Wear These Fashionable Dad Shoes Anywhere

Dad shoes. Ugly sneakers. Cringe-worthy, colour-laden, unfashionable sneakers. Imagine for a moment the chunky sneakers that your dad has been wearing a version of since the early 2000s. The ones you tried to get him not to wear. These are the comfortable sneakers you begged him not to wear in front of your friends, lest you be embarrassed. Well, fret no more young one, the world of fashion and sneaker design has successfully hijacked this particular dad shoe look and made it into the latest sneaker craze. And not just men are getting in on the action, famous female celebrities have taken up the trend as well, and there seems to be no stopping it.

Brands like Balenciaga, Zara, New Balance, Nike, Fila, Puma and Adidas have jumped on the awkward dad shoe trend. You see, dad shoes are cool now. They’re fashionable, and while their transformation into icons of cool began with some trendy Instagram influencers, it’s now being adopted by style icons all over the world. So if you’re ready to put on those high-waisted jeans just like dad and throw on some truly wild and crazy high-top sneakers, mostly in white, of course, it’s time to get a pair of these sneakers on and hit the streets. Here are 25 of the best old-school dad shoes you can find.

1. Balenciaga Triple S Sneaker

Balenciaga Triple S Sneaker

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Key Features

  • Materials: 55% Polyester, 25% Calfskin, 15% Lambskin, 5% Lycra
  • Embroidered sie at the toe’s edge
  • Two lace loops
  • Athletic lacing system
  • Washed effect for a worn look
  • Pull tabs
  • Rubber outsole


  • Available in sizes 6-14 for Men
  • Removable insole
  • Heel height: 1″
  • They’re quite heavy

2. Puma – Men’s Thunder Spectra Sneaker

Puma - Men's Thunder Spectra Sneaker

Directly inspired by CELL running silhouettes of the 90s, the Puma Thunder sneaker features an excessive outsole with large proportions so common among the dad shoe genre of sneakers. These men’s sneakers feature a loud and colourful design with no room for apologies for the style they represent. And the best part? These Puma dad shoes are a fraction of the cost of the Balenciagas I featured above.

Key Features

  • Mesh upper with suede and leather insets
  • Protective sidewall
  • Thick platform heel
  • IMEVA midsole for extra comfort


  • PUMA cat logo on the tongue tab
  • Weight: 11.99 oz per shoe

3. Nike Air Max 95 SP

Nike Air Max 95 SP

I’m not going to mince words. This sneaker and the inspiration behind it is kind of weird. And yet, there is something compelling about the Nike Air Max 95 design that turns it into a bonafide dad shoe. The colourful and iconic side panels take inspiration from your body’s muscles and give the entire shoe a wonderful aesthetic effect. Even the laces and lace loops are a colourful assault on the visual senses. Known for its comfort, these Nike sneakers are a revolution in dad shoe comfort.

Key Features

  • Foam midsole
  • Mesh in the upper has woven overlays for breathability and strength
  • An innovative lacing system provides even more comfort


  • Available in sizes 4-15
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs

4. New Balance 990v5

New Balance 990v5

Available in six colour combinations, including this snazzy grey with Castlerock combo, this New Balance sneaker is proof that quality Made in the USA manufacturing still exists. Designed with a sleek and sporty style, these Men’s sneakers are considered to be some of the more subtle dad shoes we’ve seen. Made with pigskin suede and mesh upper, the oversized rubber outsole ensures plenty of cushioning and that, “Hey, look at me, I’m a slightly overweight dad in his 40’s still trying to be cool look”. Oh wait, I just described myself. I guess I have to go and buy a pair of these now.

