18 Gorgeous & Modern Bedside Lamps

The modern bedside lamp offers a soft, non-invasive light overnight or when simply sitting in bed while reading or perusing your iPad. The convenient arm’s length light illuminates your reading area before you retire in bed. It gives you the freedom to work or do few things in bed without disturbing your partner or your sleep mood. But not all bedside lamps are made equal. Some are simply more beautiful and more useful than others. 

We’ve covered some of the best desk lamps in the world, but in this buying guide, we look at some unique and amazing modern bedside lamps. We’ve narrowed our sample based on size, convenience, safety, style, and energy efficiency. More so, we want to give you options on how you can complement your home décor with a functional yet gorgeous table lamp. But first, let’s answer the top 5 questions many buyers ask about bedside table lamps.

What Is The Best Bedside Reading Lamp?

An ideal bedside reading lamp should have the following features to make your study, reading or relaxation time enjoyable:

  • Ample brightness to illuminate your space.
  • Soft enough to protect your eyes and retain your sleep cycle with the right colour temperature (the warmer, the better in most cases)
  • Dimmers and angled bulbs offer precision lighting ideal for reading
  • Flicker-free light with multiple light modes
  • A multi-purpose lamp that can serve as a bookrest
  • LED light technology that is safe on books (no risk of a fire hazard)
  • Added USB ports for your phone charging and other electronics
  • Fit or ideally complement the decor of your bedroom 

How Tall Should Bedside Lamps be?

Ideally, somewhere between 24 to 27 inches.

Can Bedside Lamps Be Taller Than The Headboard?

Yes. But, ensure that it is in line with the theme of the room, how you want to use it, proportionate to the bedside table and lampshade, and project light away from your eyes.

How Many Lumens Do You Need For A Bedside Lamp?

A bedside lamp’s lumens determine how bright or dim the room shall be when you turn on your light. You want an ample yet soft beam that is appropriate for the size of your bedroom. Hence, opt for a bedside lamp with 25 to 50 lumens per square meter.

Should You Have Matching Bedside Lamps?

In most cases, yes, though we’ve seen some creative setups with non-matching bedside lamps that can look fantastic as well. It’s all about how much you care about the decor of your bedroom. Sometimes couples prefer different bedside lamp styles or the type and intensity of light they output. 

1. Joss & Main 25″ Standard Table Lamp

Joss & Main 25" Standard Table Lamp

When you prefer a nice soft glow for your modern farmhouse-style bedroom, the Joss & Main 25″ Standard Table Lamp is a very nice choice. It is a very well-made, space-conscious lamp for residential use. This lamp features a linen shade and concrete base in three versatile colour combinations. It is the kind of understated accent that gives your space into a contemporary finish.

Key Features

  • A minimalist bedside lamp with an ambient light direction
  • 30-day limited manufacturer warranty
  • CSA Certified for safety


  • Brand: Joss & Main 
  • Design: Standard
  • Base Material: Concrete
  • Bulb: One E26/Medium (Standard), 100 Watts Max, Non-Dimmable
  • Shade: Linen Drum
  • Switch Type: ON/OFF Rocker
  • Cord: 72″ Silver
  • Colour: Light Gray, Medium Gray or Black Matte Base; Ivory, Gray or Taupe Shade

2. Mid Century USB Task Lamp

Mid Century USB Task Lamp

The Mid Century USB Task Lamp is a vintage bedside lamp with a built-in USB port at the base and energy-efficient LED lighting mounted on the antique brass finished metal pull chain and detailing. Indeed, you no longer need a charging block to move around with your lamp. Hence, you can switch from your family room, work desk to your bedside and add some dimmable smart bulbs for the right ambiance.

