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The Best Subscription Boxes for Men

By June 1, 2021July 9th, 2021No Comments
The Best Subscription Boxes for Men

It’s all well and good saving up your cash for a nice new watch, a stylish outfit, or a bottle of expensive whiskey, but sometimes a treat is even better when it’s a surprise. That’s why subscription boxes are so fun – they’re like a surprise gift to yourself every single month! Whether you receive a stylist-picked outfit, an artisanal food crate drop, or even a survivalist care package, what you’re getting in a subscription box is the thrill of opening up your new loot.

There are all kinds of great subscription boxes out there for men, and they’re ideal as a gift to yourself or for someone you love. In this list, you’ll find some of the most interesting and varied boxes available, along with a few top picks perfect for any kind of man.



One of the best things about a great subscription box is variety, and Bespoke Post has honed in on this with their all-weather men’s offering. This isn’t any ordinary subscription box; with Bespoke Post, you choose from a selection of themed boxes each month, each with completely different contents. One month you might opt for a grow-your-own herb garden box; the next, you might pick a summer apparel box or a seaside diving box – it all depends on your fancy and the seasonal offerings available.

You’ve got until the 5th to swap boxes, and no matter what you pick, you’ll receive a fantastic selection of surprise apparel, EDC gear, and practical household or outdoors gear. Overall, Bespoke Post gives you a breadth of choice that really can’t be beaten!


If you enjoy ruminating on the finer aspects of a good drink, or you know someone who does, then the Taster’s Club subscription box is the perfect pick. This monthly subscription box brings you a large 750ml bottle of a mystery spirit with each delivery, whether you opt for their classic whiskey range or choose from 8 other spirit clubs, including gin, rum, and tequila options. 

Each club has a different price tag attached, but they all include one full-sized bottle each month, along with flavour profiles and tasting notes to help you to get to know your drink that little bit better. Historical guides to spirits and information about global varieties are also included, so it’s a great box for spirit connoisseurs as well as those looking to expand their horizons beyond the bottom of the glass.


There are many great style and clothing subscription boxes out there, but Thread Beast is the best option for men looking to kit themselves out with a whole new wardrobe. Available in three plans ranging from a $55 Basic Plan to a $135 Premium Plan, this monthly delivery includes outfit choices tailored perfectly to your style based on a style quiz and a stylist’s recommendations.

The Basic Plan includes three fresh items every month, including staples like tees and jeans, while the Premium Plan offers up a whole bevy of accessories on top, like baseball caps, gym bags, and new sneakers from various brands. Overall, Thread Beast’s clothing delivery box is a great option for those looking for just a couple of new items a month or a whole new selection of favourite pieces to choose from.


Sometimes the finer things in life don’t have to set you back so much money-wise, and Birchbox’s monthly grooming delivery offers up premium-quality skin and hair care items at a fraction of their shop-bought price. For just $10 every month, this Box will bring you five samples of high-quality grooming products handpicked to match your personal needs.

Plus, the longer you stay subscribed, the more points you’ll build up in Birchbox’s online shop, where you can buy full-sized grooming products for less than their RRP. This is a great box that can help any man up his self-care regime while saving some cash on the side, and you can cut the cost even more by jumping in the deep end on the 6-month or 12-month subscription specials.


If you’re after a great selection of food and drink packed into one subscription box, then The Mantry is the perfect pick for you. This artisanal food package works on a bi-monthly delivery system and ships six premium food products to your door five times a year. The Box includes food, drinks, condiments, and snacks, all of which are completely unique. 

This all comes packed in a wooden crate that can be used for growing herbs, carrying ingredients, or as a spice rack, making it a great addition to any kitchen. Whether you’re a budding chef or looking for the perfect gift for the culinary-minded man in your life, The Mantry is a fantastic choice.


Menlo House’s Menlo Club is one of the best monthly clothing subscription boxes out there, with a great curation concept that any fashion-conscious individual will love. Like many subscription boxes, it all begins with a simple quiz to analyze your needs, with Menlo presenting choices of day-wear, night-wear, and footwear, along with sizing preferences, to help get a sense of your style.

From there, in-house stylists select two to three items that match your style profile and ship them out to you every month. Anything you don’t like can be exchanged free of charge, and there are also membership perks available for long-time customers. At just $60 a month for up to three apparel items chosen by a personal stylist, this is a brilliant clothing bundle for those looking to up their style game.

