Bombas Socks Review

Bombas. You’ve probably heard of this company. You’ve probably listened to their wonderfully weird ads on a podcast you listen to, and maybe you’ve even been convinced to check them out. Bombas is one of the DTC (direct-to-customer) darlings of the past few years, and they’ve grown their sock empire very quickly. But if you haven’t owned a pair of Bombas socks, you’re doing yourself a massive disservice.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Socks, they’re all the same! Right? Wrong. And perhaps that’s the simple and unnaturally intuitive idea behind Bombas and their products. Bombas socks are in some ways the Apple of socks. What I mean by this, of course, is that this is a company that has put a great deal of thought and care into both the design and manufacture of their footwear. So what is the end result of buying a pair of Bombas socks? Seeing how I was in the market for replacing a portion of my sock drawer that was littered with worn-out pairs, I decided it was time to give Bombas socks a hand-on, or in this case, foots-on review. 

Founded in 2013 by David Heath and Randy Goldberg, the company and its founders found themselves on an episode of Shark Tank, where investor Daymond John took a risk and invested in the company for a healthy share of the business. The investment has paid off handsomely as Bombas has grown tremendously since that time. 

But beyond the quality of their product, there is a more noble cause behind the Bombas brand, which has now expanded into new product categories such as underwear and t-shirts. “Bombas” is the Latin word for bumblebee, a depiction of which, along with their motto “bee better,” is stitched into every pair of socks. 

The embodiment of this motto comes in the form of a philanthropic effort to donate a pair of socks to homeless shelters for every pair sold. Those donated socks now number at a very impressive 45 million pairs. They are not available for sale to the general public as they have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the homeless. So when buying Bombas socks, you can feel good about the fact that every pair you buy will be in-part paying for another pair that fills one of the most requested homeless shelter donation items. 

But there’s a small catch. Bombas socks aren’t cheap, but with good reason:

  1. Bombas uses only the best materials they can find for the type of socks that they are producing.
  2. There is a tremendous amount of attention to detail when designing each pair of socks to ensure superior performance and comfort.
  3. As aforementioned, each purchase helps fund a pair that is donated. 

Are Bombas socks worth it?

Yes, without a doubt. In my six months of wearing them, and putting them through their actual paces, and exposing them to a variety of tests and conditions, I’ve never gotten a single blister, nor seen a single tear or major fading. Quite simply, all four pairs of Bombas socks I’ve been rotating through have performed up to their claims in almost every respect. 

How long should I expect Bombas socks to last?

Well, I suppose that depends on the context in which you wear them. If you’re going to be taking a pair of Bombas Merino Wool Calf Socks on a rigorous hike every day, perhaps you’d only expect them to last a year or so. 

I’ve been rotating between my four pairs of Bombas socks for six months in a variety of chill and not-so-chill situations. While they’ve all started to show some minor wear, they’re still in very good shape, and not a single sock has experienced any tears or major fading. Rest assured, these are premium socks, so you can count on them holding up better than socks you’d buy in bulk at Wal-Mart. I’ll make sure to come back at the one year mark and update this review to give you a better idea of how they’re holding up at that point. I suspect not much will have changed. 

How much will Bombas socks shrink after the first wash?

About 15%. Of course, that’s an average across the four pairs of socks, and I only took a standard ruler to measure in a before and after first wash situation. Each sock varied slightly, and that is to be expected as each pair of Bombas socks that I tested had a different material composition. 

Are Bombas Socks Comfortable?

The short answer is yes. Are they the most comfortable socks I’ve ever worn. I’m not entirely sure. But they’re definitely up there. Much of this can be attributed to their material composition, and because most of their socks are seamless in all the right pressure spots, you’d normally expect. 

Design & Aesthetics

Across their entire lineup of socks, you can find plenty of varying designs. That said, for both men’s and women’s socks, Bombas tends to stick to more colourful designs with a relatively busy design aesthetic. Of-course there are plenty of options with more muted and simple one colour designs. Still, I appreciate that there is some uniformity with the honeycomb pattern incorporated into many of their socks. 

My one minor quibble, which comes up a lot when reviewing direct-to-consumer brands, is that I wish they would leave out their brand name mark from some of their sock designs. I find it to be a bit too prominent. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool name, especially since it speaks to my personal history of studying Latin.

Who are Bombas Socks perfect for?

Pretty much everyone, but Bombas also offers socks specifically designed for:

  • Athletes
  • Runners
  • People with diabetes and those looking to improve blood flow in their feet
  • Dress-up occasions

Are Bombas socks available in Canada?

Yes. Mine arrived only a few days after ordering them, and I believe I even got a 20% discount on my entire order cause it exceeded some dollar value threshold. 

Are Bombas socks ethically made?

It’s hard to say with a high degree of certainty, but it appears that Bombas has made an effort to produce their products ethically. That’s part of why they are a B. corporation and had to pass the B Impact Assessment test to get the B designation. 