Key Features

  • A vintage bedside lamp with a built-in USB port
  • It needs no charging block
  • Compatible with dimmable smart bulbs
  • Retails as an individual or a set of 2


  • Brand: West Elm 
  • Design: Mid-Century
  • Base Material: Powder-Coated Iron
  • Bulb: One E26 Standard Light, Max 60 watts
  • Shade: Antique Brass
  • Switch Type: ON-OFF Button
  • Cord: 6″ Clear PVC
  • Colour: White, Black

3. Latitude Run® Anwan 6.3″ Natural Wood Bedside Table Lamp

Latitude Run® Anwan 6.3" Natural Wood Bedside Table Lamp

The right accent lamp can transform a regular living space or bedroom into an elegant master suite. And, if you prefer a touch of modernity, then this table lamp from Latitude Run is an ideal option for your home office, living room, hallway, or shelving unit in the dining area. Indeed, this accent lamp features a natural wooden base and a compact square frosted glass shade that exudes a distinct look. It is the kind of lamp that blends in naturally with your Scandinavian, contemporary, mid-century, or Asian-inspired décor.

Key Features

  • A minimalistic accent lamp for instant style
  • Natural wooden base and frosted glass shade
  • Easy to use, eco-friendly, energy-efficient


  • Brand: Latitude Run® 
  • Design: Compact & Contemporary
  • Base Material: Metal with Natural Wood Finish
  • Bulb: One E26/Medium (Standard), Max 40 watts
  • Shade: White Square Frosted Glass
  • Switch Type: In Line
  • Cord: 0.5″ White
  • Colour: White

4. Boncoo Touch Control Table Lamp

Boncoo Touch Control Table Lamp

Do you wake up at night to feed the baby and have to fumble in the dark to locate the light switch? The Boncoo Touch Control Table Lamp is a vintage and industrial-looking modern bedside lamp with a modern touch for a stress-free night. Yes, the lamp includes a touch feature that allows you to tap and switch on or adjust the brightness by up to three levels. It is a noiseless operation that will not wake up anybody else in the room. The lamp uses a classic antique base for sturdiness and a padded bottom to protect your bedside table.

Key Features

  • A vintage Edison lamp with an old-fashioned, rustic look
  • 3-way dimming function, touch control
  • Uses a padded bottom to prevent slipping or scratching furniture


  • Brand: Boncoo 
  • Design: Minimalistic
  • Base Material: Touch Vintage Lamp Base
  • Bulb: One E26 Standard Light, Max 60 watts, Dimmable
  • Shade: Round Wrought Iron
  • Switch Type: Tap, Touch
  • Cord: Corded Electric
  • Colour: Black

5. Piccola 14″ Table Lamp

Piccola 14" Table Lamp

This product is a timeless table lamp that features a halogen bulb mounted on a 5-inch leather base and a silver-coated aluminum shade. It is a distinct-looking lamp that gives you up to 10,000 hours of illumination. More so, you can dim or tilt the light to any angle for a better view of what you are doing. This lamp retails in at least six versatile colour themes to blend in with any modern home or office décor.

Key Features

  • A lightweight, small bedside lamp with a tiltable lambskin base
  • Can tilt to any angle
  • Ideal for residential and non-residential use


  • Brand: Pablo Designs 
  • Design: Novelty
  • Base Material: Italian Glove Leather
  • Bulb: One T4 Standard Bulb, Max 35 watts, Dimmable
  • Shade: Silver-Coated, Aluminum Shade
  • Switch Type: Dimmer
  • Cord: 96″ Gray Corded Electric
  • Available colours: Black, Tangerine, Ivory, Mustard, Purple, Red

6. HUGOAI – Smart Table Lamp

HUGOAI - Smart Table Lamp

If your home uses smart appliances, the HugoAi Dimmable RGBW Bedside Lamps for Bedrooms is an ideal addition to your home. It is a smart bedside lamp that can light up using up to 16 million colour combinations at the touch of a button. Using the accompanying App, the lamp can shift from few dimmable whites to limitless colour combination possibilities. In turn, it has versatile uses, including nursery night lighting, standard bedside lamp, or table lamp.

Key Features

  • LED smart bedside table lamp
  • Support 2.4GHz WiFi only
  • Stepless dimming
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartLife
  • Has a remote control with App for iOS and android


  • Brand: HUGOAI 
  • Design: Modern
  • Base Material: Cylinder Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Bulb: 256 LED Lights, Max 6 watts, Dimmable
  • Shade: Cylinder Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Switch Type: Remote Control
  • Cord: Corded Electric
  • Colour: White

7. Simple Designs LD1036-BLK, Black Bronson Antique Style Industrial Iron Lantern Glass Shade Desk Lamp

Simple Designs LD1036-BLK, Black Bronson Antique Style Industrial Iron Lantern Glass Shade Desk Lamp

This industrial iron lantern glass shade desk lamp features a 40 watts Edison bulb mounted on an iron base and covered with a drum-shaped glass shade. It operates using a push button at the cord for convenient use. Its industrial theme comes out much better when you pair it with vintage bulbs.