Key Features

  • Monthly delivery
  • $60 per month
  • Curated clothing package


The Mantry is a curated artisanal food package stuffed full of great food, drink, condiments, preserves, and so much more, shipped right to your door! Every two months, you’ll receive six full-size artisan food products in a handcrafted wooden crate, each with a unique story and recipes to accompany it.

The wooden crate is completely reusable and makes a great spice rack or shopping container, while all of the foodstuffs you receive are rarely found on the shelves of a supermarket. This is a great package for any budding chef and makes a good gift for culinary-minded parents too. With bi-monthly delivery, this is a perfect addition to your pantry that won’t overload you with perishable foods.

Key Features

  • Delivery every two months
  • $75 per 2 months
  • Artisan food package


The Breo Box brings something a little different to the table, with a package bundled full of tech and lifestyle goodies, including everything from egg timers to phone soap. The great thing about this Box is that it evolves with the times; whenever a new piece of kit comes on the market, you’ll be sure to find it in your next Breo delivery.

Being a fully-featured, high-value package, Breo Box has opted for a quarterly delivery to let you make the most out of your products each time. At $159 per quarter, it’s rather reasonable, especially considering some of the smart tech you’re getting in these boxes, like Fujifilm Instax cameras, Smart Mugs, and Sous Shop coffee grinders. Every package is different, of course, but every one will pack in at least seven great products just like these.

Key Features

  • Quarterly delivery
  • $159 per quarter
  • Tech and lifestyle package


Prime Wardrobe isn’t your typical subscription box in that you’re still the one choosing the products you receive in the package. This anytime delivery option comes standard with an Amazon Prime subscription at $12.99 a month and allows you to order up to eight items of clothing at a time to try on before you buy.

If you like the clothes, you can pay for them online and keep them, and if they don’t fit or they’re just not quite your style, then you can send them back free of charge. This is a convenient subscription for those who do lots of their shopping online, saving you the hassle of expensive return fees. Amazon covers everything here, so you never have to worry about individual sellers’ return policies either.

Key Features

  • Anytime delivery
  • $12.99 per month as part of Amazon Prime
  • Try-before-you-buy clothing box


Available in must-have or premium editions, the Gentlemen’s Box is a classy subscription box for men looking to put the finishing touches on their gentlemen’s style. Starting at just $35 a month, the Gentlemen’s Box comes packed with 4-6 fashion and lifestyle essentials every month, including items like bespoke handkerchiefs, Argyle socks, and snazzy ties.

Gentlemen’s Box also allows you to skip a month, switch packages, or add subscriptions at any time, meaning you can always save a bit of cash when your seasonal wardrobe feels complete. And if you do decide to opt for a premium subscription, you’ll be receiving premium goods like designer headphones and deluxe shaving kits every three months, with quarterly payment of $119 to match.

Key Features

  • Monthly delivery
  • $35 per month
  • Fashion and lifestyle accessories


Thread Beast has brought another great clothing subscription box to the table in their monthly streetwear apparel package, with a strong focus on customization. Available in three tiers ranging from a $55 Basic Plan to a $135 Premium Plan, Thread Beast’s box is sure to bring you a fresh outfit every month.

Once again, you’ll be completing a brief style quiz to determine your overall look before a personal stylist picks out an outfit that’ll suit you to a tee. On the Basic Plan, you’ll receive three fresh items every month, and on the Premium Plan, you’ll get a full outfit with additional accessories like snapbacks and gym bags to boot. The Essential Plan strikes a nice balance between these with a new pair of sneakers every so often and makes a great pick for those looking to expand their wardrobe without going overboard.

Key Features

  • Monthly delivery
  • $55 – $125 per month
  • Clothing box


Bespoke Post has partnered with a wide range of under-the-radar brands to bring you one of the best subscription boxes for men with an adventurous lifestyle. This monthly delivery box includes a bevy of varied products every month, from survival knives to cooking skillets to shaving kits, all for a single simple price of $45.

The choice is all in your hands this time around. Each month, you can pick which box you’d like to receive out of a variety of themes, and you’ve got until the 5th to change your mind. If it’s a clothing box, you can pick sizes and colours; if it’s an equipment crate, you can swap different styles of items, and if none of the themes take your fancy at all, you can opt to skip the month and save some money too.

With everything from grow-your-own herb boxes to tactical EDC collections, there is something for everyone here, and the freedom to swap boxes at any time gives you a breadth of choice that most other subscriptions just can’t offer.