Bombas Men’s Solids Ankle Socks Review

These amazing ankle socks have extremely well-made blister tabs. I have a few pairs of no-show Asics socks with blister tabs, and the Bombas ones seem to offer far more cushiness and protection than their Asics counterparts. These blister pads are like a little pillow for your ankle and Achilles heel to prevent rubbing of your foot by your shoes.  

Bombas Men’s Solids Ankle Socks Review
Bombas Men’s Solids Ankle Socks Review

Available in five colours, including white, black, grey, navy, and charcoal, the Bombas Men’s Solid Ankle socks are available in Medium, Large, and XL sizes, which will accommodate all but the smallest and largest men’s feet out there. These socks use something called Extra Long Staple cotton, which is designed to keep feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer while effectively employing moisture-wicking properties if you have particularly sweaty feet like we all sometimes do.

The cushioned footbed and honeycomb arch support combination provides some minor measure of added compression to improve blood flow. Finally, these Bombas socks also feature a signature Y-stitched heel, which results in a form-fitting curve to contour the heel. And finally, the coup-de-grace is the completely seamless toe that provides for added comfort and no unsightly toe bump. The Bombas Men’s Solid Ankle socks are made of 69% cotton, 27% polyester, 3% rubber, and 1% spandex.

If you’re looking for a high-quality pair of Ankle socks that are frankly superior to any other ankle sock I’ve worn, you should have a closer look at this offering from Bombas. 

Men’s Performance Cushioned No Show Socks Review

Ah yes, no-show socks. Some people hate the look of them, while others appreciate their subtle advantages and overall look. It’s like wearing socks without showing everyone that you’re wearing socks. So if you have particularly sexy ankles or cankles (no judgment), no-show socks are ideal for you. They can also be rather comfortable for certain athletic and sports applications and are suitable for working out, going to the gym, running, or cross-training.

Like with many Bombas socks, the toe seam in this pair of socks is linked by hand, which eliminates that stupid bump you’ll often have on cheaper socks. The footbed is also reinforced with some extra cushion. Now we’re going to get into the somewhat controversial portion of this sock review. Bombas’ claim that these socks never slip down by way of a special silicone strip at the heel is a little dubious.

Like fingerprints, everyone’s foot shape is slightly different, so this experience will be unique. Still, the Men’s Performance Cushioned No socks on at least a few occasions tended to slip off my heel with certain shoes I wore, like my Everlane Court Sneakers. So how egregious of a sin is this when I’ve been wearing these socks quite often for six months? Despite not quite living up to the claim of “never slip,” I’d wager that other no-show socks would have probably fared worse under such rigorous scrutiny.

Available in a wide variety of colours, including Dark Grey, Midnight Olive, Midnight Plum, Midnight Sea, White, Parakeet, and Black, these Bombas socks are also available in Medium, Large, and XL. Additionally, these socks use a special airflow venting technology that did keep my feet quite cool, even in situations when I know they’d be overheating. Made of 66% polyester, 21% nylon, 12% cotton, and 1% spandex, these no-show socks live up to their “performance” moniker.

Men’s Tri-Block Ankle Sock Review

Available in six different mixed colours, this pair of Bombas socks bring a bit of flair to the typical ankle sock and is made out of the same material as the other ankle-socks reviewed above. Designed for maximum comfort, the Men’s Tri-Block also uses extra-long Staple cotton and features a cushioned footbed and the previously mentioned honeycomb arch support system. But unlike the previous ankle sock, the Tri-Block also features a blister tab, which you can rely on keeping your feet blister and abrasion-free. 

And while these socks are made of the same material as the Solids color ankle socks, they felt more comfortable to me for some reason. If you liked what you heard about the solid colour version of this sock but are looking for a bit more style, with the three bands of colour, this is the right sock for you.

Men’s Merino Wool Calf Socks Review

Ah, Merino Wool, where do we even begin. These wonderful calf socks from Bombas incorporate what I can only describe as a sort of miracle material. Merino wool is insanely soft, warm and somehow manages to keep all the moisture away. It’s better than cotton and better than polyester in almost every way. Perhaps the only downside to merino wool is that it can be made only so thin before the fibers begin to break down. That’s probably why it’s a material that is perfectly suited to a calf sock. Available in seven solid colours, including charcoal, black, olive, navy, oatmeal, light grey heather, and wave blue, these socks are available in Medium, Large, and XL. 

The Bombas Merino Wool Calf Socks have been created with just the right amount of placed tension in the upper part of the sock to help them stay up in almost every situation. My office is in the basement of my home, and that means that my feet get chilly quite often. I’ve been wearing heavy, bulky cotton socks for much of my time in this office, but since I received these Bombas sock, I’ve been wearing them in my office. Even on cold weather days with the thermostat showing -20°C or -30°C – my feet have remained comfortable and warm. 

Made from 77% merino wool, 21% polyester, and 2% spandex, these socks also feature a nicely cushioned footbed, along with the Bombas trademark honeycomb arch support system, Y-stitched heel, and seamless toe construction. Don’t worry, that $19.00 you spend on a pair of these socks will be well worth the price.

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