The 24 Best Driving Gloves for Men & Women

Driving gloves can generally be categorized into a few main categories and sub-categories. At the very top level, we have casual driving gloves and professional driving gloves. The distinction between those two categories is generally fairly obvious. Casual driving gloves are for those that like to take their sporty cars on the road and rip around town or through their locally less-trodden twisty roads. They’re for the motor-heads, the motoring enthusiasts as we’d call them. On the other hand, professional driving gloves are generally reserved for those who enjoy taking their cars on the track from time to time or have graduated to competing in rally-crosses or other competitive driving events. Professional driving gloves usually provide superior grip, are more expensive, and typically fireproof as compared to casual driving gloves.

The next of-course is the categorization of men’s vs. women’s driving gloves, and I must say that the distinction here is rather depressing. Unfortunately, most manufacturers of casual driving gloves only cater to men’s sized hands, which, in my opinion, is a missed marketing and market opportunity. 

And finally is the categorization of leather driving gloves with non-leather. Some prefer the look and feel of leather driving gloves, while others prefer synthetic material that is often a blend of fabrics. Of course, both professional and casual, driving gloves come in a wide variety of thicknesses and insulation, with some specifically designated as winter driving gloves. That’s especially handy for those without warming in their steering wheels. 

With all that said, here are what I believe to be the best driving gloves you can get your hands in and go out for a bit of a zoom zoom in the country-side while still showing off that fancy new men’s chronograph watch adorning your wrist. 

1. Riparo Genuine Leather Full-Finger Driving Gloves

Riparo Genuine Leather Full-Finger Driving Gloves

If you’ve been on the hunt for an all-around great pair of leather driving gloves, this pair of Riparo gloves are an awesome combination of durability, comfort, and colour options! Available in seven different colour combinations, including the above featured black and red-thread combo, these leather driving gloves are also available in dark brown, tan, black, red, and white. Made of supple cowhide leather, these gloves include a snap closure on the wrist and holes for the knuckles. Without a doubt, these gloves from Riparo are an exceptional all-around pair of driving gloves you can count on.

Key Features

  • Cowhide leather construction
  • Available in seven colours
  • NOT touchscreen compatible


  • Sizes: XS-XXL
  • Weight: 5 oz.

2. ELMA – Winter Leather Driving Gloves for Men and Women

ELMA - Winter Leather Driving Gloves for Men and Women

These gorgeous unisex driving gloves for men and women are designed to double as more than just driving gloves. Designed to complement nearly any outfit, these gloves provide a stylish look while you’re driving your fancy BMW or Audi. Made from smooth Hairsheep leather, this type of leather is particularly smooth, soft, and shiny and provides a great deal of elasticity. Perfect for colder weather temperatures or winter driving, these leather gloves feature a warm lining made from two layers. The first lining layer is cashmere, while the second layer is 100% polyester fleece for an added warming effect.

Key Features

  • Ideal for daily use in cold conditions
  • Superior grip for driving
  • Driving vibration dampening
  • Touch-screen compatible with thumbs, forefingers, and middle fingers
  • Premium double lining made from cashmere and polyester fleece


  • Sizes: 8-10
  • Weight: 3.84 oz

3. Harssidanzar Men’s Deerskin Leather Driving Gloves

Harssidanzar Men's Deerskin Leather Driving Gloves

Comfortable, stylish, and elegant are the first words that come to mind when trying to describe these leather driving gloves for men. Suitable for an effortless grip when you’re going around that hair-raising hairpin turn, these gloves feature a pre-rotated finger design that naturally adapts to your hand’s natural curving motion over time. Featuring a large-sized open area between the strap and knuckles, these leather driving gloves maximize breathability, thereby reducing perspiration.

