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The 35 Best Modern Home Office Desks

35 Best Home Office Desks

At a time when there’s been an enormous surge of people working from home, it’s more important than ever that your home office desk is something you can comfortably sit at and remain productive for many hours during any given day. That said, like most products, not every office desk is made equal. And when you add in the consideration that you don’t just want any old piece of furniture with four legs like a modern office desk, instead, you’d like something that matches your decor or fits into a small space; there are a lot of factors to consider. And sure, you might also need a beautiful desk lamp and a minimalist desk fan, but ultimately you need a desk first. In case you’re looking for a list of great standing desks, I’ve written about those elsewhere.

First, where will your office desk reside? Is it in your living room, bedroom, or dedicated office space in your home? Next, do you have lots of room for a more massive office desk, or do you need a genuinely compact desk that can even fold-away into a wall to save a maximum amount of space? Then there is, of course, the question of whether you want to have the flexibility of standing for part of your day, and as a result, must consider a standing desk for your setup. And finally, there is the design of your new workspace. Do you want a subtle natural wood finish, or perhaps you’re looking for a neutral tone such as an all-black or all-white desk? Maybe you’re looking for something more contemporary with a glass top, or built-in shelving. These days there are more choices than ever for a minimalist, gorgeous home office desk. And since I’m currently in the market for one, I decided to make my way into the bowels of Internet retailers and home office desk manufacturers across the world to bring you, what I believe to be, some of the best modern home office desks available in the world.

1. CubiCubi - Home Office Computer Desk 55"

CubiCubi - Home Office Computer Desk 47

I wanted to start this list with a home office desk that I thought the vast majority of readers would appreciate. One, because it’s a very simple and spacious desk, but also because while I understand that the rustic wooden finish won’t appeal to everyone, there is also a more straightforward black wooden finish as well. Made of a combination of faux board wood and dark, almost black metal legs, I like the size and look of this desk. It combines an industrial charm along with the ability to handle a good amount of weight. It also comes with two handy features. First is the additional small table/monitor stand that you can place on top of the desk and gain some measure of desktop organization as shown in the photo above, as well as an iron hook on the side of your desk on which you can easily hang a pair of headphones or your messenger bag. 

Available in two finishes and two sizes, this is an excellent home office desk for almost any space and comes in at a surprisingly low price. 

Key Features

 Industrial looking home office desk
Sturdy design with a metal frame and four triangular struts
Adjustable leg pads for added stability
2 Year Warranty


 Brand: CubiCubi
 Model: Computer Desk 47″
 Dimensions: 47″ x 23.6″ x 29.5″

2. CB2 - Drommen Desk

CB2 - Drommen Desk

This is the type of office desk that, that despite its unitary warm tone, resulting from its construction out of Acadia wood, will still most likely fit in with most types of surrounding decors. I think it manages to do this as a result of its striking shape, which is somehow altogether mid-century modern, but also rather contemporary. With this level of care put into its design, its no surprise that this isn’t an overly cheap piece of furniture. But then again, most works of art that double as a functional item aren’t. With its sleek and architectural looks, this wood desk includes a center drawer that flips down for easy typing, as well as two side drawers and built-in cord management.

Key Features

Cord management included
Center drawer + 2 side drawers
Manufactured in Indonesia


 Brand: CB2
 Model: Drommen Desk
 Dimensions: 57.5″ x 25″ x 34.5″

3. Tribesigns Computer Desk - 55 inch Large

Tribesigns Computer Desk, 55 inch

With its sturdy four leg, two frame design, this desk captured my gaze due to its overall shape, which is a simple but striking design. Because even though the desk seems sparse, its compact design makes it perfect for small or medium-sized office spaces. With a construction consisting of E1 particle board with veneer and matte black metal legs, this desk has plenty of features. The surface has been designed to be easy to clean, anti-scratch, and waterproof for those unfortunate times you spill some water or coffee at your desk.

