The 10 Best Nose & Ear Hair Trimmers

How is it we end up with so much hair growing out of our nose and ears? It wasn’t there when we were younger. It just sort of turns up one day, often around the same time that the hair on top of our heads starts to decamp for parts unknown. It’s like our body got tired of growing hair in the usual spot and has decided to focus on expanding in new places for a change.

We’ve already talked about some of the best beard trimmers for men, and regardless of when exactly we start growing more nose and ear hair, unless you’re a wizard or a troll, you’re going to want to keep an eye on it and manage it on the regular. 

And, while sure, you could use tweezers and small poky scissors if you’re brave, but for my extra follicles, I’m going electric with skin-safe blades. The ears and nose are sensitive areas, and I don’t want to be jabbing around in there with anything that has the potential to stick me one good. 

So what should you look for?

While I’m never one to be die-hard loyal to brand names, I do find when it comes to electronics, a reputable name means it’s not going to be an utter piece of crap. It generally means the battery (if it comes with one) and the metal components are of a higher quality. That said, because most trimmers are at a lower price point, I’m willing to take more of a chance on a solid looking unknown if I can still afford to buy another if it turns out to be garbage. 

Power Supply

Personally, I like a Double-A battery. I find they last long enough in these low draw appliances, and I can grab a replacement almost anywhere. Plus, I don’t have to worry about packing another cord (why can’t all devices use the same sort of cord?)


If I could have one tool that did all things, that would be amazing. I really don’t want a utility belt, so for me, I’m going to go with something that swaps heads and clippers more than one body part. That said, if you have room for a few tools, some trimmers just do noses really well, and are totally worth a look. (I’ve included a few of them in my list below.)

So without further ado, these are my top 10 picks for nose and ear hair trimmers.

1. Wahl Lighted Ear, Nose & Brow Trimmer Clipper

Wahl Lighted Ear, Nose & Brow Trimmer Clipper

It’s hard to go wrong with Wahl. They’ve been operating in the trimmer space for a good long time, and they make high-quality products. This detailer has two trimming heads. One is rotary-style for getting in tight in the nose and ears, the other is reciprocating to clean up those messy brows. And, unless you’re actually Gandalf, wiry out of control brows ain’t cool either.

What’s great is that this cropper uses stainless steel blades (pretty standard), but it’s also got a two-hour run time off a single charge. So, provided you’re not Bigfoot, you should be able to use it several times before ever needing to charge it again. Also, Bigfoot, don’t touch your hair, you’re perfect the way you are! The detachable heads are also super easy to clean. Pop them off and run them under a tap and you’re good to go.

Key Features

  • 2 included cutting heads
  • Wahl has a serious trimmer pedigree
  • Reciprocating detail head for ears & detailing
  • Integrated mini-spotlight
  • Eyebrow guide and protective cap


  • Brand: Wahl
  • Model: Lighted Ear, Nose & Brow Trimmer Clipper 

2. Liberex Nose Hair Trimmer

Liberex Nose Hair Trimmer

This Liberex makes the list because it’s a great little compact option. Toss it in your travel bag and forget about it until your nose-bush is in need of a proper weed-whacking. It only has the one rotating head, but it still does a decent job on the eyebrow touch-ups. I also love that they went with a single double-A battery power option. I find it much more convenient not to have to bring extra cords in my travel kit. And, if you want to up your environmental cred, buy a rechargeable double-A and throw it in there. The Liberex sports the standard stainless steel blades, it’s lightweight, and it runs pretty quiet. It almost sounds like a lady’s vibrator. And, while it’s just as effective, it’s probably not quite as much fun.

Key Features

  • Double-A battery powered
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight with no extra cords


  • Brand: Liberex
  • Model: Nose Hair Trimmer

3. PHILIPS Norelco Ear & Nose Trimmer

PHILIPS Norelco Ear & Nose Trimmer

If you’re not a fan of the idea of shoving a stainless steel cylinder up your nose and hoping for the best, the Philips Norelco is probably more your speed. It’s an angled reciprocal trimmer that’s narrow enough to be inserted in the nasal cavity at an optimal tilt for proper lawn mowing up there. The blades are also covered in an ultra-thin foil guard with rounded tips to prevent skin irritations. It also comes with a handy-dandy blade guard that makes it easy to trim your eyebrows without accidentally shaving them off. And, let’s face it, if you turn up on a Zoom meeting with no eyebrows, your colleagues will think your mind has been affected by the pandemic, and you may find that you don’t work there much longer.

Key Features

  • The soft-touch rubber grip is easy to hold on to
  • The Protec-Tube Technology (aka. the foil over the blade is pretty good on the skin
  • The blade guard that stops hair from getting caught and prevents pulling is also a nice touch


  • Brand: Philips Norelco
  • Model: Ear & Nose Trimmer with Protec-Tube Technology

4. NOOA 4 IN 1 Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer

NOOA 4 IN 1 Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer

If you’re the sort of fella that needs lots of parts to feel like you got a good deal, this is the one for you. This is the utility-belt of nose trimmers. It’s exactly what Batman would own. There is a circular nose and ear trimmer, an eyebrow optimizer, a fine-detail cutter, and a sideburns and facial hair sculptor: each one, a different, easily cleaned attachment-head. Criminals, or rather, body hair doesn’t stand a chance. All kidding aside, it’s actually a pretty good clipper. It’s also very quiet and powered by a single double-A battery, which, as I mentioned before, is my preference. At 5.3-inches, it’s easily packed, and there are no additional cords to worry about.