Key Features

  • Monthly delivery
  • $45 per month
  • Themed Goods n’ Gear


If you’re the type of guy who likes to try a new cologne every time you finish a bottle, then the Scentbird New York subscription package is a great pick for you. This monthly subscription box for men sends you a new scent to try every month, with roughly 140 sprays per bottle. Every month you’ll have the option to pick from various new choices, so be sure to check back regularly.

Plus, on your first order, you’ll also receive a free licensed Hugo Boss fragrance case. And should you become attached to any one fragrance and decide you’d like to cancel your subscription in the future, you can do so at any time with no exit fees.

Key Features

  • Monthly delivery
  • $15.95 per month
  • Cologne and Fragrance box


This deluxe grooming box from Birchbox is one of the best subscription boxes for men looking to take care of their skin and their hair all year round. For just $10 every month, you’ll receive five samples of premium grooming products handpicked by the Birchbox team and tailored to your unique skin and hair care needs.

Perfect for every kind of guy, whether you’re bearded, bald, or sporting braids, this box is already a bargain, but should you want to subscribe for the long-term, you can get special deals on six-month and year-long subscription packages. Plus, the longer you stay subscribed, the more rewards you’ll earn on Birchbox’s website, allowing you to get discounts on full-sized products whenever you’d like.

Key Features

  • Monthly delivery
  • $10 per month
  • Deluxe grooming products


Dollar Shave Club knows how annoying it can be to have to go out and buy a full new set of razor blades every month, especially when you’re trying to keep that five o’clock shadow away permanently. That’s why they’ve come up with a great $20 subscription package to help keep you stocked even during your most well-groomed phases.

The basic $20 package sends you a full cartridge of razors every month, and if you’re looking for something a little different, just fill in their style quiz to receive a tailored monthly subscription selection. And for those with beards to care for, the Dollar Shave Club isn’t just for the clean-shaven. If you’re trimming or doing fine beard care, they have a great range of grooming products on offer too, and should you need individual top-ups, their online store has refills and one-off purchases covered.

Key Features

  • Delivery every two months
  • $20 per month
  • Shaving equipment package


The Watchgang package is one of the best monthly subscription boxes for men who love their watches and just can’t stop collecting new models. This mystery box sends you a brand new watch once per quarter, with each item tailored to your specific style profile.

There are three tiers of package available, with the original package being a $49.99 selection that covers watches up to $150 in value. If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, then the Black package is available for $99.99 and includes premium chronometers, aviator watches, and designer timepieces up to $500 in value. And for those who want only the best of the best, the Platinum option offers watches of up to $1500 in value, for just $299.99 per delivery.

Key Features

  • Quarterly delivery
  • $49.99 – $299.99 per quarter 
  • Mystery Watch box


It’s easy to overlook underwear and sleepwear as a simple, basic element of your wardrobe and routine. But seeing as you’re sleeping in your pants every night, it makes sense to have a pair as comfortable as possible, right? After all, there’s no item of clothing you wear more often than underwear!

Getbasic understands this, but they know how hard it is to find a great pair of pants too. That’s why they’ve put together a premium package of high-quality basics, including undies, socks, and sleepwear tees, all for just $24.99 a month. And if you know you’re in for the long run, then you can get a massive saving on a 12-month offer for just $19.99 a month, making this a great value package that’ll truly transform your sleepwear game.

Key Features

  • Monthly delivery
  • $24.99 per month
  • Underwear and sleepwear delivery box


Nordstrom’s take on monthly subscription boxes takes the wardrobe try-before-you-buy concept and elevates it to a whole new level. This is an interesting blend of personal stylist packages and typical online shopping, wherein you pay a $25 styling fee to have a selection of clothes sent to you that you can then decide to buy or return free of charge.

This package can be received monthly, quarterly, or at an interval of your choosing, and what’s more, if you’re a Nordstrom Cardholder already, the $25 styling fee is waived entirely. As such, this package is of much better value if you apply for a free Nordstrom credit card, and it works in conjunction with it, too, as the card allows you to earn extra money back on every Nordstrom purchase you make.

Key Features

  • Monthly, Quarterly, or Interval delivery
  • $25 styling fee per package
  • Personal stylist apparel box


Stitch Fix uses a similar model to Nordstrom’s Trunk Club, sending you a selection of stylist-chosen pieces in each delivery that you can try on before you buy. The $20 styling fee is credited to any item you choose to keep, and anything you decide you don’t want can be returned free of charge.

