About WornSimple

Simple, clean, minimalistic style. Knowing exactly what to put in, but more importantly, what to leave out. At Worn Simple, we appreciate good design. We are admirers of Bauhaus, devotees of Mid-Century Modern, and big fans of clean lines.

We are constantly looking for pieces that won’t take over your style but rather reveal who you are. Minimalistic design is about being enough. Not less. Not more. But exactly what should be.

As the world continually looks to sell you more garish ways to draw attention to an embellished self, we want to suggest that you are enough. And, that you only need to add subtle pieces to your appearance to reveal the character within. These things you wear should be a reflection of you, an easy fit. Unobtrusive, simple to wear, worn simple.

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Our Team

Sebastian Arciszewski


An enthusiast of all things minimalist. I love simple design and am always looking for an aesthetic that complements how an item works. I’ve been making things on the Internet since 1996, but I’ve grown particularly interested in the design of everyday products such as apparel, bags, EDC gear, and other well-made products. I want to find the best products in the world and share them with you while adhering to the principle that design is not just how a thing looks, rather it’s also how a thing works. I also write a weekly podcast discovery newsletter and you can find me at sebastian_a

Jacob Thompson

Staff writer

As a keen outdoorsman and a lover of all things tech, I’m always interested in finding products that allow us to interact with our environment in new ways. Whether it’s a pair of the latest waterproof walking boots or a sophisticated aeronautical watch, I’m fascinated by highly engineered designs that ultimately arrive in the world with a minimalist aesthetic.

As a writer by trade, the process of conceptualization and realization is key to my work, and so I love to see how these modes of thought transfer to the real world in the realms of pop culture and technology. That’s also why I have a particular interest in sci-fi – after all, so many elements of contemporary minimalism have been inspired by our imagined glimpses of far-flung futures, and it’s our cultural imagination that continues to chart the evolution of our design sensibilities today.

Peggy Leon

Staff writer

Peggy is an experienced content writer driven by minimalist living.  She takes pride in providing the best content on simplicity and minimalism in all facets of life. She contributes to various sites, including Worn Simple, where she shares guides and reviews on fashion, gear, and furniture while focusing on beautiful craftsmanship, materials, and quality design.

David West

Staff writer

Steven Spicer

Steven Spicer

Staff writer

A twenty-something writer with a passion for functional aesthetics and individuality. Here, I write mostly about men’s fashion, with an emphasis on things that are designed to work well but also build a keen sense of style upon that core functionality. 

I believe that design should serve a purpose first then aesthetics should be moulded around that purpose – as an extension of it, not just in the interest of adding something ‘special’. The best design approaches function as an art and form as a craft, not the other way around.  

When I’m not writing here at Worn Simple, I’m usually spending my days on long hikes, river journeys, or enjoying a nice craft beer with friends in a quiet beer garden.