Key Features

  • Super stylish yet affordable vintage table lamp
  • Creates a cozy ambiance in the office, bedroom, living room, or college dorm
  • Retails in versatile colour options for décor purposes


  • Brand: Simple Designs 
  • Design: Industrial, Antique
  • Base Material: Iron
  • Bulb: A19 Standard or Type T45 Edison bulb, Max 40 watts, Dimmable
  • Shade: Clear Glass
  • Switch Type: ON-OFF Button
  • Cord: Corded Electric 
  • Available colours: Black, Chrome, Rose Gold, White

8. Miller Ceramic Table Lamp Base, Ivory

Miller Ceramic Table Lamp Base, Ivory

The Miller Ceramic Table Lamp Base is a contemporary lamp that features a glazed ceramic base with an unglazed bottom that creates a rustic effect. Its textured straight-sided shade in sand exudes a raw visual appeal that blends in with any décor. And, its size variations mean you can now choose the ideal illumination as per your limited space.

Key Features

  • A rustic glazed ceramic bedside table lamp with a painted finish
  • Available in small, medium, and large sizes
  • Compatible with 9 W LED bulbs
  • UL-listed


  • Brand: Pottery Barn 
  • Design: Contemporary
  • Base Material: Glazed Ceramic
  • Bulb: One Type A Bulb, Max 60 watts
  • Shade: Textured Straight Sided Shade in Sand
  • Switch Type: ON-OFF Button
  • Cord: 8″ Corded Electric
  • Colour: Ivory

9. Adesso 8021-12 Dune Table Lamp

Adesso 8021-12 Dune Table Lamp

This bedside lamp sports a tall, square paper shade with a textured and neutral colour. The lamp uses a steel pole on a wooden base to create natural accents that give your space an organic feel. Plus, its lighting works well with incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. A lightweight, collapsible shade covers this light, making it convenient to move your lamp around the house.

Key Features

  • A functional bedside lamp compatible with smart outlets
  • Natural wood accent
  • CFL compatible
  • For indoor use only


  • Brand: Adesso 
  • Design: Modern
  • Base Material: Wood, Steel
  • Bulb: One Incandescent Bulb, Max 100 watts
  • Shade: Paper
  • Switch Type: Foot Step Switch, Pull Chain Switch
  • Cord: Wired Electric
  • Colour: Natural

10. Fantasy Fields – Sunny Safari Animals Thematic Kids Table Lamp

Fantasy Fields - Sunny Safari Animals Thematic Kids Table Lamp

Are you searching for a table lamp for your kids’ room? The Fantasy Fields – Sunny Safari Animals Thematic Kids Table Lamp presents your hand-painted Giraffe & Monkey inspirations that will capture your young ones’ attention. Or, opt for the transportation theme that is a favourite with boys.

Key Features

  • A modern kids bedside table lamp
  • Has ample storage for kids’ items
  • Durable, easy to clean


  • Brand: Fantasy Fields 
  • Design: Imaginative, Creative
  • Base Material: MDF
  • Bulb: One Type-A, Max 40 watts
  • Shade: Canvas or Wood
  • Switch Type: IN/OUT
  • Cord: Corded Electric
  • Colour: Multicolored

11. Kira Home Lucerna 13″ Touch Bedside LED Table Lamp

Kira Home Lucerna 13" Touch Bedside LED Table Lamp

Touch bedside lamps get rid of any tangled cords or clumsy switches to offer you lighting by tapping or touching any part of the base. If you enjoy this kind of convenience, the Kira Home Lucerna 13″ Touch Bedside LED Table Lamp is a gorgeous and touch-friendly choice. Its 4 W LED light provides a warm glow at your desk or bedside, while its oil-rubbed bronze finish exudes elegance and unmatched quality.

