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The Best & Most Beautiful Desk Lamps in The World

Most Beautiful Desk Lamps In the World

Many of us spend thousands of hours sitting at a desk. Whether it’s at home, your home office or in a garish workplace devoid of any sense of design or aesthetics. But your desk, table, or bedside doesn’t have to be an ordinary space. It can be easily transformed into a place of beauty and just the right type of ambiance you’ll actually want to be bathed in by simply adding the right desk lamp.

It’s that ambiance that can set the mood for a more pleasant work, relaxation or reading experience. With the right light, coming from a source that isn’t simply functional, but also designed to fit with your modern decor, you can feel both more relaxed and inspired. This is the motivation behind our search for some of the best and most beautiful desk and table lamps the world has to offer. Let’s take a look at what we think are some of the most beautifully minimalist desk lamps available.

1. Dyson - CYS Desk Light

Dyson CYS Desk Light

Your favourite vacuum cleaner manufacturer isn’t just good at making vacuums. They’re really good at making all kinds of consumer goods, including desk lamps that not only function in a way that is designed literally to last decades but also look incredibly stylish while doing it. The Dyson CSYS task light lamp was engineered to reduce eye strain, glare and flicker. It also includes an extremely easy way to adjust the lamp’s positioning and intensity level with the use of just one finger. This kind of desk lamp is something that you buy for life.

Key Features

Heat pipe LED cooling technology
Reduces glare and flickering
Bubble optic lense
Slide touch dimming control


 Brand: Dyson
 Model: CSYS Task Light
 Light Source: LED
 Light Output: 916 Lumen

2. Lite Source - LS-306PS Halotech 29-Inch 8W LED Desk Lamp

Lite Source Minimalist Desk Lamp

Available in Black, Silver and Dark Black (cause apparently there are different shades of Black), this space-saving desk lamp from Lite Source is LED powered and I think it looks best in a shiny polished steel finish. With a nice, though not oversized heavyweight counter base, the lamp isn’t flimsy and won’t move when making adjustments to the arms. Although contemporary in its design, this lamp will feel right at home on most desks. 

Key Features

Polished steel fnish with adjustable shade
Counterbalance for adjusting the arm
Touch dimmer switch


 Brand: Lite Source
 Model: LS-306PS Halotech 29-inch 8W LED Desk Lamp
 Weight: 7lbs

3. Luxe - Cordless LED Desk Lamp

Luxe LED Lamp

Minimalism is all about getting rid of the extraneous things you just don’t need. After all, we live in a wireless world, why should our lamps need any wires at all? That’s where the Luxe Cordless LED Desk lamp comes in. With a fully rechargeable battery that lasts up to 40 hours and a friendly USB plug, it’s very suitable for today’s modern office desks that scream for an uncluttered look and feel. Made with an aluminum and plastic body, this Luxe lamp offers three lighting modes with six levels of brightness.

Key Features

Touch Control Lighting
40 Hours of Continuous Lighting
Light Rated for 50,000 Hours of Use
Micro USB Charging Port


 Brand: Marc Jacobs
 Model: Riley Watch
 Case size: 28mm

4. Article - Leap Lamp

Article Leap Desk Lamp

Sometimes all it takes to create a functional and beautiful object of impeccable design is simply getting the shape of the thing right. The shape is simply what makes this beautiful minimalist desk lamp work wonders. Finished in a gorgeous matte black and shiny copper layer, this LED compatible lamp has curves for days.

Key Features

Rated for a standard 40W maximum incandescent bulb
Compatible with a wide range of LEDs
Steel and plastic finish


 Brand: Article
 Model: Leap
 Dimensions: 20″H x 23″W x 8″D

5. BenQ - E-Reading LED Desk Lamp

BenQ E-Reading Desk Lamp

Available in two different sizes (Desk Lamp) and (Swing Arm Desk Lamp – pictured above), this “E-Reading” LED Desk Lamp from manufacturer BenQ (more well known for creating budget LCD and LED monitors), is one of the most popular table lamps available. This is with good reason as it’s a lamp that’s been specifically designed to reduce monitor eye strain. In addition to offering an ambient light sensor that allows for automatic brightness adjustment, the BenQ also offers flicker-free technology and the ability to change from cool to warm light and anything in between with a simple twist of a knob.

Key Features

Aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and plastic construction. 
Ambient light sensor
Change from warm to cold light
1y year LED lifespan. 


