Trends in fashion come and go and yet there are timeless looks both men and women can adhere to in order to enhance their look. Our clothing buying guides cover everything from men’s jackets to women’s socks and everything in between.

Clothing Articles

  • Belt Storage Ideas for Any Space
    So you’ve accumulated quite the collection of quality leather dress belts, and you’re now starting to run out of places you can drape them in your wardrobe. Now would be a … Read more
  • The Art of Wearing a Man’s Scarf
    Ever since the first time someone decided to throw a length of fabric around their neck to keep warm, the scarf has become an essential accessory in the arsenal of … Read more
  • The Highest Quality Men’s T-Shirts You’ll Love to Wear
    Whether you are looking for a new t-shirt to wear or giving one as a gift, it is important that you know what makes a good men’s t-shirt. And believe … Read more
  • The Best Water Socks for Men and Women
    Water socks are a great accessory for divers and surfers and those who want to enjoy a day at the beach without worrying about damaging their feet on hot sand … Read more
  • Outstanding Chore Coats for Style & Utility
    Chore coats are a great choice of jacket all year round, thanks to their extreme versatility and timeless style. Traditional waist-cut chore coats aren’t just great spring and autumn outerwear; … Read more
  • Ionic Black Leather Jacket by The Jacket Maker Review
    But don’t be fooled; the Jacket Maker isn’t some stodgy old company that produces outrageously priced apparel. No, this direct-to-consumer brand is part of a new breed of companies looking to cut … Read more
  • Get the Great Gatsby Look with This Guide to 1920’s Men’s Fashion
    It’s hard to believe that a century has already passed, but here we are. The roaring ’20s are here again (though maybe it’s just me, they don’t feel quite as … Read more
  • Who Has the Best Pocket T-Shirts for Men?
    There’s something distinctive about the pocket tee that has formed a staple of 21st-century men’s attire. Being one of the most common products you’ll find on the high street, you’d … Read more
  • Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Should Own
    Crafting a minimal wardrobe isn’t always as effortless as it seems. It involves a little foresight and planning to make sure you’re prepared for any event with a range of … Read more
  • The 21 Nicest Men’s Henley Shirts to Upgrade Your Style
    Born as a simple undershirt for Englishmen back in the 1800s, the henley shirt is one of the few items of clothing to remain in fashion and relatively unchanged for … Read more
  • The Best No Show Socks for Women
    Do you love wearing slip-on, low-cut booties, or casual sneakers? If so, having no-show socks that cover the instep height of your feet is a must. These socks will keep … Read more
  • Every Man Should Own One of these Corduroy Jackets
    Once a signature part of the late 20th century, corduroy has made a strong comeback over recent years, establishing itself as one of the more fashionable throwbacks to vintage styles … Read more
  • The Most Stylish Boxer Briefs in the World
    For many men, what’s under the trousers doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. That’s right; we’re talking about boxer briefs. A great pair of boxers shouldn’t just look … Read more
  • The Most Useful Rucksacks for Every Use
    If you’re looking to replace your tired old backpack or a smaller sling bag with a sturdy new rucksack, it’s important to begin with understanding the differences between the two … Read more
  • The 10 Types of Suits Every Man Should Own
    As you age, the occasions where you’re expected to wear a suit can pile up quickly. Weddings, funerals, business meetings, black tie events, jury duty, the list of suit-wearing events … Read more
  • The Most Stylish Crewneck Sweatshirts & Sweaters for Men
    Crewneck sweatshirts and sweaters have been a staple of men’s wardrobes for decades, cherished for their versatility and comfort. Nearly everyone has a favourite sweatshirt or sweater, and because of … Read more
  • Rockay Accelerate and Razer Trail Socks Review
    Often they use a combination of materials to achieve these goals but rarely do they use recycled materials to do the same. That’s where Rockay makes their appearance. Hailing from … Read more
  • A Guide to Choosing and Wearing the Perfect Men’s Belt
    You can spend hours and hours putting together the perfect outfit for a formal occasion or casual get-together. Still, it can all fall apart if you go ahead and choose … Read more
  • The Best Men’s Cargo Pants for Any Occasion
    90’s and noughties kids rejoice! Cargo pants are officially cool again in 2021! No, really. A global whirlwind of strange events, including and especially the pandemic, stopped the clock on … Read more
  • ThreadBeast Review
    For years, companies like Stitch Fix, Frank and Oak, Trunk Club and Fabletics have been running successful subscription boxes on the personalized style model. Among them is a company that … Read more
  • Feetures Socks Review
    This is a review of Feetures socks, but before we get into the particulars of these socks, let’s learn a bit about the company behind them. Started in North Carolina … Read more
  • The Best Leather Dress Belts for Men