Key Features

  • A responsive touch bedside lamp
  • Ideal transitional lighting for your hallway, kitchen, bedroom, dining room, or entryway
  • Energy-efficient, eco-friendly


  • Brand: Kira 
  • Design: Transitional
  • Base Material: Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Bulb: Incandescent, LED, CFL
  • Shade: Honey Beige
  • Switch Type: Touch/Tap
  • Cord: Corded Electric
  • Colour: Oil Rubbed Bronze, Honey Beige Shade

12. Tomons Swing Arm Desk Lamp

Tomons Swing Arm Desk Lamp

Oh, sure, they call it a desk lamp, but there’s no question this lamp from Tomons can double as a beautiful and versatile nightstand lamp. The Tomons Swing Arm Desk Lamp is your reading light in the office or at your bedside table. It uses a joint wooden frame that will adjust to any angle or height to suit you. Further, it features an iron lampshade to optimize your reading experience.

Key Features

  • A modern adjustable LED bedside lamp
  • Firm, joint natural wood frame for flexibility
  • Convenient to use and store afterward


  • Brand: Tomons 
  • Design: Classic
  • Base Material: Wood
  • Bulb: Incandescent, LED
  • Shade: Iron
  • Switch Type: ON-OFF Button
  • Cord: Corded Electric
  • Colour: White, Black

13. Giraffa LED Table Lamp

Giraffa LED Table Lamp

The Pablo Designs Giraffa LED Table Lamp is a seamless lamp with cylindrical elements in copper, black, or white finishes. The lamp includes a touch-and-release dimmer at the base, giving you access to full-range dimming control. Further, it uses the simplistic plug-in installation, hence quite easy to assemble and disassemble. A true modern classic, Pablo Designs has created a lamp that resembles a robotic Giraffe and will fit right in with your modern bedroom decor.

Key Features

  • An innovative bedside table lamp with elegant controls and adjustability
  • Includes a base touch dimmer
  • Allows for 360-degree head rotation


  • Brand: Pablo Designs 
  • Design: Innovative
  • Base Material: Aluminum, Steel
  • Bulb: LED
  • Shade: Aluminum, Steel
  • Switch Type: Touch/Tap
  • Cord: Corded Electric
  • Colour: Copper, Black, White

14. Elegant Designs LT1025-TEL Modern Leather White Fabric Shade Table Lamp

Elegant Designs LT1025-TEL Modern Leather White Fabric Shade Table Lamp

Does your bedroom decor include a touch of leather? If so, consider adding this lamp for a modern and stylish finish. Indeed, this elegant nightshade features a white fabric shade covering a 60 W LED bulb that is mounted on a genuine leather-wrapped base. It is the kind of finish that adds pizazz to your bedroom space.

Key Features

  • A modern bedside LED table lamp with a leather-wrapped base
  • Retails in 16 vibrant accents, classic neutrals, and elegant designs
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty


  • Brand: Elegant Designs 
  • Design: Modern
  • Base Material: Leather Wrapped
  • Bulb: Incandescent
  • Shade: White Fabric
  • Switch Type: ON-OFF Button
  • Cord: Corded Electric
  • Available colours: Aqua, Beige, Black, Blue, Blush Pink, Espresso Brown, Gray, Green, Hot Pink, Jet Black, Periwinkle, Pink/White Shade, Red, Tan, Teal, White

15. Brigs 17.5” Table Lamp

Brigs 17.5'' Table Lamp

Finally, if you prefer minimalistic decor with natural accents, the Brigs 17.5″ Table Lamp is your best pick. This lamp features a solid wood base and a white linen drum shade. Its rocker switch, and 60″ translucent cord are both functional and decorative. And, its 60 watts bulb is energy-efficient. A subtle and elegant design that should conform to many bedroom decors that are softer and more subtle in nature.

Key Features

  • A minimalistic bedside LED table lamp
  • UL Listed, CSA Certified
  • No adult assembly required


  • Brand: AllModern 
  • Design: Modern
  • Base Material: Solid Wood
  • Bulb: One E26 Standard Light, Max 60 watts
  • Shade: White Linen Drum
  • Switch Type: Rocker
  • Cord: Corded Electric
  • Colour: Tan, Black, Charcoal, Copper

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