 Brand: AÃRK
 Model: The Eclipse- Gold
 Case size: 38mm

6. Pablo Designs - PIXO Optical Desk Lamp

PIXO Optical Desk Lamp

Yes, that’s a desk lamp. It’s minimalism distilled to its beautiful naked core. And before you ask, yes it comes in different colours than orange, but I’m particular to this finish. Designer Peter Stathis took an unconventional approach to create this lamp. It’s counter-intuitive in some way, yet still offers a gorgeous example of what a modern desk lamp can be. It’s 360-degree head and stem rotation coupled with 180-degree stem tilt allows for a wide range of flexible positions. Finally, if that’s not enough for your discerning taste, it also offers a built-in USB charging port in case you needed another one of those around in your desk life.

Key Features

USB charging port for mobile devices
Advanced LED array eliminates multiple shadowing
 Touch sensitive dimmer


 Brand: Pablo Designs
 Model: Pixo Optical Desk Lamp
 Light output: 700-1200 lux

7. Brightech - Circle LED USB Table & Desk Lamp

Brightech Circle LED USB Table Desk Lamp

It’s safe to say that this isn’t your conventional sort of desk lamp. And what it may lack in its ability to directly light things on your desk, it certainly makes up for in both it’s astonishing design and ability to create a conversation around it. Talk about creating ambiance. This is the type of lamp you’d typically find as a set-piece on the latest sci-fi show whose setting is a far-flung future. Both dimmable and with an additional USB charging port, this is the perfect lamp for anyone wanting to add a dash of sci-fi cool to their workspace.

Key Features

Only 15 inches tall. 
USB charging port
Dimmable 3000K warm white LED light


 Brand: Brightech
 Model: Circle LED USB Table & Desk Lamp
 Light output: 1330 lumens

8. IKON - Carlos Esc. Copper


The common use of a copper finish in desk lamps is very trendy these days. That includes this IKON lamp that includes a metal ball joint allowing you to direct the light emanating from this lamp in any direction.

Key Features

Metal ball joint for adjusting the lamp
Copper and stainless steel finish
Textile cable


 Brand: IKON
 Model: Carlos Esc. Copper
 Height: 46cm

9. Aukey - Table Lamp

Aukey Table Lamp

The maker of dongles, converters, battery packs, power banks, Bluetooth speakers, and every other accessory you can possibly imagine, Aukey, has now made its foray into the world of lighting and the result is a simple, beautiful, and functional desk lamp. Touch activated and able to control both brightness and warmness of the light as well as the ability to cycle through almost any colour, the Aukey desk lamp will look right at home almost anywhere.

Key Features

Multiple colour and warmness settings
Touch control base
Aluminum alloy construction


 Brand: Aukey
 Model: Table Lamp
 Light output: 450 Lumen

10. Human Scale - NOVA

Human Scale - Nova Desk Lamp

Humanscale’s NOVA Desk lamp isn’t exactly for the faint of heart when it comes to shelling out some money for a meticulously refined piece of art that also happens to double as a desk lamp. The LED array in this lamp creates a uniform light and can be adjusted to each user’s preference. With its striking, sculpted form, the NOVA is extremely power efficient as it only requires a mere 7 watts to deliver 440 lumens of light.

Key Features

Energy Star-certified, LEED certified.
Warm white colour (3000K)
10-Year Warranty


 Brand: Humanscale
 Model: NOVA
 Light output: 440 Lumens

11. Globe Electric - Architect Spring Desk Lamp

Globe Electric Desk Lamp

There’s still something very appealing about a classic architect balanced swing arm in a desk lamp. It harkens back to the ’80s and 90’s when this style of desk lamp adorned many desks. With clean and simple lines this classic looking lamp is significant in size but also features a refreshingly small base requiring a small footprint. Globe has been making lamps for over 80 years so they know a thing or two about creating a quality product.

Key Features

Adjustable spring balanced swing arm
Small base footprint
Bulb requirements: 1 x E26 Medium Base 60W Bulb


 Brand: Globe
 Model: Electric 28″ Heavy Base Architect Desk Lamp
 Wattage: 60 watts

12. Koncept - Z-Bar Mini Gen 3 Desk Lamp

Z-Bar Mini Gen 3 Desk Lamp

Function doesn’t have to come at the cost of form and the opposite is also true. That’s what makes the Z-Bar Mini Gen 3 Desk lamp pretty awesome. It’s a creative lighting solution for your desk that can be adjusted in nearly every direction. Made from Aluminum and plastic, this lamp can go from a very warm 3500 K to a cool 4500 K light and comes in six different colour options. Controls are minimalist by being built into a touch sensitive strip at the top of the lamp.

