21 Modern & Minimalist Wall Clocks You’ll Want in Your Home

Sure, a lot of the time, we now simply look at our phones, Apple Watches, or simply yell Alexa… what time is it? But that doesn’t mean that what is traditionally known as a wall clock is out of style. Quite the opposite, wall clocks are making a major comeback, and it’s almost entirely due to the fact that timepiece designers have decided to step up their game and apply their skills to producing wall clocks that can not only complement but also enhance any space in your home or office. But when picking a wall clock, make sure to think about your surrounding decor, including your floor lamps.

That said, I decided it would be a good idea to take a look at what I believe are some of the most incredibly beautiful, minimalist and modern wall clocks that can earn their keep amongst the rest of your stylish and chic decor.

1. Mondaine SBB A990 Railways Wall Clock With White Dial

Mondaine SBB A990 Railways Wall Clock With White Dial

Perhaps one of the most recognizable clock dials in the world continues to stand the test of time. And while for a long time the only place you could see it was in Swiss and European railway stations, now you can own this incredibly classic Mondaine wall clock in your home. Designed in 1944, the goal of this clock face was to create the ultimate in readability. Made using high-quality materials such as Swiss Quartz movement, a brushed stainless steel case and hardnened mineral crystal for the glass, this wall clock is a welcome addition to any space.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel case
  • Dust resistant
  • 100% Authentic Mondaine clock
  • Manufactured in Switzerland


  • Brand: Mondaine
  • Model: A990 Clock 16SBB Wall Clock White Dial
  • Case Diameter: 25cm

2. Henning Koppel – Wall Clock 30cm

Henning Koppel - Wall Clock 30cm

This wall clock sure proves that all good clock design is not exclusive to the Scandinavians. This stunningly beautiful wall clock with a modern and appealing graphic minimalism is available in four different colours, including black, turquoise, an almost salmon red, and canary yellow. With a simple face punctuated by a cutout to display the current hour and a contrasting minute hand, this wall clock produces a classic and timeless appearance that will class up any home or office. Sure, it’s not the cheapest wall clock you’ll find here, but that’s kind of the point? Quality demands a certain price point and you’ll hardly go wrong with this gorgeous wall clock.

Key Features

  • Non-ticking Quartz movement
  • Uses a AA battery
  • Available in four colours


  • Brand: Xin Hai Yuan
  • Model: Minimalist Wall Clock
  • Size: 12″

3. Oak Delta Wall Clock

Oak Delta Wall Clock

The Oak Delta Wall Clock is a brilliant piece of design work done by two Danish architects, who conceptualized a clock that is designed to mimic and take inspiration from sun dials which, as we all know, tell time with shadows. It’s not readily visible from a straight-on view, but this clock has folded surfaces including the edges that when exposed to sunlight, produce different shadow effects.

Key Features

  • Made of solid untreated oak wood.
  • Manufactured in Poland
  • 12-inch diameter
  • Runs silently


  • Brand: Lawa
  • Model: Oak Delta Wall Clock

4. Shemuyu – Modern Decorative Pendulum Wall Clock

Shemuyu - Modern Decorative Pendulum Wall Clock

Moving away from the traditional circular or square clock face, the Shemuyu clock is designed in the spirit of Grandfather clocks that use a pendulum to denote the passage of seconds. The big difference here being that this pendulum clock is silent and won’t add any unnecessary noise or anxiety to your already overloaded mind. Battery operated and available in three different color schemes this gorgeous wall clock is made of 100% solid, knot-free wood with the clock hands made of a darker walnut wood. The back cover of the clock as well as the pendulum is made of a gorgeous brushed stainless steel. I personally would buy the white version of this wall clock in a heartbeat.