Key Features

  • Deerskin leather construction
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Available in eight colours
  • Unlined


  • Sizes: XS (7.5-8″) to XL (9.5-10″)

4. AutoDromo – Stringback Driving Gloves

AutoDromo - Stringback Driving Gloves

If you’re ready to step up your casual driving gloves games, take a hard look at these gloves from AutoDromo. Their design harkens back to the heyday of racecar driving when racing drivers relied on stringback driving gloves to protect their palms from wooden steering wheels while keeping their hands cool and dry. These absolutely stunning gloves feature a short, split cuff with no snap to do up. Featuring a two-toned cognac and natural colour combination, these may be one of the best-looking driving gloves for ladies and gentlemen alike!

Key Features

  • Made from drum-dyed genuine sheep leather and 100% cotton
  • Made in Indonesia
  • Narrow-fit


  • Sizes: S to XL

5. Shinola – Geier Deerskin Lined Gloves

Shinola - Geier Deerskin Lined Gloves

The Shinola brand continues to grow in my mind as a premium maker of a wider variety of high-quality products. They first emerged as a maker of amazing watches, many of which I’ve featured on this site before. But now, they’ve also gone into the driving glove game by way of a collaboration with the Geier Glove Company. Made with deerskin leather, these slip-on winter driving gloves are suitable for both men and women. Available in three gorgeous colors, including black, deep brown, and orange saddle, you can trust the quality of these driving gloves as they’ve been made by a company that has been making premium leather gloves for over eighty-five years in Washington state.

Key Features

  • Rivet at bottom hem
  • Half-sizes provide the perfect fit
  • Winter ready
  • Polypropylene lined to provide extra cold and wet weather protection
  • Available in three colours
  • Super soft


  • Sizes: 7-12

6. Ferrari – Men’s Driving Gloves in Nappa Lambskin

Ferrari - Men's Driving Gloves in Nappa Lambskin

While these may be categorized as casual driving gloves, there is something extra special when they come from the maker of some of the finest sports cars ever made. These Ferrari driving gloves are made from soft lambskin leather and feature classic circular openings at the wrists and knuckles. Available in three colours, these men’s driving gloves are made in Italy and feature some amazing visible stitching.

Key Features

  • Lambskin leather
  • Available in Brown, Black, and Red
  • Button fastening
  • Includes a fancy gift box


  • Available in sizes S-XL

7. Cafe Leather – Triton Driving Gloves

Cafe Leather - Triton Driving Gloves

I firmly believe that there may not be any casual driving gloves better than a pair of Cafe Leather driving gloves. Handcrafted with a massive amount of attention to detail, these soft, durable, and amazing driving gloves will go well with that classic Porsche you’ve got hanging around in your garage. But even without a beautiful vehicle that’s just waiting to be taken for a zip through a beautiful fall day with the top-down, these driving gloves will work quite well on any car or bicycle. Made from vegetable-tanned leather, these perforated gloves will provide ample breathability while the Cobrax closure and elastic wrist provide comfort and security.

Key Features

  • Available in three colours: Roasted brown, Black Coffee, and All Black. 
  • Leather will darken slightly over time
  • Made in Spain
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Available in S-L sizes

8. Pratt & Hart Men’s Deerskin Leather Driving Gloves

Pratt & Hart Men's Deerskin Leather Driving Gloves

There’s something special about Deerskin leather. It exhibits qualities that no other leather can match. These black driving gloves feature a velcro wrist enclosure, which many drivers prefer as they can get a more exacting snugness on their wrist instead of a button clasp closure. Just don’t expect to be taking these gloves for a winter romp as they are unlined and rather thin, which actually makes them pretty perfect for summer cruising.

Key Features

  • Velcro wrist closure
  • Elasticized wrist snugger
  • Perforated vent holes
  • Available in three colours: Black, Brown, and Cream


  • Available sizes: Small to XXL

9. Nappaglo Women’s Leather Driving Gloves

Nappaglo Women's Leather Driving Gloves

These women’s driving gloves are made from pure Italian Nappa Lambskin leather with an incredible amount of softness, suppleness, and strength. These fingerless driving gloves are for ladies who like to feel the road a little bit more in their hands and not ruin their nails while jamming leather gloves on their hands. Simple, affordable, and beautiful; these gloves have plenty of grip and durability.