Key Features

Colour temperature for Warm is 3500 K with a Cool of 4500 K
5 year warranty
Touch strip controls


 Brand: Koncept
 Model: Z-Bar Mini Gen 3 Desk Lamp
 Warranty: 5-Year

13. TaoTronics - LED Desk Lamp

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

Stylish, simple, and functional, and on top of that, this lamp is quite affordable. With a five-star rating and over 1,700 positive reviews, if you’re looking for a simple and relatively cheap way to spruce up your desk, you’d be hard to go wrong. Available in black and white, the TaoTronics LED lamp has 4 unique lights with 5 custom levels of brightness for work, study, reading or relaxing. Add on top of that a USB-A charging power and you’ve got quite the capable desk lamp. 

Key Features

Multi-angle adjustments for optimized lighting
Four distinct lighting modes
USB-A Charging port
1 hour auto-off timer


 Brand: TaoTronics
 Model: LED Desk Lamp
 Light output: 530 lumen

14. IKEA - FORSÅ Work Lamp


Yes, even IKEA can set the standard for beautiful. This classic style work lamp with an LED bulb is available in multiple colours and makes for a beautiful addition to any surface, including most desks.

Key Features

Great for reading
Adjustable arm and head
 Comes with an warm light LED bulb


 Brand: IKEA
 Model: FORSA
 Height: 14″

15. Tomons - Wood Adjustable Head Desk Lamp

Tomons Wood Adjustable Head Desk Lamp

If a mixture of wood and steel is your sort of mix, this gorgeous desk lamp in a Scandinavian style from Tomons is a real standout. With an adjustable head and swinging arm, and beautifully integrated cord this LED desk lamp is available in two different colours and without a doubt is designed to feel right at home or at the office.

Key Features

Adjustable head and arms
LED Bulb
40 Watts


 Brand: Tomons
 Model: Wood Adjustable Head Desk Lamp
 Bulb type: LED

16. Pablo Designs - Giraffa

Pablo Designs - Giraffa Desk Lamp

Never has there been a desk lamp made so artfully and tastefully to resemble a well-known animal as the Pablo Designs Giraffa. The 360 degree rotating shade along with an angled post make for a versatile lamp that will feel at home either on a desk, table or night-stand. The warm, and dimmable LED is rated for 50k hours like most other LEDs, is fully dimmable, and is made of a fine CNC machined aluminum which is available in three premium finishes: anodized copper, anodized black and gloss white, vaguely reminiscent of iPhone design.

Key Features

Color temperature: 3,000K
1 year warranty
Machined aluminum finish with touch surface control


 Brand: Pablo Designs
 Model: Giraffa
 Light output: 260 lumens

17. Simple Designs - Bronson Antique Style Industrial Iron Lantern Desk Lamp

Simple Designs - Bronson Desk Lamp

This sweet desk lamp exudes both a style of minimalism while playfully adopting an industrial look of yesteryear through a simple lantern aesthetic. Its clean lines and simplicity combined with an Edison style bulb will complement most places in your home or office. It’s a very beautiful and modern twist on an antique style and is available in four finishes including rose gold (copper), rustic matte white, flawless chrome or matte black. 

Key Features

Clear Glass Shade
Works best with Edison Bulb
On-Off switch on the cord


 Brand: Original Simple Designs 
 Model: Bronson Antique Style Industrial Iron Lantern Desk Lamp
 Height: 18.75″

18. Grovemade - Walnut Lamp

Grovemade Walnut Lamp

Grovemade is one of my favourite product companies. They specialize in producing minimalist and sleek products for the modern home and office made almost entirely out of wood. They’ve recently expanded their product range into all manner of products including watches, wallets, wall shelves and more. When it comes to lamps however, they have a product range of exactly two nearly identical lamps. One made using walnut wood, and the other made using maple. And while it won’t exactly flood a space with light, it’s amazing design, crafted from solid walnut with a brushed aluminum on-off switch and durable woven cloth cord is a feast for the eyes. 

Key Features

Hand-finished in Portland, Oregon.
Made of Oregon Claro Walnut with a Natural Cork base
Woven cloth-wrapped cord


 Brand: Grovemade
 Model: Walnut Lamp
 Height with Bulb: 6″

19. Article - Axis Desk Lamp

Article Axis Desk Lamp

Angles are what this desk lamp is all about. Clean, brutalist, and straight angles are the makeup of this object that is constructed from metal and painted with a matte finish. No-fuss, no muss, just pure modern design. 