Key Features

  • Midsole support
  • Made in the USA
  • Dual Density Collar Foam
  • Reinforced toe tip


  • Weight: 2.47 oz
  • Available in sizes 7-16

5. K-Swiss Men’s ST-329 Fashion Sneaker

K-Swiss Men's ST-329 Fashion Sneaker

Wow! These are some wondrous-looking sneakers from K-Swiss. Many will agree that they fall into the dad shoe category, but I’m of the opinion that they’re more than that. Sure they’re mostly white, but it’s just the right combination of chunkiness and subtle highlights that makes this sneaker a fashion icon. These lace-up sneakers feature an extra-thick rubber sole along with shock-spring technology at the midsole. Designed to last, this tennis training shoe-inspired dad shoe will ensure you’re not just styling but that you’re walking in serious style. Oh, and it’s also quite affordable.

Key Features

  • Rubber sole
  • 92% leather & 8% synthetic leather upper construction
  • Premium memory foot bed


  • Available in sizes 8-14
  • Weight: 357.2 grams

6. Adidas – Yung-1 Shoes

Adidas - Yung-1 Shoes

The Yung-1 sneakers from Adidas are a much more fashion-minded dad shoe that you can almost get away wearing and pretend that your father wouldn’t wear these as well. But perhaps that illusion is quickly wiped away by the fact that these sneakers are directly inspired by the late 90’s-era Adidas Falcon Dorf shoes. So, at the end of the day, these layered white sneakers are a sexy re-imagining of a popular 90’s shoe.

Key Features

  • Available in five colour combinations
  • Wide fit
  • Lace closure
  • Mesh upper with nubuck overlays
  • Sculpted lightweight EVA midsole


  • Available in sizes 8-14

7. Acne Studios – Distressed Sneakers

Acne Studios - Distressed Sneakers

This here is possibly the chunkiest, thickest, and most brazenly bulbous set of dad sneakers I’ve ever seen. Also inspired by the bulky silhouettes of American 90’s sneakers, this pair of shoes from Acne Studios features an upper made of a combination of nylon, polyurethane, and polyester. That alone makes them super comfortable and soft to the touch. Combined with an almost 2-inch rubber sole, these shoes run a bit large, so make sure to choose a size smaller than normal. Long live the chunky monkey dad shoe!

Key Features

  • Lace-up front
  • Pull tabs
  • Distressed finish
  • 80% acetate, 20% rubber soles


  • Available in sizes: 7.5-12
  • Sole height: 45mm
  • True to size

8. Asics Gel Diablo

Asics Gel Diablo

While these sneakers from my most favourite brand of shoes in the world, Asics, are available in other colour combinations, the above-pictured wild and wacky Black / Tai-Chi Yellow combination is what speaks to the dad in me. Yes, I’m a father, and thus I am qualified to say what constitutes a dad shoe, and this pair of Asics most certainly qualifies. Based on a classic Asics runner from all the way back in 1995, this shoe features a breathable mesh tongue and a pigskin nubuck suede upper.

Key Features

  • Suede and leather construction
  • Ankle-high runner
  • Perforated throughout for maximum breathability
  • Retro styling


  • Available in sizes 4-14
  • Synthetic rubber sole

9. Nike M2K Tekno

Nike M2K Tekno

It’s time to go extra-chunky with this pair of decidedly bonafide dad shoes from Nike. Oh sure, Nike calls it a “fashion-forward” sneaker, but let’s be honest, this is one pair of ugly runners. And as we all know, in this upside-down world of 2020, where up is down and down is up, these “ugly” shoes are a bonafide hit of high-fashion. This is the spot where a shrug emoji would normally go. Serving as an update to the all-time classic, this Nike sneaker is available in two colour combinations and seems to be out of stock almost everywhere. That’s simply a tribute to its popularity. So quick, make a decision, are these for you or your dad? If you want a pair of them, you better get your money in before your daddy beats you to it.