Key Features

  • Available in black, brown, grey, pink, red, and white
  • Suitable for driving, biking, motorbiking
  • Button clasp enclosure
  • Fingerless


  • Available in sizes: S-XXL

10. Aspinal of London – Men’s Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves

Aspinal of London - Men's Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves

These cashmere lined leather gloves from Aspinal are more of an all-around glove that you can fancy your way about town with. But they certainly make for solid driving gloves as well. Designed for colder weather, you can stay stylish, look smart, and get that extra grip when you’re letting the back-end out a bit around that gnarly hairpin turn. These men’s driving gloves make a great gift for those gentlemen that live with unusually heavy right feet.

Key Features

  • Made of Italian Nappa leather
  • 100% pure Cashmere lining
  • Hand-cut and sewn
  • Three-point stitching detailing
  • Available in Brown and Black


  • Available sizes: 8-10

11. Dents Leather Unlined Driving Gloves

Dents Leather Unlined Driving Gloves

Available in more than just this mustardy cork colour, these beautiful unlined driving gloves from Dents are made from a premium hair sheep leather, which is about as smooth as leather gets. The gorgeous black tubing around the cut-out back provides a very nice contrast to the rest of the glove, while the elasticized wrist provides a comfortable fit. If you like your driving gloves unlined, yellow, and perforated for cooling, these will be the perfect fit.

Key Features

  • Also available in black, burgundy and olive colours
  • Knuckle holes for the win!
  • Dents dome stud fastener (it’s a button, let’s not try to make it sound too fancy ok?!)
  • Unlined for a closer fit and a better grip


  • Available sizes: M-XL

12. VBG VBIGER Winter Driving Gloves

VBG VBIGER Winter Driving Gloves

Winter driving gloves are a must if you live in a part of the world that even remotely gets below zero degrees Celcius. Sure, your car will warm up eventually. Your steering wheel heater will kick-in eventually, but that usually takes at least 5-10 minutes if your car has been sitting in the bitter cold. In the meantime, you’ll need some comfortable and functional gloves that you can rely on, keeping your hands warm. These gloves have a soft fleece lining and double-layer cuffs and contain conductive fabric on the thumbs and index fingers to allow easy operation of your phone without having to take off your driving gloves.

Key Features

  • Touchscreen friendly
  • Stretchy fabric and fleece lining
  • Anti-slip silicone palm adds tons of grip so you can hold on to your steering wheel
  • Constructed from 95% Polyester and 5% spandex


  • Available in sizes: S-L
  • Weight: 2.5 oz

13. W.V.T.61 Gentleman Driver Collection Gloves

W.V.T.61 Gentleman Driver Collection Gloves

Intended to commemorate the life and career of German racecar driver Wolfgang Von Trips (hence the initials), whose life came to a tragic end at the Italian Grand Prix in 1961, these deerskin driving gloves are in a category of their own. The leather is so fine and thin on these that they make for the ideal summer driving gloves. Don’t even think for one moment that your hands will get sweaty in these. They won’t.

Key Features

  • Deerskin leather
  • Available in men’s and women’s colours
  • Cognac colour
  • Perforated for cooling throughout the fingers
  • Knuckle holes
  • Button clasp enclosure


  • Available in sizes: 8-10 for men
  • Available in sizes: 6.5-7.5 for women

14. OMP ONE-S 2016 Race Gloves

OMP ONE-S 2016 Race Gloves

If you came to this list looking for something a bit more professional in terms of racing gloves, here is a pair for you to digest. Made from well-known motorsport company OMP, these professional racing gloves are the perfect companion for your next rally-cross or challenging winter rally stage in the middle of the woods. At the same time, your studded tires shred the living hell out of the snow below. Like most OMP racing gloves, this pair is fireproof and features an elastic band on the wrists, while silicon rubber inserts provide a superior grip.

