Best Beard Trimmers for Men

It would seem that there is some overlap between our current state of events (the great Covid-19 calamity) and the fact that men all over the world have discovered their inner caveman and decided to grow out their beards. And while many wives and girlfriends around the globe are cursing this decision, I’m here to tell you that a well-kempt beard is not only a possibility but an achievable reality. 

Attractive looking facial hair will go a long way to letting the bearded monster inside of you look half-way presentable, especially on all those socially-distanced Zoom calls you’re partaking in. The number one mistake of growing out a beard is merely expecting it to look great without any maintenance regime attached to it. Of course, once your beard is taken care of, you should consider investing in a great nose and ear hair trimmer as well, but that’s another topic entirely.

The secret to facial hair that looks well-manscaped of-course is a high-quality beard trimmer. And while you may think that the twenty-dollar no-name brand special you acquired in the before times is sufficient, I’m here to tell you that a high-quality beard trimmer makes a world of difference. I should know, I’m one of those people that unfortunately suffered under the oppression of a less than stellar beard trimmer for years, until I finally said, no more! I will rise up and defeat the curse of the scraggly Slavic facial hair composition! That’s when I went on the hunt to find the best beard trimmers in the world. Of course, before I could set upon such an arduous journey, I first had to discover what I should be looking for when shopping for the best beard trimmer. So while we all wait for barbershops and hair salons to become more accessible and we don’t have to come in wearing some sort of Vader-like respirator to protect ourselves and others, let’s first look at what to think about when shopping for a great beard trimmer.

What to Consider When Buying a Beard Trimmer


Believe it or not, there is a great deal of variability when it comes to the versatility of modern beard trimmers. Some are clearly built for single-purpose use, while others provide a more comprehensive range of functionality and convenience. When it comes to the versatility of the best beard trimmers on the market, it’s essential to ask the following questions before you make a purchase:

  1. How will it be used? – Are you planning on using it only as a beard trimmer, or perhaps you want a more all-in-one solution for your facial hair, including your moustache, ears, nose and eyebrows? 
  2. Do you expect to use it as a stand-in for a hair clipper? – Many men, present company included, like a trimmer that offers enough power, flexibility and hair length adjustment also to use it as a primary head hair clipping device. The benefits of having a trimmer that can effectively keep both your beard and hair nice and neat can’t be overstated, especially when you’re travelling. This leads me to my next point.
  3. How Important are Portability and Weight? – We’ll get into this below. Still, weight is not only crucial for handling, but also travel, and speaks to the overall versatility of any good beard trimmer.
  4. Hair Length Settings – I’ll also get into this in more detail below, but depending on how fussy you are about having a specific beard trimming regimen, you’ll want to know what kind of length settings your beard grooming device has. 

Corded or Cordless?

This is a fairly simple area of decision making, but there are still some crucial differences to consider when making your beard trimmer shopping decision. While almost all trimmers these days have a cordless option, not all of them provide battery OR corded operation. I personally like that option best as the corded function can often give a bit of extra power required to cut even the coarsest and curliest of beards without painful pulling or snagging. That said, it’s evident that Lithium-ion batteries have come a long way and can provide a great deal of power to most beard trimmers and of-course, the cordless method provides for more freedom in movement and wet-shaving. 

Grooming Attachments and Accessories

Increasingly you’ll find that many of the high-end beard trimmer manufacturers are including more and more accessories with their devices. As competition in the men’s personal grooming market continues to heat-up, brands are throwing in increasingly more useful beard-trimming accessories. Consider keeping an eye for these:

  1. Combs – These can be used for you know, actual combing of your beard, but also as protective guards while doing some freestyle beard trimming. 
  2. Ear, Nose and Eyebrow Trimmers – Many manufacturers are including small, pen-shaped ear, nose and eyebrow trimmers. 
  3. Spare Parts – Foils, edgers, cutting bars, additional blades, shears, eyebrow guides, massagers, clipper guides, blade oil, and more are some of the items beard trimmer brands are including. 
  4. Cleaning Docks and Chargers – Many chargers come with high-end charging docks and alcohol-based cleaning stations. 