Key Features

  • Tackles body hair wherever you find it
  • A single battery gives you up to four hours of runtime
  • The stainless steel nose hair trimmer rotates at 6500 RPMs


  • Brand: NOOA
  • Model: 4-in-1 Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer

5. Manscaped The Weed Whacker Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

Manscaped The Weed Whacker Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

Let’s face it, the body parts in and around where you expect your nose and ear hair to be growing out of tend to be a touch on the sensitive side. That’s why the engineers at Manscaped have developed a technology to keep your skin from being damaged in any way. They call it SkinSafe, and its designed to prevent nicks and scratches while you tackle that unruly nose and ear hair. This awesome trimmer will hold a charge for up to 90 minutes and is fully waterproof.

Key Features

  • Waterproof
  • Contoured design
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Run time of 90 minutes
  • Replaceable blade
  • Comes with a convenient USB cable and AC adapter for charging
  • 9000 RPM motor


  • Brand: ManScaped
  • Model: The Weed Whacker nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

6. SCHON Stainless Steel 3-in-1 Nose, Eyebrow & Facial Hair Trimmer

SCHON Stainless Steel 3-in-1 Nose, Eyebrow & Facial Hair Trimmer

The all-metal design of this 3-in-1 nose, ear and hair trimmer is a testament to its quality. Made with a premium build, this product allows for quick, and painless removal of ear, nose and facial hair. It’s built to last, and uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery. It’s also waterproof making it quite easy to clean. But perhaps my favourite part of this trimmer is that it’s incredibly compact, coming in at a fair bit smaller length than most of the trimmers on this list.

Key Features

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Perfect for nose, hair and facial hair trimming
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easy to clean


  • Brand: SCHON
  • Model: Stainless Steel 3-in-1

7. ToiletTree Products Heavy Duty Steel Nose Trimmer

ToiletTree Products Heavy Duty Steel Nose Trimmer

What’s better than one nose trimmer, I hear you say. Well, of course, two nose trimmers! This well priced double pack of hair destroyers means you’re always ready to go. Maybe you keep one at home and one over at your best girl’s place, just in case. Or, possibly, you keep one for yourself and hand one over to your old man so he can manage that small mangrove he’s got pouring out of his schnoz. How you save the world with it is really up to you.

While this may sound conflicting, this bad boy is heavy-duty and lightweight. It looks like it belongs in a toolbox, but it’ll be fine in your pocket. Now, it’s a single tool, meaning it doesn’t have a Batman’s belt of swappable heads. However, it does its one job really well. It does have an LED light on it to help light up the caverns of your face. This way, you can make sure there are no booger bats left behind after you’ve clipped the cave.

Key Features

  • Double-A Battery Powered
  • You get two in the package!
  • It’s so heavy-duty it comes with a lifetime guarantee


  • Brand: ToiletTree
  • Model: Heavy Duty Steel Nose Hair Trimmer

8. ONEDONE 3-in-1Nose Hair Trimmer for Men

ONEDONE 3-in-1Nose Hair Trimmer for Men

Serious points for the rhyming name and true to form this one tool does three different sorts of trimming. It’s a nose clipper, an eyebrow finisher, and a hair cutting machine for the head, beard, or body. Now, this is another rechargeable, so there is a cord with it. However, one two-hour charge will provide you about 60-minutes of runtime, which equates to around 60-days. Unless, of course, you like to give the old face ornament a good clip every morning, then I suppose 60-days may be ambitious.

It’s a wet-dry unit, which means clipping in the shower is a thing. It also makes for a convincing fake microphone when you’re belting out Celine during your morning clean. (They aren’t the only ones with rhyming copy!)

Key Features

  • Wet-Dry function means it goes in the shower
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Compact size for traveling


  • Brand: OneDone
  • Model: 3-in-1 Nose Hair Trimmer for Men

9. FlewPow – Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer Clipper

FlewPow - Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer Clipper

While definitely on the more basic side, I have to say I like this trimmer for its simplicity. It’s not trying to be all things to all people. It’s a nose trimmer. Stick it in your ear, and it does alright there too. And, you might be able to sculpt a little out of line brow, but that’s about it, and that’s ok. Having a competent tool that does what it says it will sometimes is all you need. So many multi-head multi-tool units never live up to their potential, because you didn’t really need all those extra functions. The FlePow is waterproof, lightweight, and amply powered on a single Double-A battery. If you want a nose hair trimmer, give this one a go.

Key Features

  • Competent nose hair trimmer that gets the job done quickly
  • Waterproof for shower use
  • Compact for easy travel


  • Brand: FlePow
  • Model: Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer Clipper

10. JOMARTO – Wahl Micro Groomsman Personal Pen Trimmer & Detailer

JOMARTO - Wahl Micro Groomsman Personal Pen Trimmer & Detailer

This truly tiny, and multipurpose trimmer is perfect for fine hair detailing and when you want to get rid of the tiniest of nose and ear hairs. It also works quite well for any area that requires some detailed work such as sideburns, the neckline, or your eyebrows. Made with a high-quality aluminum case, this battery operated trimmer features detachable heads for washing and can be used wet or dry. It’s the perfect grooming tool to bring in your Dopp kit for travel.

Key Features

  • Eyebrow, necklined, goatee, ear, nose & beard trimming
  • Great for small touch-ups
  • AAA battery operated


  • Brand: Wahl
  • Model: Micro-Groomsman

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