Key Features

  • Leather and textile upper
  • Heel tabs
  • Padded foam tongue
  • TPU heel clip
  • Phylon foam midsole
  • Rubber outsole


  • Available in sizes 9-11

10. Champion – Men’s 93Eighteen BIG C Low-Top Casual Fashion Sneakers

Champion - Men's 93Eighteen BIG C Low-Top Casual Fashion Sneakers

The colour combination options with this pair of sneakers from Champion are on-point. There is no wrong note hit with the choices the manufacturer made. From the decidedly wild Black Multi option pictured above to the more subtle Navy option, everything about these shoes screams, “hey, look at me. I’m a dorky dad”. But of course, in this twisted fashion world of ours also says, hey, I’m so full of ironic style, that I wear shoes like this ironically, thus making me the epitome of what is fashionable. That’s the logic I’m going with as an excuse for buying a pair of these. Go ahead and feel free to repeat it to your friends when challenged about this pair adorning your feet.

Key Features

  • Available in eight colour combinations
  • Suede and leather upper
  • Chunky rubber sole


  • Available in sizes 7.5-13

11. Skechers D’Lites – Biggest Fan

Skechers D'Lites - Biggest Fan

Yes, even a lowly pair of Skechers sneakers can qualify as a great dad shoe. After all, if there’s one common thread that binds many dads together, it’s the fact that they’re often cheap, or as they like to put it, “frugal” as sin. But that’s only the beginning of the story when it comes to this fine-looking Skechers sneaker. First, it’s the fact that it’s colour combination options would suggest that this here is a Unisex shoe. Now I don’t want to be all gender normative, but when you offer it up in this wide array of colour combinations, I think I’m on pretty safe ground saying that. So go ahead, let your dad flag fly high and mighty, I’ll still be your biggest fan.

Key Features

  • Leather and synthetic upper
  • Rubber sole
  • Lace-up front


  • 1.25″ rubber sole height

12. Calvin Klein Men’s Marvin Sneaker

Calvin Klein Men's Marvin Sneaker

Wait. Does Calvin Klein make sneakers? Yeah, I was as unaware of this fact as you are, my dear reader. Then again, the Calvin Klein brand has been on the cutting edge of fashionable apparel for decades, so its no wonder that they too have embraced the dad shoe trend that rocketed into the stratosphere in 2018. Remember 2018 and how care-free we all were? Good times.

In any case, this awesome leather and suede sneaker features six different colour combinations, but my favourite is the Jamaican flag-themed Black/Green/Lemon combination. Don’t miss out on one of the best dad shoes out there.

Key Features

  • Leather and suede upper
  • Synthetic upper sole


  • Available in sizes: 7-13

13. Hoka – Men’s Bondi

Hoka - Men's Bondi

Whooo boy. Where to begin with this monstrosity of… awesome?! I mean, it’s so ugly, it comes full-circle to being beautiful again, doesn’t it? And if that’s not the true essence of what makes a sneaker a quintessential dad shoe, I don’t know what does. So there you have it. Breathe it in. Take in its rich white, grey and citrus colours. Now go bleach your eyes, and take it in again. Yes, now it must adorn your feet. Because if your ironic cool meter runs too low, you’ll quickly slip into fashion oblivion.

Key Features

  • Mesh upper provides plenty of breathability
  • Super-lightweight sneaker
  • CMEVA midsole for cushion and low weight


  • Weight: 10.3 oz
  • Available in sizes 7-14

14. Puma – Prevail Classic Sneakers

Puma - Prevail Classic Sneakers

I’m going to sound like a broken record here, but here we are again. Another fine looking shoe inspired by an earlier 90s version of itself. First launched in 1994, the Prevail’s bulky silhouette from Puma was received as a style icon. As clunky sneakers fell out of favour in the 2000s and 2010s, this shoe also dwindled in popularity. But now it’s back and better than ever. With a low-boot design, textile and leather upper along with classic Puma styling, it’s a sumptuous looking white sneaker with turquoise, grey and black accents throughout.

