convenient light is … Read more
  • The Best Waterproof Wallets and Pouches for Women & Men
    Let’s break down why you would want a waterproof wallet or pouch. Depending on the level of adventure-seeking you’re comfortable with, you might find yourself in a snorkelling or white-water-rafting … Read more
  • The Best Butterfly Knives for Beginners and Experts
    The balisong, also known as the butterfly knife, emerged in the Philippines as early as 800 A.D., and was used as a self-defense and utility knife by peasants and noblemen … Read more
  • The Top Self-Defense Flashlights
    In this buyer’s guide, you’ll find some of the best tactical self-defense flashlights on offer, each of which comes with a powerful bulb strong enough to blind or dazzle any … Read more
  • WESN – Henry Titanium Pocket Knife Review
    I actually don’t know that much about the company except that it successfully launched its knives as Kickstarter projects through thousands of backers. The company currently sells three knives, including … Read more
  • OLIGHT Baton 3 Flashlight Premium Edition Review
    We’ve covered some of the best EDC flashlights for under $100 and some of the brightest flashlights in the world, and OLIGHT products took their rightful place amongst those lists, but this time … Read more
  • Ekster Aluminum Cardholder Wallet Review
    I’ve owned more than a few and had more than a few sent my way. When Ekster offered to send me the Aluminum Cardholder wallet, I jumped at the chance … Read more
  • The 26 Best Leather Wallets for Men
    A great leather wallet is the single most important item in any man’s pockets. Every day, you use your wallet countless times, whether it’s to keep your contactless cards safe, … Read more
  • Find the Best Karambit Knife
    Karambits, otherwise known as Karambit knives, are becoming more popular for use as utility and self-protection tools. Perfect for technical use, bushcraft, and karambit knife fighting in martial arts settings, … Read more
  • The Most Amazing Tactical Wallets
    When you think of a tactical wallet, you expect a military-grade survival tool packed with all the necessary functions to keep your cash and credit cards safe and secure in … Read more
  • EDC Pen Buying Guide – 28 of the Best
    Are pens, especially those that can serve as a vital tool of your EDC (everyday carry) gear, a bulwark against the soundbites and increasingly shorter attention spans of our social … Read more
  • The 21 Best Key Organizers for EDC (Everyday Carry)
    There was a time when the best key organizer was as simple as a metal keychain loop. That’s the kind of key organization system that I ran with as a … Read more
  • The Best Valet Trays for Men’s EDC Gear
    Suppose you’re always finding yourself scrambling to find your car keys at the last minute or forever wondering where you’ve left your smartphone lying around. In that case, a valet … Read more
  • The 20 Best Bowie Knives for Any Situation
    Since the 19th century, when James Black invented the custom-made Bowie knife for Jim Bowie, this type of large sheathed knife has evolved in terms of features and uses. The … Read more
  • The 21 Brightest Flashlights in the World
    When you need a handheld flashlight bright enough to light up a football field or illuminate a mountain range a small distance away, you should probably opt to get the … Read more
  • The 19 Best Paracord Survival Bracelets
    If you’re a hiker, camper, survivalist, or enjoy the outdoors, having a survival kit that includes a paracord survival bracelet is a must-have. The bracelet comes in handy should you find yourself … Read more
  • The 14 Best Key Finders To Ensure You Never Lose Your Keys or Anything Else
    If you regularly lose your keys, you may want to invest in a key finder. Electronic and GPS key finders are tracking devices that work with a smartphone or remote … Read more
  • 16 Best Survival Kits for Every Scenario
    Any mountain guide, special forces soldier, medic, or first responder will tell you, how you respond to an emergency in the initial 72 hours determines whether you make it out … Read more
  • The 20 Best Tactical Tomahawks You Can Buy
    Sure, it’s easy enough to be derisive of the need for a tomahawk. I mean, it’s a freaking tomahawk after all. But the moment you realize the entire breadth of … Read more
  • The 15 Best Carbon Fiber Wallets
    So what’s the appeal of a carbon fiber wallet anyway? Well, first is the pattern. Undoubtedly cool, it’s an instant recognition of the fact that you’re sporting a high-quality material. … Read more
  • 16 Of The Best Tactical Knives
    Whether you’re planning for a family trip or a more difficult and exciting travel adventure, you’ll find yourself in need of a good tactical knife that can handle a myriad … Read more
  • The Ridge Wallet Review – Hands on 2021
    Enter the mighty minimalist wallet. Increasingly popular, and with a constantly growing selection to choose from, you can now do the proper business of downsizing your pocket bulge. Taking up … Read more
  • The 16 Best Tactical Pens For Self-Defense
    The old adage coined by English novelist and playwright, Edward Bulwer-Lytton, that “the pen is mightier than the sword” never took into account that one day it may become literally … Read more
  • 25 Best Metal Wallets for Men & Women
    There are a lot of advantages to owning a metal wallet, and perhaps only one disadvantage. For those of you who like to roll with a minimalist style, the metal … Read more
  • 12 Affordable AirPods Alternatives
    In the fall of 2016, Apple unveiled the AirPods wireless headphones. And, while they weren’t the first in the market with Bluetooth headphones (not by a longshot), they were definitely … Read more
  • 14 Best Money Clip Wallets for Men
    Money clip wallets are becoming increasingly popular, especially with Men. They often exude a slim and sleek aesthetic combining materials such as leather, carbon fibre, and aluminum to create the … Read more
  • 15 of The Best EDC Flashlights Under $100
    Let there be light, and I promise you it’s going to be so much better.  Having a handy flashlight, on the ready, used to be the ultimate sign of someone … Read more
  • 20 of The Best Sunglasses for Men in 2021
    Choosing a pair of sunglasses is like picking a haircut. It’s highly personal. It’s highly subjective. And it can have a considerable impact on the way you are perceived out … Read more
  • 13 of the Best Multi Tools You Can Buy
    A lot of companies claim to have the best multi-tool on the market. But what exactly constitutes the bona-fides to make that claim? What specific criteria should a multi-tool be … Read more
  • 21 Of The Best Pocket Knives For Your EDC
    Unlike many other websites that claim to have a former SEAL, Green Beret, firefighter or cop testing every day carry (EDC) knives for them by running through a jungle barefoot … Read more