Key Features

  • Silent operation
  • Swinging pendulum denotes passages of seconds.
  • Made of 100% solid wood


  • Brand: Shemuyu
  • Model: Modern Decorative Pendulum Wall Clock
  • Dimensions: 26.4″ x 5.3″ x 1.8″

5. Jacobsen – Bankers Wall Clock

Jacobsen - Bankers Wall Clock

The only way to give this wall clock some semblance of justice is to show it to you from two angles as I have in the image above. The Jacobsen Bankers Wall Clock is an absolutely stunning piece of design work by infamous Danish designer Arne Jacobsen. Available in three wildly different sizes, this wall clock is truly a piece of art and as you can see, is one of the more unique time pieces on this list. Its concave glass front gives the entire clock the appearance of hovering on the wall producing an almost eerie effect.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel and glass construction
  • Runs on a single AA battery.
  • A perfect gift for wedding anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions.


  • Brand: Rosendahl
  • Model: Jacobsen Bankers Wall Clock
  • Dimensions: Available in 8.3″, 11.4″ and 18.9″ diameters. 

6. Lemnos – Mono Clock White

Lemnos - Mono Clock White

Made by Japanese company Lemnos, which produces a wide variety of fine wall and desk clocks in a variety of minimalist and not-so minimalist styles. Out of the dozens that I looked at, this simple clock with black hands stood out to me. It’s a clean design with crisp typeface which is aligned with various Japanese design such as purity and simplicity. What I perhaps like the most about this wall clock is that while it has a design that is unique, it will certainly easily blend nicely with most decor because it essentially doesn’t cry out for attention. Using a SEIKO silent movement, is the cherry on this subtle, silent and beautiful wall clock.

Key Features

  • Wood, glass and metal construction
  • Hand-made in Japan
  • SEIKO silent movement.


  • Brand: Lemnos
  • Model: Mono Clock White
  • Dimensions: 10.63″ x 10.59″ x 2.52″

7. Nordic Minimalist Wall Clock

Nordic Minimalist Wall Clock

Not every room or space requires a wall clock with primary or stark colours. Sometimes you want something a bit more subtle. That’s where this Nordic Minimalist wall clock comes into play. Still designed to be a minimalist and modern looking clock, this Scandinavian decor inspired clock is available in four different soft pastel colours. It’s a medium sized clock so it’s not over-bearing and can be shipped for free worldwide.

Key Features

  • Available in 4 pastel colours
  • Made of composite materials
  • 1 X AA battery required


  • Brand: Staunton & Henry
  • Model: Nordic Minimalist Wall Clock
  • Dimensions: 26cm diameter

8. Countryside Style Metal Wall Clock

Countryside Style Metal Wall Clock

If you’re looking for something really out of the ordinary, then perhaps this vintage metal and glass wall clock is your sort of thing. Featuring a completely silent quartz movement, it’s not only minimalist in looks, but harkens back to an era we tend to attribute a fair bit of nostalgia to. With three hands and a gorgeous teal casing, this clock is available in a 12-inch size. A charming addition to any room or space, the large black numbers against the cream retro dial face make for easy time-telling.

Key Features

  • Metal frame with glass cover
  • Silent operation
  • Easy to see the time from any angle


  • Brand: YAVIS
  • Model: Countryside Style Metal Wall Clock
  • Dimensions: 12.4″ x 12.4″ x 2.36″

9. Braun Classic Analog Quartz Wall Clock

Braun Classic Analog Quartz Wall Clock

From the infamous minds of German industrial designers, Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs comes another classic looking wall clock from Braun. With a bold white face and larger black hand dials and hour and minute markers, some may not consider this to be a purely minimalist wall clock, but I think it’s simple and elegant enough to be included on this list. The matte case and dial is very nice and the clock is topped off with quiet German precision quartz movement. With a 201mm diameter, it’s a relatively small wall clock that would make for a perfect fit in a small room or the kitchen.

Key Features

  • Plastic and acrylic construction
  • Analog quartz movement
  • Matte case and dial finish


  • Brand: Braun
  • Model: BNC006BKBK Classic Analog Quartz Wall Clock
  • Dimensions: 20 centimetre diameter

10. Society6 – White Minimalist Wall Clock

Society6 - White Minimalist Wall Clock

This is the kind of aesthetically stark and modern wall clock that is both affordable and stylish. Let’s imagine for a moment that you’ve been charged with getting a stylish wall clock for an office or larger space that requires more than one clock, but you’re on a tight budget. This is exactly the type of clock you might want to consider. Available in a wood frame, white frame, or black frame with the option of changing the hand colours between white or black, this clock is fairly customizable. Made with high-impact, premium shatter resistant materials, the Society 6 minimalist wall clock makes for a gorgeous traditional timepiece that serves as functional wall decor.