There’s no subscription this time around – you order a delivery whenever you like and receive products that are tailored to match your styles, fit and price range. The idea here is to save you all the time wasted on browsing through pages and pages of clothes by having a stylist cut to the chase, and the overall package is well worth the $20 fee – especially as you get the money back by making just one or two purchases each time!


Key Features

  • Anytime delivery
  • $20 styling fee per month
  • Personal stylist apparel box


Lootcrate is one of the OGs of the subscription box business and one of the best monthly subscription boxes for men who love their movies, TV shows, and classic collectibles. Lootcrate has a massive range of different boxes available, with everything from Horror Movie packages to gaming-focused collection boxes. Still, their stock crate is available with a mixture of everything for just $18.

You’ll be receiving classic and modern collectibles like figurines, Funko Pops, graphic tees and posters, along with comic books, card games, and other varied goodies. Every month, you’ll get three or more items from a range of epic franchises, and while it’s a great treat for yourself, Lootcrate can also make a wonderful gift for the gamer or comic book fan in your family.

Key Features

  • Monthly delivery
  • $18 per month
  • Gaming and fandom collectibles


If you’re looking for a subscription box for men who like the finer things in life, along with a good drink, then you won’t do much better than Winc’s wine package. At just $30 per month for four bottles of high-quality wine, this is a great offer with a very reasonable price tag. To get involved, simply fill out Winc’s online quiz to determine the range of wine that you’ll receive, with both red and white wines available in equal measure.

Then, every month, Winc will gather a sophisticated selection of bottles from regions all over the world for you to try. If you’re after something more specific, you can customize your choices based on your regional preferences or food palette, and there’s always the option to throw in sparkling wines too. This is a great pick for experienced connoisseurs, as well as those just starting to sip at the heady glass of the worldwide wine scene.

Key Features

  • Monthly delivery
  • $30 per month
  • Wine crate delivery


Caskers’ whiskey club is the perfect subscription box for men who like their whiskey or for anybody who knows a man who does. This quarterly delivery of fine spirits is available in two tiers, with an American Whiskey Club and a World of Whiskey club. As you’d expect, the American Whiskey club ships two bottles of either American whiskey, bourbon, or rye, or a combination of the above, once every three months.

The World of Whiskey club, meanwhile, sends a variety of Whiskeys from all over the world, including classic Scotch distillations, Irish favourites, and fine Japanese picks. Whichever package you choose, every month, you’ll receive a custom tasting card and story with each bottle of whiskey, and you can rest assured that you’ll never receive a repeat bottle either.

Key Features

  • Quarterly delivery
  • $146.99 per quarter
  • Whiskey delivery box


There are many food subscription boxes for men of all tastes out there, but for those of you who love your meat, you won’t do much better than the ultimate Butcher Box. This monthly food delivery package includes a selection of fine butcher’s picks, from high-quality cuts to low-fat ground beef and delicious chicken thighs.

Sustainability and care is the name of the game here, with the meat being sourced from grass-fed cows, free-range chickens, humanely-raised pork, and wild-caught seafood. All of the source farms are routinely inspected by the USDA and operate using humane methods, making for a butcher’s choice that you can trust.

Flexibility is key, too, with five different subscription boxes on offer. A custom box will set you back $149 a month for 9-14 lbs of meats of your choice, while you can receive mixed packages of chicken, beef, pork, or any combination of the above for $129 a month. And should you ever decide to cancel, you can do so free of charge at any time.

Key Features

  • Monthly delivery
  • $129 – $149 per month
  • Butcher’s Meat selection box


Taster’s Club takes the classic whiskey delivery box and opens the doors to a wide variety of spirits for a truly massive selection of alcoholic beverages. There are nine different clubs on offer here, each one representing one spirit or beverage in the main, with all the classics from whiskey to bourbon to tequila and rum available at a range of sliding prices.

Of course, the prime pick is the ‘Stock the Bar’ option, which for $74 offers you a 750ml mystery bottle every month, with a different spirit at the fore each time. With each delivery, you’ll also receive flavour profiles and tasting notes to help you to get to know your drink that little bit better, along with a history of spirits and a guide to worldwide varieties.

Whether you’re someone who sticks exclusively to one spirit or looking to expand your palette, this is a great subscription box option. It’s also the perfect gift for someone who enjoys a drink from time to time, and the 6-month and 12-month subscription options give you a nice amount of flexibility too.