Beard Length

Perhaps one of the most important factors to keep top-of-mind when choosing your next beard trimmer is your beard length. Do you more closely resemble a sasquatch that has never been domesticated, or are you more of a medium length stubble guy with that smouldering GQ look?

This is a supremely important consideration as not all trimmers have been designed for all beard lengths. Make sure the one you get has the length settings or accessories that will match your beard trimming needs. Also, make sure to know what the minimum and maximum trimmer length settings are. Most advanced trimmers have a minimum length setting that falls somewhere in between 1-5 mm, while the average beard grows at a rate of about 10-12mm month. That’s about 1/2 an inch a month for you metric system challenge people. 

Wet & Dry Use

This is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to corded vs non-corded shavers. There’s no chance I’d ever take a corded shave into a shower, for I do not want to be electrocuted, but you know, the topic of death by beard trimmer aside, many men enjoy taking their cordless trimmers into the shower with them. 

So are you the kind of man that wants to use their trimmer with shave gels and lotions? If your shaver is fully waterproof, it is often at the expense of battery life as all those watertight seals and gaskets take up extra space and reduce the size of your beard trimmer’s battery. The up-side of a waterproof beard trimmer is that it will be a whole lot easier to clean and will reduce the chance of any water damage to the electrical components while you are cleaning it. 

Blade Quality

Not too many years ago, there was a considerable disparity in beard trimmer blade quality. You fell into one of two categories, good and absolute utter crap that wouldn’t remain sharp for longer than six months and would start rusting at around the same time. But times have changed. Nowadays, you’ll find that the top beard trimmers all have high-quality blades. But, like with anything our finely tuned capitalist system has optimized for, there’s good, and then there’s fantastic, for which of course, you’ll pay a premium. 

Before we get to blade materials, there’s one other thing to consider about blade quality. It’s a simple premise but generally holds true – the finer (closer together) the teeth in a blade, the better the quality. 

Most commonly you’ll find beard trimmer blades made of the following materials:

  • Stainless Steel – Won’t rust for a long time, if ever, and ideal for wet shaving. Easier to sharpen and sanitize than most other blades, which makes them easier to maintain. 
  • Titanium – Even more resistant to rust but a bit more expensive.
  • Ceramic – Corrosion-free and stay far cooler than steel blades, which means they can be used over more extended periods without overheating your device. Some barbers insist that ceramic blades allow for a smoother and easier beard trimming experience. The only down-side to ceramic blades is that they are more brittle than their steel counterparts, which can sometimes lead to them breaking. They are also more expensive than Titanium or Steel blades. 
  • Dual edged blades – Provide extra cutting precision and allow you to trim in both directions. 


This section is what I like to call the intangible tangibles. It’s the little and not-so-little things that add up to a meaningful difference in the quality of your experience using a beard trimmer. While some men may only care about the functionality of a facial hair trimmer and how well it cuts their hair, others like to consider more nuanced differentiation. Here are a but a few to ponder:

  • Weight – This is a huge one for both travel considerations and day-to-day usage. If you’re the type of man that trims his beard nearly every day, the last thing you want to be doing is waving around something that more resembles a barbell as far as the weight is concerned. 
  • Visuals – Not everyone cares about how their beard trimmer looks, but I, for one, would rather be wielding something somewhat manly looking, lest it is mistaken for something else. Plus, if you’re going to spend so much time trimming your beard, you might as well use a device that looks as good as you do. This is especially true if you are partial to the way your bathroom looks. 
  • Compact – Another big considering if you’ve either got limited space in your bathroom or you often bring your beard trimmer on business trips that require you to travel light. The last thing you want is some giant bulky trimmer taking up a quarter of your luggage space. 
  • Battery Life – The top-of-the-line beard trimmers almost exclusively use Lithium-ion batteries as they are generally deemed safe, reliable, fast-charging and high-capacity. That said, always make sure you look at what the manufacturer is the typical battery life run time for each trimmer you consider. I know some of you good-looking men like to trim your beards for like an hour. 
  • Vacuum – Yes, believe it or not, some beard trimmers come with a handy vacuum that is partially built into the handle. This added feature definitely helps keep the beard trimmings under control, and perhaps your girlfriend or wife will love you for that small nicety. One thing to consider, however, is that beard trimmers with this feature often have slightly worse battery life as the vacuum components take up a lot of space. 
  • Sanitizing Dock – In many cases, manufacturers are selling this as an added accessory, but you might be lucky to find a few that sell it as a standard part of the tool kit. These alcohol-based systems help clean and disinfect your blades while also lubricating them. 
  • Travel Lock – Some high-end beard trimmers provide a function that allows you to enable a “travel lock,” which you can set before packing your beard trimmer in your luggage for travel. This can help prevent draining of your batteries if your beard trimming device is accidentally turned on while it is tossed around by careless baggage handlers. It can also help avoid an embarrassing situation at the airport, otherwise known as the “vibrating luggage” made famous by Fight Club. 

Beard Trimming Tips

There are some really fantastic beard trimming tips out there from world-famous barbers and sasquatches alike. So I won’t go into a huge amount of detail here, but I’ll give you a quick run-down of some of my favourite tips:

  1. If you’re trimming a medium-to-long beard, it’s considered a good idea to do it while your beard is dry, as that will give you a better picture of its exact length. 
  2. Before starting, comb out your beard, even if its only medium length. Try to get all your hairs pointed in the same direction. 
  3. Start with a more extended guard or dial setting if it is your first time using a beard trimmer to avoid cutting too much.
  4. Always wash your face after trimming your beard. There’s bound to be a ton of loose hairs in there, and you don’t want to be walking around, shedding dead hair on people. 
  5. Define your neckline – Put a finger above your Adam’s Apple and trim a vertical strip below this line. You can avoid this step if you’re sporting a stubble. 
  6. Fade the neck and cheeks – this means using smaller clipper settings or guides as you move outward. 
  7. Finish with some beard oil or beard moisturizer. This is a great way to keep your beard smooth, smelling good and prevent you from that constant beard itch. 

The Best Beard Trimmer Brands On the Planet

Before I tell you what I think are the best beard trimmers in the world right now, including ones for professionals and those with epically long beards, first, I want to tell you about what I consider to be the best beard trimmer brands in the world. 

Wahl Beard Trimmers

Often considered the absolute gold-standard in beard trimmers, Wahl has been making all manner of haircutting and trimming devices since 1919 when they invented the very first electric hair clipper. Headquartered in the USA, Wahl produces some of the finest beard trimmers in the world and is a major favourite amidst high-end barbers and hair salons. 

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmers

Philips has been making Norelco electric shavers for almost as long as Wahl. Although World War II delayed its introduction to the American market by nearly a full ten years, Philips has been selling this brand of shavers since 1939. Known for their high-tech features and precision blades, Norelco beard trimmers are some of the finest in the world. 

Braun Beard Trimmers

Known not only for their technical prowess, Braun trimmers have defied the industry trend of adding more and more buttons and stranger design choices to their trimmers. Instead, Braun has kept to their minimalist Bauhaus design standards and proved that even a beard trimmer could serve as a conversation piece, well at least in your bathroom. 

1. Philips Norelco – MG7750/49 Multigroom 7000 Face Styler and Grooming Kit

Philips Norelco - MG7750/49 Multigroom 7000 Face Styler and Grooming Kit

This Philips Norelco beard trimmer might just be the ultimate all-in-one trimmer for most beards, facial hair and body styling. One of the reasons Philips Norelco is known for the superb quality of their beard trimmers is that they don’t cheap out on the internals. In this case, that includes a full-metal motor and drivetrain that’s been reinforced with tempered steel to maximize full torque and power delivery as well as provide long-lasting life. Unlike cheaply made beard trimmers, this Norelco beard trimmer comes with cutting guards that aren’t just cheap plastic bound to break over time. The guards are made of a composite material that is reinforced with fibreglass to prevent bending and buckling.