Key Features

  • Natural wood, black or white frame options
  • Black or white hands to match
  • High-impact plexiglass face


  • Brand: Society6
  • Model: White Minimalist Wall Clock
  • Dimensions: 10″ diameter

11. Umbra – Stainless Steel Ribbon Wall Clock

Umbra - Stainless Steel Ribbon Wall Clock

Available in five different metal colour finishes, this Ribbon clock from Umbra is made of stainless steel and is designed to operate silently while it adorns practically any room in your home. My only wish is that the designers would have sought the wisdom to remove the small Umbra logo on the clock’s face. But I guess there is no such thing as a perfect wall clock.

Key Features

  • Lightweight stainless steel construction
  • Non-ticking, quiet Quartz movement
  • Available in five colour options


  • Brand: Umbra
  • Model: Stainless Steel Ribbon Wall Clock

12. Arne Jacobsen – Roman Wall Clock

Arne Jacobsen - Roman Wall Clock

I literally love every single thing about this wall clock. From the solid matte white dial to the elegance and minimalism of the entire object, as well as the fantastic and simple name. Born out of a design that was originally made for a town hall in 1942, this clock is available in four sizes and is completely faithful to the original design drawings.

Key Features

  • Aluminum and glass construction
  • Concave glass front give the clock appearance as if though its hovering on the wall


  • Brand: Arne Jacobsen
  • Model: Roman Wall Clock

13. Eki Sapporo Station Clock

Eki Sapporo Station Clock

It would seem that there is plenty of evidence to suggest that some of the very best wall clock designs to ever exist had as their origins, train stations. That’s probably because the designers of these train station clocks were often tasked with designing clocks that were easy to read from a distance and presented next to no ambiguity. Such is the case with this Japanese clock inspired by Takenobu Igarashi’s Hokkaido’s Sapporo station clock. This beautiful wall clock features a blocky dials and even minute markers encased in a slick aluminum frame.

Key Features

  • Aluminum frame
  • Glass front
  • Runs on a single AA battery


  • Brand: MoMA
  • Model: Eki Sapporo Station Clock
  • Dimensions: 10″ diameter

14. Umbra – Ribbonwood Large Modern Wall Clock

Umbra - Ribbonwood Large Modern Wall Clock

This starburst style wall clock from decor giant Umbra uses a gentle wood bending technique to create an eye-catching design that will complement many rooms. Available in a Natural wood finish as well as a stained Aged Walnut finish, the curves and simplicity of this wall clock make for a stunning look. The soft curves create delightful shadows on your wall and add a nice modern and natural touch to your decor. As with a lot of modern wall clocks, this Umbra timepiece features a non-ticking silent quartz movement that is maintenance-free.

Key Features

  • Available in two wood finishes
  • Made of bent beechwood
  • Silent Quartz movement


  • Brand: Umbra
  • Model: Ribbonwood Wall Clock
  • Dimensions: 20.25″ diameter

15. Jacobsen – City Hall Clock

Jacobsen - City Hall Clock

Designed by Arne Jacobsen designed for Rødovre City Hall in 1956, the City Hall Wall Clock is a gorgeous white-faced clock whose design has now been acquired by Danish retailer Rosendahl. Made with a Stainless Steel construction and a concave glass front, this clock also gives the appearance of hovering on the wall. Simple, clean, and classic, the grey circles for designating minutes along with bold black lines that designate the hour numerals make for a classic Jacobsen design and can make a dramatic statement in both commercial and residential spaces.