Key Features

30-minute assembly
Perfect for small office spaces
Adjustable leg pads which help avoid any wobble


 Brand: Tribesigns
 Model: Computer Desk, 55 Inch Large
 Dimensions: 55″ x 23.6″ x 29.2″

4. Upper Square - Bastien Standing desk

Bastien Standing desk

I have to admit, I’ve never understood the hype around standing desks. I mean who the hell wants to have sore feet all the time if you don’t have to. I became a knowledge worker for a reason, and part of that reason was that I didn’t want a job that made me run around on my feet all day. And yet, not only are there many people who swear by them, there is definitely some evidence for the health benefits of such working setups. With that considered, I present to you the first home office standing desk on this list. It features a programmable memory controller to adjust the height of the desk between standing and sitting and even includes a built-in LED display. Nevertheless, it’s a stylish, dark maple colored home office desk that should be compact enough to fit into a lot of small home office spaces.

Key Features

 Built-in Cable Management
Height adjustable
Adjustable leveling feet


 Brand: Upper Square
 Model: Bastien Standing Desk
 Dimensions: 45″ H x 57″ W x 27″ D
 Maximum Height: 45.12″
 Minimum Height: 27″

5. JOISCOPE - Computer Desk with Shelves

JOISCOPE Computer Desk With Shelves

It’s a rare thing to find a desk with built-in shelves that doesn’t look like something that came out of a 1970’s government office. Trust me, I tried hard to find ones that didn’t wholly offend my aesthetic sensibilities, and it wasn’t until I came across this black office desk with a set of side shelves that I felt like I had finally landed on one I could feature. With a refined and minimalist and modern style, this office desk should serve most of your needs if you’re looking with something that gives you direct access to more storage space and still looks great in your home office.

Key Features

 Available in four sizes, including 40″, 47″, 55″ and 60″
Available in two colour finishes
Premium chipboard and steel construction
Easy to install


 Model: Computer Desk with Shelves
 Dimensions: 47″ x 23.6″ x 29.5″ (four other sizes available)

6. Artifox - Desk - Walnut

This minimalist desk from excellent furniture maker Artifox is made from a beautiful combination of walnut and steel, which naturally gives the desk a sturdy feel. That said, there are some charming features this desk has, which I would say makes it one of the more tech-friendly desks on this list. First, it’s available in two elegant finishes, a gorgeous and warm looking walnut wood finish, and a Bone coloured desktop finish. Second, it’s built-in dock helps you store your phone, tablet and has a very advanced cable management system using a grid that can anchor your charges below the surface of the desk. And finally, the two-built-in pegs can serve as handy hooks for a wide variety of objects you might want to keep off the floor or desk, including bags, headphones, scarves and other personal items.

Key Features

 Built in Dock for your iPhone, Android, or iPad.
Grid cable management systen below the desk surface
2 Built-in multi-purpose hooks


 Brand: Artifox
 Model: Desk – Walnut
 Dimensions: 52″ X 26″ X 30″

7. Birch Lane - Ine Solid Wood Desk

There are plenty of people that prefer the look and feel of a solid wood surface as a home office desk. You can count me as one of those. This wonderful and unique looking desk comes in a modern style and uses a variety of angular shapes to achieve its overall sleek look. Designed for small to medium sized workspaces, the Ine Solid Wood Desk is made of a solid wood and is available in a number of varying colour finishes. It includes a built-in keyboard tray for easy operation with a desktop computer. You can alternatively use that keyboard tray as a handy drawer storage space.

Key Features

 Designed for a smaller or mid-sized home office space.
Solid wood construction
Built-in keyboard tray


 Brand: Birch Lane
 Model: Ine Solid Wood Desk
 Dimensions: 60″ x 24″

8. Furinno Simplistic A Frame Computer Desk

Furinno Simplistic A Frame Computer Desk

This simple, small, and incredibly compact yet functional home office desk caught my eye because of one simple reason. It’s clean, it’s modern, but is simply perfect for home office spaces that simply don’t have a lot of room for an extra desk. Available in four different finishes, including the black and french oak combination pictured above, this desk is made from E1 grade composite wood. This desk is also very lightweight, meaning its easy to move around in your office. And my final but favourite feature is the handy shelf at the bottom of the desk that provides space for more storage or can serve as a comfortable foot rest.