Key Features

Black painted metal shade
LED bulb included
Black textile cord
One simple click control for on/off function on stem of lamp 


 Brand: Article
 Model: Axis
 Height: 24 inches

20. Pablo Designs - Contour Table Lamp

Pablo Designs Contour Table Lamp

And now we arrive at what is possibly my most cherished table/desk lamp on this list. From Pablo Designs, this is the Contour Table Lamp. When looking at it, the first question you might be asking yourself is… where is the bulb? It’s cleverly hidden warm LED is hidden within the frame of the lamp at the top which helps the lamp maintain its remarkably slender profile. Available in a variety of premium wooden and material finishes, this lamp is a perfect and inviting place to rest your books, precious objects or for charging your mobile device with integrated USB-A port. It’s not exactly cheap, but well worth the price. And the bonus is that the Contour line of lamps is also available in two other larger sizes for all of your lighting decor needs. 

Key Features

Minimal use of materials
Rated for 50k hours
Only uses 13w of power at 3000k color temperature


 Brand: Pablo Designs
 Model: Contour Table
 Light Output: 780 Lumens

21. Umbra Shift - Cup Lamp

Umbra Shift Cup Lamp

Sometimes, an idea can be equal parts simple yet clever and you have to give it its due. That’s the essence of this lamp from Umbra Shift. It’s part lamp, part pen holder/storage cup. It’s available in simple matte black and white and exudes a minimalistic yet playful form. Perfectly suitable as a desk lamp or bedside table lamp, the Cup Lamp includes a dimming knob integrated into the base as well as a USB hub for additional charging ports should you need any. 

Key Features

Cup-shaped storage unit
Doubles as a USB charging hub
LED bulb lighting


 Brand: Umbra Shift
 Model: Cup Lamp
 Height: 12.4 inches

22. IKON - Teo Amarillo

IKON - Teo Yellow Desk Lamp

Perhaps this stunning lamp from IKON won’t be getting any points in the subtlety department any time soon, especially this yellow version, it is also available in more subtle black and grey versions. Regardless of your colour choice, this contemporary lamp with a somewhat masculine and industrial look has enough style to land on our list. 

Key Features

One point of articulation for shade adjustment
Available in 3 colours


 Brand: IKON
 Model: TEO
 Height: 28cm

23. Art + Interior - Nordic Multifunctional Table Lamp

Nordic Multifunctional Table Lamp

This fascinating lamp redefines what can be thought of as a table or desk lamp. It, in fact, expands into a lantern style lamp or collapses into a slim desk lamp which increases its versatility and allows you to use it as a night lamp, a flashlight, a table lamp and even a portable lamp that can be hung using the built-in handle/stand.

Key Features

Rechargeable battery
Includes USB cable for recharging
Anti-glare light for sensitive eyes


 Brand: Art + Interior
 Model: Nordic Multifunctional Table Lamp
 Voltage: 5V

24. Arne Jacobsen - AJ Table Lamp

Arne Jacobsen Table Lamp

This absolutely stunning and classing lamp was originally designed by mid-century and world-famous designer Arne Jacobsen in 1960 for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. Its form has withstood the test of time and it remains one of the most famous minimalist lamps in the world. Available in ten colours, this gorgeous lamp is for those looking to deck out their home in one of the finest pieces of lighting decor ever made. 

Key Features

Designed by Arne Jacobsen
Manufactured in Denmark
Incandescent bulb


 Brand: Arne Jacobsen
 Model: AJ Table Lamp
 Height: 22″

25. Article - Techni

Techni Desk Lamp

Red lovers unite! This striking lamp from Article uses contemporary lines and angular shapes to create a mindful approach to what should be sitting on your desk, your bedside or your favourite reading chair. With a beautiful powder-coated finish and adjustable height and head along with a nicely woven power cord with matching color, I highly recommend it for anyone with a lack of red in their life. 

Key Features

LED Bulb included
Red textile power cord
Rated for a 40W maximum incandescent bulb


 Brand: Article
 Model: Techni
 Height: 20″

26. VIPP - Desk Lamp

VIPP Desk Lamp

It probably goes without saying that the average person won’t be spending $500 on a desk lamp. But if you’re one of the lucky few that has enough disposable income to consider this kind of lamp, the VIPP Desk Lamp might be what you need sitting on your desk. After all, this list is designed to showcase some of the best and most beautiful lamps in the world, not necessarily the cheapest. With 1539 precise hole perforations in the lampshade, this lamp allows a beautiful collage of light rays shine through its metal exterior.

Key Features

Powder coated aluminum and steel finish
Fabric covered cord
For best lamp performance, use an LED light source


 Brand: VIPP
 Model: Desk Lamp
 Height: 21 inches

Sebastian Arciszewski

Sebastian Arciszewski

An enthusiast of all things minimalist. I love the simple design and always look for an aesthetic that complements how an item works. Because after all, a design is how a thing works. You can find me on twitter: @sebastian_a