Key Features

  • Aluminum case, flat mineral glass crystal
  • Quartz movement
  • Designed in 1956


  • Brand: Rosendahl
  • Model: Jacobsen City Hall Wall Clock
  • Dimensions: 11.5″ diameter

16. Thomson – Bi-Color Plywood Clock

Thomson - Bi-Color Plywood Clock

From the mind of Japanese designer Yuichi Nara who is responsible for a wide range of gorgeous clocks you can adorn your walls with, comes this very nicely constructed wooden plywood clock. Clean, round and die-cut numbers that show through a darker wood for contrast make for a very beautiful time-piece. Powered with a single AA battery and running on a silent mechanism every part of this clock is designed for high legibility and time-telling with a gorgeous wooden frame.

Key Features

  • Made primarily of wood and plastic
  • Designed in 2010
  • Japanese made


  • Brand: Lemnos
  • Model: Thomson

17. Timelike – 3D Clock Hands

Timelike - 3D Clock Hands

As we get closer to the bottom of this list of fine, modern, and minimalist clocks, I wanted to throw in a clock that works both on its own as something you can simply throw on the wall and still make for a fine simple clock, but also works as more of a DIY clock. What I mean by that is that this clock has, as you can see, an open design, with literally just the minute and hour hands. If you’re the DIY type, you can arrange any set of numbers or items around these hands as long as they clear the larger minute hand.

Key Features

  • Made of aluminum
  • Open design
  • Minute hand extends out 24.3cm from the middle of the clock.


  • Brand: Timelike
  • Model: 3D Clock Hands

18. Kieragrace Watch Wall Clock

Kieragrace Watch Wall Clock

I’m not going to be able to tell you much about this clock. That’s because the product description everywhere I’ve found tells me nothing about it. That said, I still felt like I needed to include this clock from Kiera Grace. Its sunken face using the elements of the aluminum or steel, plastic, or whatever material they are using to create this clock, makes for an incredibly unique clock face. I love the interplay between the big red face of this wall clock and the silver hands and casing.

Key Features

  • Aluminum maybe or plastic?
  • Glass cover
  • Quartz movement


  • Brand: Kiera Grace
  • Model: Wall Clock
  • Diameter: 12″

19. The Haki – Decorative Wall Clock

The Haki - Decorative Wall Clock

This simple, faux-leather faced wall clock from TheHaki is a great polished, modern, and simple wall clock that is available in a whopping 9 different colour combinations. This means it should be rather easy to match any wall colour or surrounding decor choices you may have made. Perfect for a bedroom, classroom or office, the artificial leather face provides for a nice texture while remaining true to its minimalist styling.

Key Features

  • PU Leather construction
  • Runs a silent non-ticking time mechanism
  • Requires one AA battery


  • Brand: TheHaki
  • Model: Decorative Wall Clock

20. La Chic – Numbers Clock

La Chic - Numbers Clock

Bold, yet simple. This Numbers Clock from La Chic certainly makes a point of making a statement. That said, as soon as you click through on the links above, you’ll happily see that the clock comes in a huge variety of different colour combinations. Add to that the fact that you can customize both the frame and hand colour of most of these combos makes for a very attractive and frankly very affordable wall clock. Made out of natural wood, black or white frames this 10″ diameter sized wall clock will feel right at home in almost any space.

Key Features

  • Wood, aluminum construction.
  • Plexiglass crystal face
  • Backside hook for easy hanging


  • Brand: La Chic
  • Model: Numbers Clock
  • Dimensions: 10 inch diameter

21. Hito Modern Silent Wall Clock

Hito Modern Silent Wall Clock

People are often off-put by the ticking sound that many modern wall clocks make. And can you blame them? If you like to run a quiet household, that sounds can be downright penetrating and eventually grating. With four beautiful colour options, the Hito Modern Silent Wall Clock solves that problem with a sweeping movement that is completely silent. Large numbers and hands will let you see the time easily from nearly any distance, and the built-in thermometer and hygrometer (for measuring humidity) are just downright useful.

Key Features

  • Aluminum frame construction
  • Temperature and Humidity sensors built-in
  • Glass cover


  • Brand: None
  • Model: B93Box Cuckoo Wall Clock
  • Dimensions: Height: 15.7″ x Width: 10.6″ x Depth: 3.5″

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