Key Features

  • Monthly delivery
  • $59 – $94 per month
  • Whiskey and Spirits delivery box


MeUndies is a clothing subscription box for men looking to expand their underwear selection with a range of comfortable and stylish new picks. For $16 a month, you’ll receive a super-snazzy pair of undies with a graphic print exclusive to MeUndies. These are made with soft MicroModal fabric designed for supreme comfort and come in a wide range of sizes for all body types.

Should you find your new undies don’t suit, you can send them back free of charge or exchange them for another pair. And if you’re after something different, you can opt-in for socks each month too. Plus, if nothing takes your fancy during one particular month, you can always skip it and save some cash until the next selection is made available.

Key Features

  • Monthly delivery
  • $16 per month
  • Underwear package


Designed for men looking to work on their bodies and minds simultaneously, the Spartan Carton is a box stuffed full of workout and EDC gear built to help you succeed in your goals. This monthly delivery is available in two tiers, Citizen or Warrior, with Citizen tailored to those looking to change their diet and lifestyle and Warrior more suited to men hitting the gym hard.

Both packages include meal supplements, snacks, and workout gear, along with various EDC items. The Warrior throws in high-end fitness accessories like resistance bands and suspension straps, along with outdoor tools like Gerber Gear knives and axes. You’ll also find healthy recipes in both boxes and workout plans in the Warrior box.

The Citizen box is available for $29.50 per monthly delivery, while the Warrior bumps things up to $99 per month. Both boxes are also available in long-term subscriptions, which reduces the overall price significantly.

Key Features

  • Monthly delivery
  • $29.50 – $99 per month
  • Workout and EDC Gear


There are some cool subscription boxes for men out there, but perhaps none cooler than the Crate Club military and EDC crate. This quarterly delivery is stuffed full of tactical and survival gear for military-minded enthusiasts, with items like compasses, flasks, pocket knives, and repair kits all included.

Everything in here is chosen for practicality; these boxes are built by Navy SEALs and Special Operations Forces professionals, so you know what you’re getting is the good stuff. Three tiers are available, the Lieutenant, Captain, and General, each with a varying range of gear. The Lieutenant is great for folks just getting started with their outdoor equipment, while the Captain is a strong pick for survival essentials and self-defence gear.

And if you want to go the extra mile, then the $399.99 General option is the pick for you. This bumper crate includes real issue tactical gear, including bulletproof bag inserts, self-defence flashlights, and tactical binoculars. The General is designed for experienced survivalists, and it’s sure to surprise you with a range of high-spec equipment upon every quarterly delivery.

Key Features

  • Quarterly delivery
  • $49.99 – $399.99 per quarter
  • Tactical Military and EDC Gear


The Nomadik is one of those rare subscription boxes that really offer something practical at a reasonable price. This monthly $29.99 delivery includes a range of outdoor camping and hiking gear with a guaranteed $50 value, packing in items like a sleeping bag, tents, climbing ropes, and more.

Every month Nomadik has a new theme, and the items you receive will reflect it, whether you’re getting a hammock and various hammock accessories one month or cold-weather survival gear the next. These items are basic, sturdy, and practical, and each box is designed to inspire a trip to a new location or get you involved in a new out-of-doors activity.

Perfect for yourself or an outdoorsman, you know, the Nomadik pack is not just high-quality but friendly on the wallet too. The mystery aspect of the box is maintained while the theme lets you know roughly what you’re in for, making this a great balanced subscription service that respects its customers and their ever-growing sense of adventure.

Key Features

  • Monthly delivery
  • $29.99 per month
  • Themed Outdoors Gear


Our final subscription box pick is another spirits delivery package, this time with a focus on worldwide exploration and tasting guides. Flaviar is designed to give you an authentic distillery tour experience right in the comfort of your own home, and it’s perfect for those looking to engage with a wide community of spirits-lovers around the globe.

Each quarter, you’ll receive three 1.5oz tasting vials along with various accoutrements like coasters and tasting instructions. From there, you’ll also have access to Flaviar members-only events and community features. These include the Digital Home Bar, Tasting Log, and Flavor Match recommendations, along with virtual tasting seminars.

Here, you’re not just paying for the drinks. You’re paying for access to a social community of fellow connoisseurs and for the chance to learn so much more about one of your favourite pastimes. Flaviar will even help you to organize tasting parties to help you to share your passion with your friends, and by the time your next quarterly delivery rolls around, you’ll be well on your way to being a real spirits expert.

Key Features

  • Quarterly delivery
  • $75 per quarter
  • Spirits and Tasting Guides