With a powerful battery comes a crazy amount of run time, and that’s true for the Norelco, which is roughly around five hours. Enough for even the hairiest of men who have been pretending to be the modern Henry David Thoreau or Unabomber. Though hopefully the former and not the latter. This premium beard trimmer can also easily double as a precision shaver and nose and ear trimmer with its multiple accessories. And finally, if that wasn’t enough for a very reasonably priced trimmer, this all-in-one package is also fully washable and looks pretty damn good in its stainless steel case.

Key Features

  • Self-sharpening stainless-steel blades
  • 5 hour run-time
  • Can be used while plugged in
  • Fully washable
  • 14 reinforced trimming guards
  • Comes with foil shaver, precision trimmer, nose and ear trimmer and extra-wide hair trimmer


  • Brand: Philips Norelco
  • Model: MG7750/49 Multigroom 7000 Face Styler and Grooming Kit
  • Styling guards: 1-16mm

2. Panasonic Men’s Precision Power Beard Trimmer ER-SB40-K

Panasonic Men's Precision Power Beard Trimmer ER-SB40-K

This beard trimmer from Panasonic is packed to the gills with features. First, the blades are slightly rounded and broader, which gives this trimmer the ability to chew through the most ridiculously thick beards. Next are the adjustable beard trimmer and quick-dial (which I love) that provides 19 different hair length settings. Like with most high-end beard trimmers on the market, this Panasonic also allows you to trim and shave with or without a cord and of course, you can wash the trimming head for an easy clean. The battery is rated for an hour of continual use before it requires a charge and features a crazy 9,800 CPM motor (cuts per minute). If you’re looking to create sharp and neat beard lines throughout your face, this might be the ideal beard-trimmer for you. Oh, did I also mention that it’s crazy comfortable to use – it’s light-weight and has an ergonomic handle for optimum comfort!

Key Features

  • 9,800 CPM motor
  • 19 trim length options
  • Cordless or corded use
  • Washable head


  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Model: Men’s Precision + Power Beard Trimmer with Linear Motor Technology ER-SB40-K
  • Run time on one charge: 60 minutes

3. Braun 9-in-1 Beard Trimmer MGK5280

Braun 9-in-1 Beard Trimmer MGK5280

The Braun MGK5280 (I wish the beard trimmer brands would give these things more friendly marketing names) isn’t just a trimmer; it’s an entire grooming kit. When they call it a 9-in-1 trimmer, they mean that it’s a trimmer ideally suited for your beard, face, body, ear and nose trimming. It also comes with a free Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide razor. The Germans know what they are doing when it comes to advanced beard trimming technology. Exhibit A is the auto-sensing technology built into this trimmer. It measures the length and toughness of your beard up to 13 times per second and sends that info back to the control unit to adjust the power of the trimmer motor. This ensures that you get the exact amount of power and torque you need for your beard thickness without wasting precious battery power. That probably explains the 100+ minutes of run time.

Key Features

  • Lifetime sharp blades guarantee
  • 13 length settings from 0.5mm to 21mm
  • 100 minute battery run-time
  • Auto-sensing technology adjusts power
  • Washable and waterproof


  • Brand: Braun
  • Model: 9-in-1 Beard Trimmer MGK5280
  • Battery run-time: 100 minutes

4. Philips Norelco – Oneblade QP6520/70 Pro Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver

Philips Norelco - Oneblade QP6520/70 Pro Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver

Trimming, edging, shaving. That’s what this humble Philips Norelco electric trimmer claims it can do. And from what I’ve seen, it’s one of the better and more affordable trimmers on the market. It may not have every single bell and whistle, but if you’re looking for something relatively light-weight and compact that can do the job in a more than adequate manner, this might be the right beard trimmer for you. The OneBlade technology means that its a hybrid tool that uses one single blade to perform edging trimming and shaving of facial hear. What kind of dark magic it uses to accomplish this feat, well you’ll have to ask the engineers, I suppose. Nevertheless, the replaceable blade moves with the contours of your face to provide a comfortable trim and shave.