Key Features

 Bookshelf Design under the desk
Frame is made of wood
Easy to assemble


 Brand: Furinno
 Model: Simplistic A Frame Computer Desk
 Dimensions: 31.6″ x 35.5″ x 17.9″

9. XDESK - Air Desk

XDESK - Air Desk

I could write volumes about this desk. It is beloved by the tech crowd and is the desk that famous YouTuber and technology review giant, Marques Brownlee, a.k.a MKBHD uses in his studio. The XDESK Air is a modern and powered standing-desk that allows you to change its position from sitting to standing quickly and quietly. The entire desk is crafted from one piece of anodized aluminum, providing an ungodly amount of stability and strength. But of course, that’s just the start. The Air derives its name from the fact that the surface of the desk is only a remarkable 0.25″ thick, giving it the appearance of nearly floating on air. The thin top-layer of tempered glass provides for a stunning finish. Available in five unique finishes, including a variety of brushed aluminum colours from nearly white to solid black, this desk is truly a work of art. It’s also available in two sizes. 

Key Features

 Power adjustable standing or sitting desk
Solid aluminum frame
Rises and lowers at a faster speed than most standing desks
Smart cable management built-in
Can lift up to a remarkable 315 lbs.
3 programmable memory buttons
267 height positions


 Brand: XDESK
 Model: Air
 Dimensions: Small: 31.5″ x 63″ / Large: 31.5″ x 79″

10. Modern Digs - Watts Desk - Solid Walnut

Watts Desk - Solid Walnut

Putting aside the fact that upon seeing this solid walnut home office desk I began to drool a little for the moment, I think the product description by the manufacturer of this desk sums up its aesthetic quality quite succinctly:

There are Desks, and then there are sculpturally versatile work surfaces.

Yup that sounds about right. The Watts Desk is truly a unique and perhaps one-of-a-kind design that includes a handy top-shelf and will look incredible in any home office, bedroom, or living room space.

Key Features

Minimal assembly required
Solid Walnut Desk
Top shelf is organically a part of the overall desk design


 Brand: ModernDigs
 Model: Watts Desk – Solid Walnut
 Dimensions: 67″ x 30″ x 36″

11. Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk 50.8" Computer Corner Desk

Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk 50.8

Available in this gorgeous vintage finish as pictured above as well as black and white marble this simple yet elegant l-shape office desk has been designed to fit into most situations where you need a sturdy desk with an open and clean aesthetic. Made by Mr. Ironstone the steel frame and thin legs ensure that you’ll have enough support for most office desk uses and the large surface area will provide plenty of space for your computer, and other home office work activities. Additionally, the desk comes with a built-in, space-saving monitor shelf. Use it as a computer, desk, a gaming desk, a writing desk, or a simple office desk.

Key Features

 Easy to assemble
Tons of leg room
Adjustable leg pads design
Nearly a full L-shape design
X-Shape support


 Brand: Mr Ironstone
 Model: L-Shaped Desk
 Dimensions: (50.8″+50.8″)(W) x 18.2″(D) x 29.5″(H)

12. AllModern - Mitzi Desk

While this is technically a “writing desk,” which I suppose offers a more narrow stature, i.e. less depth, I wanted to include it on this list of the best modern home office desks. That’s because there are plenty of those whose home office space is limited and therefore are looking for a smaller desk that is designed to slip into more space-constrained spaces. Those living in small apartments or shared accommodations but still find themselves suddenly needing to create a compact working area could benefit from this beautiful glass home office desk. Made with strong tempered glass, this desk is a gorgeous example of how creative furniture design can take hold even in a small shape.

Key Features

Complements almost any decor
All-glass desk


 Brand: AllModern
 Model: Mitzi Desk
 Dimensions: 27.5″ x 50″

13. Orange22 Modern - Minimal Wall Desk

Orange22 Modern Minimal Wall Desk

This unconventional wall desk that is simply mounted to some studs in your walls comes in two sizes (large or small) and can be used as a perfect multi-use home office desk or even a display shelf. The clever use of curved end caps and geometry allows for the lack of legs while still providing plenty of strength and weight-supporting prowess. With its beautiful slants and curves as well as smart use of wooden material, this laptop, desktop or writing station comes fully assembled and includes a full keyboard pull-out tray with room to spare. This stunning and compact desk is available in a Walnut or Rift Oak finish.

Key Features

 Large desk pictured above
Keyboard tray / drawer extends out
Available in Walnut or Rift Oak finish.