Key Features

  • Fireproof
  • Flame retardant on the palms
  • Ultra-grippy
  • Completely external seams provide extra comfort for those long races
  • Available in three colour combinations


  • Available in sizes: S-L
  • Weight: 181 g

15. Sabelt – Hero Superlight TG-10 Racing Gloves

Sabelt - Hero Superlight TG-10 Racing Gloves

This pair of professional racing gloves from Sabelt are FIA 8856-200 certified and are made of an ultra-light Nomex construction. What does that mean? It means they’re light, they’re ultra-comfortable and in-part accomplish this by relegating the seams to the gloves’ exterior. The superior grip is achieved by silicon fingers and palms, while the palm includes some reinforcement. As with all Sabelt gloves, they provide a high-level of fireproofing.

Key Features

  • Available in five different colour combinations
  • Silicon base palm


  • Available in sizes: 8-12

16. Riparo Motorsports Men’s Fingerless Driving Gloves

Riparo Motorsports Men's Fingerless Driving Gloves

Ideal for driving, motorcycling, and maybe even working out when you don’t want all those extra callouses on your hands, these gloves from Riparo are available in ten different colours. The stylish fingerless gloves are suited for summer driving and feature beautiful stitching accents in varying colours to contrast or match the leather’s colour. With nicely spaced knuckle holes and a center-aligned clasp button, these gloves feature perforated leather holes to allow for more airflow to your hands.

Key Features

  • Available in 10 colours
  • Perforated leather
  • Wrist strap with snap button


  • Available in sizes: XX-Small – 3X-Large

17. Petrol Blue and Off-White Driving Gloves

Petrol Blue and Off-White Driving Gloves

These truly unique gloves are handmade in Hungary and use the finest Italian Lamb Nappa Leather to provide superior comfort and grip. They are unlined, so more suitable to warm weather driving, and feature gorgeous off-white contrasting stitching along with a checkerboard pattern on the back of the hand. The contrasting piping along the glove’s opening and the bottom is also a nice touch that matches the button’s colour.

Key Features

  • Handsewn by expert glove artisans
  • Adjustable snap button
  • Includes hole perforations, although only along the fingers, not throughout the entire glove surface
  • Highly form-fitting


  • Available sizes: 7-10

18. HiCool Winter Driving Gloves

HiCool Winter Driving Gloves

Here’s another pair of gloves that can be used as driving gloves and as a general-purpose pair of versatile winter gloves for use in various situations such as running, cycling, walking, hiking, photographing, etc. The touch-screen sensitive index fingers and thumbs ensure that with these driving gloves, you’ll be able to use your phone or your car’s touchscreen controls without having to take them off. The silicone glue padding on the palm and the other three fingers ups the ante as far as the grip is concerned. That means that while keeping warm, you’ll always retain a firm grip on your steering wheel as you rip through some snow-covered roads.

Key Features

  • Elastic wristband keeps the warmth in
  • Stylish and snug appearance
  • Low-key colour options (black or grey)
  • Stretchy fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Touch-screen compatible
  • Reflective printing adds visibility to you at night
  • Breathable fabric


  • Available Sizes: S-XL

19. Alpine Stars Tech-1 ZX V2 Gloves

Alpine Stars Tech-1 ZX V2 Gloves

These driving gloves from Alpine Stars obviously fall into the professional racing category and thus must be treated as such. Available in a dizzying array of colour combinations, these premium racing gloves feature inside seams on the thumb and outside seams on the other four fingers, which is apparently the optimum mix of grip and comfort. The open cuff design has a 180-degree elasticized wrist for easy entry and a secure fit.