    While a fairly small part of an overall outfit, picking the best belt for the occasion is crucial to looking great in the office, out on the town, or at … Read more
  • Sock it to Me Socks Review
    Enter the brand known as Sock it to Me. And while this company has now branched out into other product categories such as underwear, face masks and other small accessories like these well-designed water … Read more
  • The Most Stylish Dress Socks for Men
    While only a small part of an outfit, dress socks can have a big impact on both your overall outfit and your day. Picking the right pair of stylish dress … Read more
  • The 18 Cutest Hoodies for Women
    Fashion hoodies and sweatpants are a must-have for any stylish lady, mom, or teen. It is that one essential top to keep you warm, cozy, and sweat-free, whether in winter, … Read more
  • The Best Subscription Boxes for Men
    It’s all well and good saving up your cash for a nice new watch, a stylish outfit, or a bottle of expensive whiskey, but sometimes a treat is even better … Read more
  • The Most Stylish Casual Blazers for Men
    Perfect for smart-casual events along with general everyday wear, casual men’s blazers are the ideal piece of outerwear for any man balancing comfort with style. They can transform any outfit … Read more
  • 25 Best Tactical Gloves
    If you’re an amateur or professional marksman, you’ll know that a good pair of tactical gloves can make all the difference when spending an hour or two on the range. … Read more
  • The Best and Most Comfortable Flannel Shirts for Men
    It’s hard to get manlier than a flannel shirt—the wardrobe of lumberjacks, construction workers, and outdoorsmen. They are long-sleeved, brushed cotton, usually plaid, button-up garments chock-full of masculinity. And with … Read more
  • The Most Comfortable Men’s Underwear
    It’s easy to overlook men’s underwear as a basic clothing item that requires no careful consideration. If you think about it, however, your underwear is perhaps the most important item … Read more
  • Bombas Socks Review
    Now I know what you’re thinking. Socks, they’re all the same! Right? Wrong. And perhaps that’s the simple and unnaturally intuitive idea behind Bombas and their products. Bombas socks are … Read more
  • The Best Work Pants for Men
    The great thing about men’s work pants is that they can be highly adaptable to a variety of needs. Whether you’re working on your favourite home improvement project, or you’re … Read more
  • 23 Best Tactical Pants for Men
    For a long time, we’ve associated tactical pants with professionals in the military, SWAT teams, law enforcement, or firefighting professions. There is a valid reason for this. After all, the … Read more
  • The 16 Best Heated Gloves for Men & Women
    Sometimes even the thickest winter mitts aren’t enough to keep your extremities warm in frosty conditions. There are few things worse than numb fingers in the cold, whether you’re swinging … Read more
  • 16 Best Bamboo Socks for Women & Men
    I’m sure you’re wondering, what the heck are Bamboo socks? Bamboo fiber has great economic and environmental benefits, more so today, so many people are changing their shopping behaviours to … Read more
  • The 22 Best Down Jackets for Women
    The wind blows just as cold in the city as it does in the mountains come the winter season, and if you want to stay warm without the hassle of … Read more
  • The Best Outdoor Clothing Brands for Men & Women
    Living in Canada has its perks. Universal healthcare, mostly very nice people, a penchant for apologizing for everything, the best hockey players in the world, and of course, copious amounts … Read more
  • The 28 Best Rain Jackets for Men
    The best rain jackets for men have really come a long way in the last number of years. It used to be that most of them were ideal for keeping … Read more
  • 25 Funny and Novelty Socks for Men
    Gone are the days when men equated office attire with looking basic and complementing their look with simple, neutral socks. That is what style gurus always decree, after all? Well, … Read more
  • The 24 Best Driving Gloves for Men & Women
    Driving gloves can generally be categorized into a few main categories and sub-categories. At the very top level, we have casual driving gloves and professional driving gloves. The distinction between … Read more
  • The 15 Most Stylish Men’s Oxford Shirts
    Ever since Brooks Brothers discovered the basketweave fabric synonymous with the Oxford shirt, this timeless and versatile menswear remains a staple in every man’s closet for 120 years now. Hence, … Read more
  • 20 of The Best Water Shoes For Men
    Everybody should have a pair of water shoes. And, once you do, you may not ever want to wear anything else. You see, despite the name, water shoes have an … Read more
  • 27 of the Best and Most Stylish Hoodies for Men
    When it comes to the world of hoodies, aka, hooded sweatshirts as the olds would call them; there is no shortage of premium garments to select from. But sometimes all … Read more
  • 20 Best Work at Home Sweatpants for Men & Women
    Right now, as you read this, I’m sitting here in my home office, shutting out the world. That is, except for phone calls, Zoom meetings, and FaceTimes. And not one … Read more