7 Minimalist Watches Under $200

The trick has never been about finding a watch under $200. There are so many watches available in the lower price bracket that accomplishing this feat may seem like an easy undertaking. However, the problem is actually one of an abundance of terribly designed trash. Finding a good watch, designed well, at a lower price is a challenge. As technology continues to make complex manufacturing simpler, it’s often the design part that is the sticking point. The watch works well enough, but so often is garish and ugly as hell. This is our list of manufacturers who have done it well. They didn’t forget that folks will be looking at what you wear on your wrist and that you might want it to elicit compliments and not morbid curiosity.

1. Daniel Wellington – Cornwall

Daniel Wellington - Cornwall

It’s fancy and casual. I don’t know that I would wear this with a suit, but I might. This timepiece is brilliant, but it has a nylon NATO strap. Which, oddly, I like. I just don’t know how to feel about this timepiece overall, but I sorta like that. The face is simple white with silver accents and a silver steel case. The strap is black and fixed with a silver steel buckle. It’s a brilliant minimalist watch.

Key Features

  • Japanese Quartz Movement
  • NATO Strap
  • 3ATM Water resistant


  • Brand: Daniel Wellington
  • Model: Cornwall
  • Case size: 40mm

2. Void – V03B

Void - V03B

Can something be extra minimalist? If that’s a thing, this is the thing that is. Simple white face, no seconds hand, and two digit number markers from zero to fifty-five. This is a gorgeous timepiece. A matte stainless steel case paired with a Swedish Natural Tanned Black leather strap that will age beautifully over time. Despite being less than $200, this watch is meant to be worn for the long-term.

Key Features

  • Japan Quartz Miyota Movement
  • Swedish Black, Vegetable Tan Leather Strap
  • 5 ATM Water Resistant


  • Brand: Void
  • Model: V03B
  • Case size: 38mm

3. Withings Steel – Activity & Sleep Watch

Withings Steel – Activity & Sleep Watch

It’s a smartwatch, but it doesn’t look futuristic or trendy or tacky. In fact, it looks beautifully minimalistic and simple. And, it does activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, and lets you know how near you are to your goals all with an unobtrusive second dial. It’s quite literally the activity tracking watch for people with a keen sense of Bauhaus style. No one will know you’re wearing an activity tracker, it’s a watch I would wear without the fancy features. Oh, and it’s under $200.

Key Features

  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Stainless Steel Casing
  • 8 Month single cell battery life
  • Chrome hands, silicone strap


  • Brand: Withings
  • Model: Steel – Activity & Sleep Watch
  • Case size: 36mm

4. Breda – Visser Watch – Brown

Breda - Visser Watch - Brown

A gorgeous simple timepiece named for famed abstract-minimalist artist Carel Nicolaas Visser. It has a square, 35mm face with rounded corners and a brushed dial, and never fails to attract attention. A stitchless leather band secures the watch, offering a timeless feel and an of-the-moment aesthetic.

Key Features

  • Japanese Quartz movement
  • Brown leather strap
  • 316 L Stainless steel case


  • Brand: Breda
  • Model: Visser Watch Brown
  • Case size: 35mm

5. Bulova – 98H51 Calendar Strap Watch

Bulova - 98H51 Calendar Strap Watch

This iconic American watchmaker started out in 1875, and while not the official NASA first watch on the moon, it was mission commander David Scott’s personal backup that broke out when his Omega crystal popped off! A timepiece that sold after for $1.6 million. And yet despite all that, they still make affordable Swiss watches. This particular model is a brilliantly simple minimalist watch that eschews complicated displays for a perfect, no-nonsense appearance. The rose gold-toned case also gives it a little something more than the stainless steel variety.

Key Features

  • Quality Japanese-quartz movement
  • Mineral crystal
  • Stainless-steel case; white dial; date function
  • 3 ATM water resistance


  • Brand: Bulova
  • Model: 98H51 Calendar Strap Watch
  • Case size: 37mm

6. Ambassador – Heritage 1921 Watch

Ambassador - Heritage 1921 Watch

This timepiece is an instant classic. Using the pieces found in Art Deco 1921, this piece eschews the often ornate look of the time, for a more minimalist feel, which even then had a core group of admirers. Silver stainless steel casing, two textured white face, with simple silver indices and hands with a brown, genuine leather, strap. It’s minimalist design for just under $200 and nothing about this watch is cheap.

Key Features

  • Japanese Quartz Movement 
  • Clous de Paris dial texture
  • 3 ATM water resistance


  • Brand: Ambassador
  • Model: Heritage 1921
  • Case size: 40mm

7. Eoniq – Alster Lite

Eoniq - Alster Lite

The folks at Eoniq are big on having you customize your watch to be just perfect for you. With the Alster Lite, there is not a whole lot of tweaking that needs doing. Based on traditional German minimalist design, I prefer this piece with the white face and subtle silver markers. The genuine leather strap, appropriately, ages and becomes more beautiful with character as time passes. What more could you possible what them to do to this fine piece of work?

Key Features

  • Genuine calf leather by Swiss supplier
  • Laser engraved at the back of the watch
  • Citizen Quartz Movement


  • Brand: Eoniq
  • Model: Alster Lite
  • Case size: 40mm

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