Key Features

  • The inner palms of these racing gloves are treated with latex to minimize any micro-slipping during the toughest of races
  • Touch-compatible with index finger and thumb 
  • Made from flame-resistant aramidic fiber and bonded aramidic lining
  • Certified to the new FIA 8856-2018 homologation standard.


  • Available in sizes: S-3XL

20. OMP Tazio Gloves, Brown, Large

OMP Tazio Gloves, Brown, Large

OMP Racing is well known for its long-standing production of various racing gear, including racing suits, helmets, shoes, safety harnesses, and, of-course, racing and driving gloves. So when I came across this amazing, more casual pair of driving gloves from OMP, I was instantly enthralled. With a cotton meshing on top complemented by a leather body, these fingerless driving gloves for men or women are as stylish as they are functional.

Key Features

  • Fingerless design
  • Perforated leather with breathing holes
  • Velcro enclosure
  • Cotton and leather construction


  • Available sizes: One-size-fits-all

21. James Bond Spectre Leather Driving Gloves

James Bond Spectre Leather Driving Gloves

Do you drive an Aston Martin? Perhaps you’ve had your eye on the V12 Vanquish with missiles in the grill and machine guns popping out of the hood? Do you feel like you could get a “double-0” designation? Then perhaps this set of casual driving gloves are for you. As worn by Daniel Craig in the James Bond Spectre movie, these leather driving gloves are impeccably designed and are made from hairsheep leather, which is favoured for its smoothness, strength, and elasticity. I’m told that hairsheep leather is generally acknowledged as the best leather to use in the making of gloves. So, 007, are you ready to slip these on and take your sports car out for a ride? You might as well do it in style!

Key Features

  • Made in England
  • Elasticized palm
  • Perforated fingers
  • Unlined


  • Available sizes: XS-XL

22. Brunello Cucinelli Driving Gloves

Brunello Cucinelli Driving Gloves

Are you prepared to make your credit card cry, uncle? That’s precisely what you’ll do if you choose to purchase this pair of luxury driving gloves from Brunello Cucinelli. But for those of you that won’t bat an eye at the price point, what awaits you is perhaps the most beautiful pair of driving gloves I’ve come across. The leather and cashmere combination of these full-fingered driving gloves makes for a distinctive look. Various small details such as the silver button clasp and circular stitching surrounding the knuckle holes complete these Italian made gloves’ beautiful design.

Key Features

  • Ribbed cuffs
  • Leather and Cashmere construction
  • Special cleaning required


  • Available sizes: S-L

23. Aspinal of London – Men’s Leather Driving Gloves

Aspinal of London - Men's Leather Driving Gloves

Without a doubt, these gloves have the best-photoshopped images I’ve seen. I mean, look at those beautiful cut-out hands that you can’t see but are obviously filling out the gloves. Made from buttery-soft Nappa leather, these gloves have some extra-thick and finely crafted hand-stitching lines along the seams and between the knuckles on the back of the hand. Do you want the ultimate in chic men’s leather gloves? You’ve found your pair.

Key Features

  • Perforated along the top of the gloves
  • Nappa leather construction
  • Button clasp enclosure
  • No knuckle holes
  • Hand-stitched detailing
  • Available in Tan and Black Colours


  • Available sizes: 9.5-10

24. Riparo Men’s Touchscreen Texting Half-Mesh Perforated Summer Driving Gloves

Riparo Men's Touchscreen Texting Half-Mesh Perforated Summer Driving Gloves

Are these driving gloves leather? Yes. Are these gloves available in four different beautiful colour combinations? Yes. Are these gloves touchscreen-compatible? Yes. Does this pair of leather driving gloves feature a half-mesh design that’s best suited to warmer weather? Definitely. Aside from looking awesome and feeling awesome, what else could your little heart desire from a pair of casual driving gloves?

Key Features

  • Touch-screen compatible
  • Available in four different colour combinations
  • Button clasp enclosure
  • Perforated upper glove and thumb


  • Available Sizes: S-XL

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