Key Features

  • No need for added attachments – single-blade can handle trimming + shaving
  • Water resistant and washable head
  • Blades must be replaced roughly every four months
  • 14 length settings from 0.4-10mm
  • LED for battery status display


  • Brand: Philips Norelco
  • Model: Oneblade QP6520/70
  • Run time: 90 minutes

5. Hatteker Mens Beard Trimmer 5 in 1

Hatteker Mens Beard Trimmer 5 in 1

Hatteker is an up-and-coming brand from China that is taking the men’s grooming world by storm with their high-quality and affordable products. One such item is this Men’s Beard Trimmer that comes with a ridiculous amount of attachments. With an extra-wide hair trimmer, nose and ear hair trimmer, body trimmer, and more, there’s almost nothing you’ll be left wanting for with this product. The Hatteker features self-sharpening stainless steel blades and features a lithium-ion battery that will last a full hour of trimming time. Remember how I told you that one thing to consider when thinking of buying a beard trimmer is all the small convenience features? The Hatteker has plenty of those including a travel lock, and can even re-charge via USB. It’s also 100% waterproof.

Key Features

  • Beard trimmer, body groomer, hair trimmer, precision trimmer, nose / ear trimmer, six guide combs
  • Includes a traveling bag
  • Self sharpening steel blades
  • 1-16mm length adjustment


  • Brand: Hatteker
  • Model: Beard Trimmer Kit 5 in 1
  • Battery run time: 60 minutes

6. Wahl – Model 5622 Groomsman

Wahl - Model 5622 Groomsman

I’m honestly not sure how Wahl manages to offer this grooming kit and beard trimmer for such a low price, but given the quality of this device, it’s the sort of thing you should maybe consider buying a few of and sending them to your male friends as gifts. With 14 cutting lengths and an included nose and ear trimmer along with a washable head, you’re not going to go wrong buying this beard trimmer. Quality construction and self-sharpening blades are also at the top of the list when considering this product.

Key Features

  • Cordless with Lithium-ion battery
  • Not designed for super short beards or stubble as the minimum length goes down to only half an inch.
  • Comes with 3 stubble combs and 4 hair guide combs
  • Dual voltage to support travel


  • Brand: WAHL
  • Model: Model 5622 Groomsmen

7. Remington – MB4700 Smart Beard Trimmer

Remington - MB4700 Smart Beard Trimmer

Remington brand beard trimmers are also well-known for their innovation and quality. One of those products is the Remington MB4700, which is a technologically advanced device designed to provide you with the ability to enable various memory settings. That way, you won’t have to remember what hair length you set last time to give you your signature look. With a massive 175 length settings ranging from 0.4 to 18mm and other convenience features, the Remington is a competent device that takes advantage of a digital screen with touch controls. Like with other high-end beard trimmers, the MB4700 is also capable of sensing the level of and thickness of the hair you’re chewing through and adjusts the power and blade speed for best performance.

Key Features

  • USB charging
  • Touch-screen digital display with length settings, power control and battery level readout.
  • Fully washable
  • Auto-hair sensing with auto-power adjust


  • Brand: Remington
  • Model: MB4700 Smart Beard Trimmer
  • Battery run-time: 50 minutes

8. Panasonic – ER-GB80-S Body and Beard Trimmer

Panasonic - ER-GB80-S Body and Beard Trimmer

This body and beard trimmer from Panasonic is one of their higher-end models, and it certainly deserves to be considered amongst the best beard trimmers in the world? Why? Let’s run down the list. First, the stainless steel, hypoallergenic blades are considered to be perhaps the best in the world. Next, the trimmer dial and three comb attachments allow for 39 length settings allowing for cutting, trimming, sculpting and detailing of that beautiful thick beard of yours. For the body hair component of this device, the trimmer comb attachment ensures comfort and safety by minimizing tugging and pulling while clipping and trimming. You don’t want to be worried about your trimmer tugging at various sensitive body parts right, gentlemen? This trimmer will also allow for a very close shave as its minimum hair length is a minuscule 0.5 mm. The slide-up precision trimmer also allows for precision cutting and sculpting of your sideburns and moustache.