Key Features

  • Die-cut EVA midsole
  • Rubber outsole
  • PUMA No. 1 Logo on heel
  • Available in four colour combinations


  • Available in sizes 4-12
  • Weight: 1lb 10.8oz
  • Rubber heel height: 1″

15. Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

Nike Men's Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

While not quite as chunky as some of the other trainers on this list, this addition from Nike still has plenty of dad shoe DNA embedded in it. The thick white sole is just the start. The fact that it’s available in various colour combinations, including an all-black version, also adds to its “dad shoe” credentials. Featuring a lightweight foam midsole, this Nike sneaker is mostly made from a leather upper that features various overlays, including an oversized Nike logo.

Key Features

  • Synthetic rubber sole
  • Leather upper
  • Air-Sole cushion
  • Available in nine colour combinations


  • Available in sizes: 6.5-15

16. Adidas Men’s Fitness Shoe

Adidas Men's Fitness Shoe

I can’t really tell you much about these amazing-looking Adidas sneakers, except to say that it’s available in a wide array of absolutely wild colourways. But that shouldn’t be much of a surprise to you given that we’re including it in this list of dad shoes. Made with a mesh and synthetic suede upper, these sneakers fit a little big, so you might want to consider that when choosing a size.

Key Features

  • Mesh, synthetic suede and nubuck upper construction
  • Lace closure
  • Imported (but I mean, isn’t everything imported from somewhere these days?)


  • Available in sizes 6-12 (depending on chosen colourway)

17. Fila Men’s Strada Disruptor II Sneaker

Fila Men's Strada Disruptor II Sneaker

Fila is a brand that was probably born to catch the wave of the chunky sneaker resurgence. After all, when you look at any original Fila, or even their modern-day lineup, there’s already plenty of sole thickness built-in to their standard designs. So it’s no surprise that this lightweight, retro-inspired shoe from Fila lands on this list. This shoe features a nubuck upper with a removable cushioned insole and extra-thick rubber sole. It’s also available in a truly ridiculous thirty-eight colour combinations.

Key Features

  • Premium leather construction
  • Lightweight EVA
  • Embossed and embroidered logo
  • Unique eyerow detailing


  • Available in sizes 6-13

18. New Balance Men’s 608V5 Sneaker

New Balance Men's 608V5 Sneaker

This New Balance shoe hits all the right notes with classic retro-sneaker styling, and dare I say it doesn’t even look too objectionable. It’s available in five colour combinations and has plenty of high-tech features for a very reasonable price. Known for their excellent shock-absorption, these New Balance shoes are no different. The patented ABZORB cushioning in the midfoot provides all the comfort you’ll need. And while I suggest you don’t use these as your primary running shoes, going for a quick trot for half a block won’t be a painful experience while you’re wearing these.

Key Features

  • Available in five colour combinations
  • Available in three widths (Standard, Wide and Extra Wide)
  • Leather upper


  • Available in sizes 6.5-18

19. Skechers Men’s Energy – After Burn Sneakers

Skechers Men's Energy - After Burn Sneakers

Holy hell. Even the name of these sneakers exudes a certain “dad” energy that simply cannot be ignored. “After Burn”? Ok, I’m sold. This is a 90s or 80s inspired shoe from Skechers. This cushioned flexible trainer is ideal for taking to the gym to lift some weights or just wear around town. It’s got a 100% leather upper and features a pretty huge 1.5-inch heel. It’s also available in a copious amount of “dad shoe” colour combinations. That means it is available in every permutation of grey, black and white you could possibly imagine. Now go forth and get that chunk on your feet. Oh, and don’t worry, as far as “dad shoes” go, these are pretty cheap.

Key Features

  • Leather upper
  • Rubber sole


  • Available in 6.5 to 16

20. Reebok Aztrek ’96

Reebok Aztrek '96

The Aztrek ’96 line of shoes from Reebok is quite varied. You can find regular sneakers, adventure shoes, and even shoes that are more tailored to the trails. But out of all the choices, I decided that this variant was most in-line with a fashionable and retro sneaker with a tall rubber sole. With some pretty awesome angular lines and added overlays, the mix of materials on this sneaker further cements its deserved place in this list. The 90s era colours pop right off the shoe in any of the available six colour combinations.