 Brand: Orange22 Modern
 Model: Minimal Wall Desk
Dimensions: 51″ x 10″ x 16″

14. The Office Oasis - Sturdy Writing Desk for Small Spaces

The Oasis - Small Computer Desk for Home Office

If there were one thing I wish modern office desk manufacturers would not do is insert fake-looking Photoshopped computers into the product images they use. I mean look at that Macbook… did it transport onto this otherwise fine-looking desk from some brandless parallel universe? This black and wood office desk made of light-weight but strong MDF wood is vaguely reminiscent of the type of desk that you would sit at in your college library. Built with high strength steel tubing, this small and compact office desk comes with a built-in cable organizer.

Key Features

 3-color options include black, light wood, and walnut
Perfect for dorms, home offices and smaller rooms
Heavy-duty desk frame
15 minute assembly


 Model: Modern Versatile Writing Desk
 Dimensions: 47.5′ x 24″ x 30″

15. Structube - Sergio Desk

Structube - Sergio Desk

Clean and architecturally appealing, this office desk from Structube is clearly inspired by the mid-century office and furniture design of the ’50s and ’60s and includes some unique angles and finishes such as the angled solid beech wood legs that provide the structural support for this fine desk. With one drawer set on a single metal railing, you can easily store some of your gadgets or home office desk clutter.

Key Features

Made from MDF tabletop with walnut veneer or high-gloss lacquer
Solid beech wood legs with walnut veneer
Can support up to 254 lbs.


 Brand: Structube
 Model: Sergio Desk
 Dimensions: 21.5″ x 47″ x 28.5″

16. CubiCubi Study Computer Desk 32"

Quite possibly the best home office desk for anyone working in a small space. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an excellent desk for anyone, but this desk is nice to look at and takes up a very modest footprint if you’re working with limited room. Now there are no drawers, which means you’ve got nowhere to hide junk. Although that’s probably for the best. The side pocket does give you a spot to place notebooks and a small bit of gear, but it’s not huge. Opposite the pocket is a solid metal hook for headphones, purses, or even your ball cap. Built using a double iron strut design, the adjustable leg pads provide incredible stability.

Key Features

Gorgeous Minimalist design
Side pocket and iron hook
Stable double iron strut design


 Brand: CubiCubi
 Model: Computer Desk 32″
 Dimensions: 32″ X 19.7″ X 29″
 Available in 32″, 30″, 47″, 55″, and 63″

17. IKEA - IDÅSEN Desk


This simple, yet clever home office desk from the world’s largest furniture maker, your friendly neighbourheed Swedish shop, otherwise known as IKEA, is unique in the sense that it’s leg adjusting mechanism will give you the ability to change it’s height from a minimum of 24″ to 30″. The veneer surface is durable, stain-resistant and apparently somewhat scratch-proof. And as an added bonus, it has a handy cable management net underneath the surface to keep all your cables off the floor.

Key Features

 Simple black / dark grey desktop
It’s IKEA!
Built-in cable management system


 Brand: IKEA
 Model: IDÅSEN Desk
 10-Year Limited Warranty
 Dimensions: 47.25″ x 27.5″ x 25″ up to 31″

18. BoConcept - CUPERTINO Desk

BoConcept - Cupertino Desk

This home office desk is a minimalist’s dream. And given its name, I suspect that this desk was more than moderately inspired by the white void room that Apple’s world-famous former chief industrial designer, Johnny Ive used to reside in. And just like the clean lines and aesthetic simplicity of Apple’s products, the Cupertino desk from BoConcept takes an otherwise ho-hum piece of furniture and turns radically into something more! With a considerable amount of different top accessible compartments, this stunningly beautiful desk will most definitely keep your work area clean while you toil away on whatever it is you’re working on. With integrated cable management, and reversible lids that allow you to vary the look of your desk, this desk doesn’t come at a low-price but just look at the thing; it’s worth every penny.

Key Features

Built-in storage compartments
Can be fitted with bluetooth speakers
Lacquered tabletop


 Brand: BoConcept
 Model: Cupertino Desk
 Dimensions: 74.25 cm x 140 cm x 60 cm

19. ODK Computer Small Kids Writing Desk

The ODK desk is an excellent writing desk for kids. Still, it’s also perfect for anyone looking to maintain a minimalist space or for those who simply don’t have a lot of room for their home office. The side storage pouch allows you to keep those things you need most often handy, but it doesn’t allow you to build up an office depot at your desk. If you need to have reams of paper at the ready, this isn’t going to be for you, but if you enjoy a neat, simple workspace, this might be just what you need.