Key Features

  • 39 length settings
  • Three comb attachments for hair, beard, moustache, body hair
  • Corded or cordless operation
  • Washable hair trimmer


  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Model: ER-GB80-S Body and Beard Trimmer
  • Battery run-time: 50 minutes

9. Braun – BT3040 Beard Trimmer for Men

Braun - BT3040 Beard Trimmer for Men

Another fine entry from Braun, the BT3040 is a medium-frills beard trimmer that still provides a great deal of flexibility, precision, comfort and features. With two combs that allow the device to trim hair from 0.5mm to 20mm in length the Braun is also fully washable. Like a few other trimmers on this list, the Braun uses a handy dial to let you set the trim length and operate the stainless steel blades without pulling or tugging. And finally, unless you’re that famous company in Cupertino, who thankfully have not yet gone into the personal grooming industry, you simply cannot bean Brauns industrial design chops as this is one of the better looking beard trimmers I’ve seen.

Key Features

  • Corded or cordless use
  • Lifetime self-sharpening stainless steel blades.
  • Fully washable
  • Works with longer beards


  • Brand: CASIO
  • Model: Vintage Retro Gold Digital Dial Watch – 168WG9UR
  • Case sizes: 39 mm
  • Case thickness: 10 mm

10. Philips Norelco – MG3750 Multigroom All-In-One Series 3000

Philips Norelco - MG3750 Multigroom All-In-One Series 3000

I decided to include this Norelco beard trimmer on this list, not because it’s got the most features for a men’s beard trimmer. Nor did I include it because it comes with a plethora of convenient accessories and nice-to-have additions. I added it because Philips Norelco decided that it would produce a rugged and simple device with no significant frills at an incredibly low price. You simply won’t get this quality of beard trimmer at a lower price anywhere. It’s no wonder that it’s quite possibly the best selling beard trimmer on Amazon. Functioning as a full-size stainless steel trimmer, the Norelco MG3750 also comes with a precision trimmer and a nose and hair trimmer along with three hair trimming guards, three beard trimming guards and a stubble guard.

Key Features

  • Includes precision and nose & ear trimmers.
  • Attachments are fully washable.
  • Includes 3 beard guards
  • Includes 3 hair guards


  • Brand: Philips Norelco
  • Model: MG3570 Multigroom All-In-One Series 3000, 13 attachment trimmer
  • Battery run-time: 60 minutes

11. OSTER – Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

OSTER - Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

Sometimes, at least when it comes to beard trimmers and hair clippers, the old ways are the best ways. If you’ve been trimming your hair or beard for many years, and don’t need all the fancy features that other beard trimmers offer, the OSTER Classic 76 might be of interest to you. Jesus, I just sounded like some sort of copy-machine salesman. In any case, this single-speed hair and beard trimmer is designed to last, basically forever and is often recommended by the buy-it-for-life faithful. It includes a blade guard, lubricating oil, clipper grease and cleaning brush and comes with an extra-long 9-foot power cord. So if you’re trimming a lot of heavy-duty beards, you should consider this professional-grade hair clipper from Oster.