Key Features

  • Rubber outsole
  • EVA midsole for lightweight cushioning
  • Suede and textile upper


  • Available in men’s and women’s sizes
  • Women’s sizes available in 7.5 – 10
  • Men’s sizes available in 6-8.5

21. PUMA Unisex-Adult RS-X Sneaker

PUMA Unisex-Adult RS-X Sneaker

This techno-retro-style sneaker is exactly what you need if you’re going for that perfect 90s style that imagined we’d all be cruising around in flying DeLorean’s just like Marty McFly. Featuring a blazing number of unique colourways, the RX collection from PUMA is breathtaking in its sheer vastness of colour combination options. Exaggerated to the extreme, these shoes feature a bold combination of materials to produce a true bulky silhouette.

Key Features

  • Mesh upper with suede and leather overlays
  • Full lace closure
  • Padded tongue and closure
  • Lightweight PU midsole
  • Rubber outsole


  • Available in sizes 7-13 (Unisex) – depending on colour combination choice

22. Maison Margiela – Future Low-Top Sneakers

Maison Margiela - Future Low-Top Sneakers

Available in just this one colourway, these sneakers nearly stunned me into silence when I first encountered them. After all, what does one say about a thick-ass sneaker that looks like it just time-traveled back from the future to grace the mind of a some shoe designer I’ve never heard of? Well, it’s clear to say that these Italian shoes aren’t cheap, but where they may drain your wallet, they’ll fill your personal style with a copious amount of oomph.

Key Features

  • 100% leather upper
  • 100% rubber sole
  • Made in Italy


  • Available in sizes: 6-10

23. FILA Men’s Ray Tracer Sneakers

FILA Men's Ray Tracer Sneakers

Combining a retro style with a thick-sole with colour accents is a nice way for this FILA sneaker to stand out in a crowded field of shoes vying for the top spot in the dad shoe kingdom. If chunky sneakers are where it’s at when it comes to men’s fashion-forward runners, then these Filas have plenty to offer. And if you like this style, you’ll likely like the Oakmont line from Fila as well.  

Key Features

  • The Upper is made of suede, leather, and mesh
  • Embroidered FILA logo on the tongue, vamp and back counter
  • EVA midsole
  • Available in seven different colour combinations


  • Available in sizes 7-12 (depending on the colour chosen)

24. PUMA Men’s Thunder Desert Sneaker

PUMA Men's Thunder Desert Sneaker

Paying homage to the past is all well and good, but unless you dedicate some thought and design talent to updating that retro look for modern-day consumers, your sneaker will likely fail. Thankfully, PUMA has successfully taken this sneaker that dabbles in paying tribute to past collaborations and silhouettes ahead of their time. The style of this decidedly dad sneaker from PUMA re-imagines what a great looking pair of bulky kicks can be. Unapologetic in its styling and blown up proportions are the signature style of this amazing shoe.

Key Features

  • Leather, mesh and suede upper
  • Rubber sole
  • Available in 12 colour combinations


  • Available in sizes 4-14 depending on the colour
  • Heel sole height is approximately 1 inch

25. Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runner

Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runner

I was somewhat loathed to include this pair of sneakers on this list. Not for their merits. And not for their collectible value as they are certainly not cheap and quite rare. It’s mostly because I really can’t stand Kanye West. And this sneaker is a collab between his Yeezy brand and Adidas. But what can I say, as far as the chunky sneaker trend goes, this is one of the great ones.

Key Features

  • Combination of materials on the upper
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Boost cushioning 
  • Rubber outsole
  • Available in two colourways


  • Available in sizes 4-17

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