Key Features

Easy to Assemble
Side storage bag to place your gadgets
A Versatile Hook for hanging your Headphones or Bags


 Brand: ODK
 Model: Computer Small Kids Writing Desk
 Dimensions: 31″ x 19″

20. Article - Culla Desk

Article - Walnut Culla Desk

Two drawers on this elegant walnut desk from Article keep your papers and other desk accessories neatly tucked away while you spend the best years of your life chained to your desk. Woah… that turned dark. I’m not bitter about being a knowledge worker… no sir, not me. All kidding aside, this finely crafted desk also includes a small middle-shelf for stashing your keyboard and is made out of solid and veneered walnut. I think my favourite part about this office desk is that it’s not quite any style of furniture as it toes the line somewhere between mid-century and more contemporary styles.

Key Features

 Mid-century modern home office desk
A-Shaped legs


 Brand: Article
 Model: Culla Desk
 Dimensions: 23″ x 59″ x 9″

21. Wrought Studio - Mong Credenza Desk

Mong Credenza desk

This simple and minimalist home office desk from Wrought Studio offers a beautiful work surface that is available in two finishes. In the case of the desk pictured above, we have a gorgeous gray tabletop finish along with unique glass frames. What’s nice about this desk is that it easily slides alongside a second one to create a nearly seamless larger surface area. No extra-frills with this home office desk, just a nicely built and finished desk also available in a Brown finish. With simple and clean lines as well as a handy small drawer, this desk will offer a touch of understated pizzazz to your home office.

Key Features

 Modern design suitable for a home office, studio or bedroom.
Made of manufactured wood, glass and metal
Available in two beautiful finishes.


 Brand: Wrought Studio
 Model: Mong Credenza Desk
 Dimensions: 30″ H x 48″ W x 23.75″ D

22. XDESK - Terra 2S


While I know that this office desk won’t be for everyone, due to its specialized nature, it is another finely crafted and heavy-duty sit and standing desk. A lot of people might find this desk to be the perfect setup for their home or business office. A couple of weeks ago, we featured some fantastic monitor stands and risers in another article here at WornSimple, and while those are all amazing stand-alone items, this XDesk Terra 2S comes with one built-in. Additionally, the desk comes with a level of storage that might remind you of the type of desk you sat at as an elementary school child. This dual column electric desk has both a modern and simplified aesthetic as well as plenty of features.

Key Features

 Electric standing desk with active safety collision protection.
Upper platform / monitor stand increases surface area of desktop by 29%
3 programmable memory presets
Unibody construction
Aircraft grade aluminum frame
Choose from 3 bamboo finishes, light, medium, or dark.
Cable management included


 Brand: XDESK
 Model: Terra 2S
 Dimensions: 31.5″ x 63″

23. Langley Street - Tess Desk

Manufacturer Langley Street calls this a “writing desk,” but it can efficiently serve as a multi-function desk for almost any space in your home. Because it uses a clever combination of standing metal supports attached to the two surfaces, it exudes a clean and minimalist look and can easily match most decors in your home office. Available in five different colour combinations and finishes, this desk successfully combines elements of industrial and modern design to produce a desk with a riser that is near perfect.

Key Features

2 levels of desk space
Laminated particle wood construction
Powder-coated metal legs


 Brand: Langley Street
 Model: Tess Desk
 Dimensions: 35.4″ x 23.34″ x 44.75″

24. BlueLounge - StudioDesk

BlueLounge - Studio Desk

This desk has designed with the expressed purpose of creating a desk that not-only serves the traditional function of a desk. That is, providing a surface for you to complete some level of task, increasingly by way of an electronic device such as a computer or tablet, but also one that creates a storage opportunity and a way to hide your cables. The black leatherette wrapped drawer provides for an exciting storage solution that you can slide back and forth to open. The desk is available in a regular 47″ wide size and massive XL size which comes in at a whopping 59″. With solid birch legs and a subtle white tabletop finish, this is a minimalist fan’s ideal desk.

Key Features

Compatible with laptop and desktop computers
White with wood details
Birch wood table legs with MDF Tabletop.