Key Features

  • Maybe the most durable beard and hair trimmer you’ll find on the planet.
  • Break-resistant housing
  • Includes detachable blades (#000 and #1)


  • Brand: Oster
  • Model: Classic 76

12. Philips Norelco – QP2520/70 OneBlade, Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver

Philips Norelco - QP2520/70 OneBlade, Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver

This trimmer from Philips Norelco belongs to the hybrid family of facial hair devices that allows you to easily trim hair and beards of nearly every length, but also get a close shave, that while not down to the skin, provides for that beautiful stubble look. With the One-Blade system, the electric groomer trims, edges and shaves. Available with a replacement blade that lasts roughly four months, the trimmer will allow for up to a 3mm close shave. Its head is fully washable and includes a contour following head that moves with the slopes of your face.

Key Features

  • Fast moving 200x per second blade
  • 3 click-on combs provide for various length beard trims
  • Use it wet, dry , or with foam.


  • Brand: Philips Norelco
  • Model: QP2520/70 OneBlade, Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver
  • Battery run-time: 45 minutes

13. Bevel – Beard Trimmer

Bevel - Beard Trimmer

Upon first seeing this trimmer from relative newcomer Bevel, I was a tad confused. Where are all the fancy buttons? How do you adjust the length? How is this beard trimmer so impossibly beautiful? Bevel is the grooming products brand of Walker and Company who have dedicated themselves to creating some of the most beautiful and functional men’s grooming products in the world. With an incredible 8 hours of battery run-time and nearly 180 days of standby time, this gorgeous beast of a beard trimmer is ideally suited for both barbershop and at-home grooming needs. The desired hair-length can be adjusted using the finely integrated dial. Any blade-adjustment is just a thumb-turn away.

And although other features like staying cool during prolonged use due to intelligent manufacturing and comfortable non-slip handling are definitely worth a mention, what’s undeniable is that this may well be the world’s best-looking beard trimmer.

Key Features

  • Corded or cordless operation
  • Includes blade, blade oil, microfiber bag, brush and charger.
  • Stays cooler than most competing beard trimmers during use.


  • Brand: Bevel
  • Model: Beard Trimmer
  • Battery run-time: 8 hours!

14. Wahl – Model 9870-100 Vacuum Trimmer

Wahl - Model 9870-100 Vacuum Trimmer

Remember when I told you all about some cool convenience features that manufacturers are now including in their hair buzzing devices? One of those is of-course, a built-in vacuum. And while the product image that Wahl decided to use for this particular trimmer is let’s just say, less than appealing, it is one of the main features of this device. The built-in vacuum captures 99% of facial hair that you trim and makes for infinitely easier post-beard-trimming clean-up. With carbon-precision ground blades that can be removed quickly for cleaning, this Wahl device is the ultimate neat-freak’s beard trimmer.

Additionally, the device includes 12 individual high-performance guide combs that allow for lengths from 1/32″ to 3/8″, and a rotary nose/ear attachment along with an executive travel case. Given its low price, this Wahl beard trimmer with a built-in vacuum is a fantastic choice for any man.

Key Features

  • 22 cutting lengths with 12 individual and a 10-position adjustable guide comb.
  • Includes a nose/ear trimmer head.
  • Mustache and beard comb included
  • Vacuum sucks up trimmer hair.


  • Brand: Wahl
  • Model: 9870-100 Vacuum Trimmer
  • Battery run-time: 90 minutes

15. Remington – MB6850 Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer

Remington - MB6850 Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer

Another finely engineered and innovative beard trimmer design comes on the back of this Remington MB6850 model that collects up to 95% of trimmed hairs. It’s a full-sized trimmer with a washable chamber for collecting all your furry whiskers as they are cut away from your face. While the eleven length settings aren’t the top in class, the self-sharpening blades and ninety-minute run-time more than make up for that minor deficiency. Additionally, the washable blades are designed to be removed and easy to rinse clean using your faucet. This Remington beard trimmer isn’t exactly small, in fact, it may be one of the larger ones on this list, but if you’ve got larger hands, you won’t mind. The added bonus, of course, is a pretty high run-time due to the larger than a standard battery.

Key Features

  • Vacuum captures 95% of clipped hair
  • 11 length settings
  • Washable blades


  • Brand: Remington
  • Model: MB6850 Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer
  • Battery run-time: 90 minutes

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