 Brand: BlueLounge
 Model: StudioDesk
 Dimensions: 47.2″ x 29.5″ x 27.5″

25. ModernDigs - Currant Writing Desk

ModernDigs - Currant Writing Desk

Three functional drawers sit beneath a stylish and large worktop in this stylish writing desk from ModernDigs. The mid-century lines and finish are a testament to the endurance of the furniture style. It’s nice on the eyes, but indeed nice on the environment as well as this desk is made from 100% solid Moso Bamboo. Now sure, you know what Bamboo is, but what exactly is Moso Bamboo? Well, it’s a type of bamboo species that tends to grow large and is native to parts of Taiwan and China. The Bamboo is known to reach heights of up to 92 feet, and once it matures is also the densest and most robust type of Bamboo anywhere in the world, which makes it ideal for timber production and furniture production applications. It’s also extremely renewable, meaning that it can grow up to a meter in height in a single day.

All that to say that you can feel good about the durability and environmental friendliness when buying this stunning home office desk.

Key Features

 Minimal Assembly
Finished on all four sides.


 Brand: ModernDigs
 Model: Currant Writing Desk
 Dimensions: 60″ x 24″ x 30″

26. AFEO-TVMount - Computer Desk Wall Shelf

Computer Desk Wall Shelf Floating Shelf Bookshelf Notebook Desk Corner Office Desk with Drawer CD DVD

If space is an issue, like it is for a lot of people now working from home, this floating computer desk that doubles as a bookshelf with drawers might be the right solution for your small home office. In addition to its functional features, this computer desk comes in three different sizes and two different colour finishes, which provides you with plenty of options. Pictured above is the medium-sized office desk in the Walnut colour.

Key Features

 Available in 3 sizes
Floating / wall mounted home office desk
Made from solid wood and wood board
Can support up to 40 kg of weight


 Brand: AFEO-TV Mount
 Model: Computer Desk Wall Shelf
 Dimensions: Available in three different sizes: 80cm, 100cm, 120cm

27. Joss & Main - Elmsford Desk

Elmsford Desk

I get that gold flourishes are not for everyone. In-fact, that colour when it comes to any level of furniture is more often than not, now seen as tacky and distasteful. That said, the opposite is true of this home office desk from Joss & Main. Dubbed the Elmsford Desk, it’s an excellent little desk that trends towards a minimalist look. The gold accents, for once, against the background of a white tabletop desk surface, works quite well. So if you’re looking for a home office desk that’s more that exudes a level of sophistication, you’ve probably stumbled upon the right one.

Key Features

 Manufactured wood + solid wood construction
Metal legs
Easy Assembly


 Brand: Joss & Main
 Model: Elmsford Desk
 Dimensions: 31″ x 19″ x 42″

28. Union Wood Co - Essentials Adjustable Desk


As far as desks on this list of the best home office desks goes, this one is a beast. Yes, it’s a height-adjustable desk meaning you can use it as a home-office desk while standing at it, but the real feature of this desk is the sheer solid nature of the table-top which is really thick, and the sheer size of the surface area. It would be foolish of me to lie to you and pretend that this is a desk for those of you who are strapped for cash. That, I assure you dear reader, it is not. Starting at nearly $3,000 this desk definitely makes a statement. Simple, modern and functional are a great starting point, but if you really want to have something beautiful in your home office that you can work at for probably decades to come, this Vancouver made standing desk is a true work of art.

Key Features

 Choose from white or black coloured legs
Height-adjustable desk
Can be adjusted from 26″ to 42″ height
Custom made desk


 Brand: Union Wood Co
 Model: Essentials Adjustable Desk
 Dimensions: Variable

29. Upper Square - One Desk

Upper Square Ose Desk

I haven’t included too many desks of this type thus far. But out of the many desks I came across in this style, with the two-tone design and curved sitting side, this one stood out to me as being quite lovely. While at first blush this desk may appear to be deceptively simple, there’s plenty of features to be had in this beautiful office desk. Just some of those features include a built-in AC outlet, cable-management, and a built-in USB port. Available in four different finishes including the white and dark grey combination you see above, this home and commercial office desk is also available in nearly black, light grey, and espresso. All very lovely colour combinations that are bound to keep up with an evolving office space.

Key Features

All four sides are finished allowing for placement in an open space
Five year warranty
Built-in cable management


 Brand: Upper Square
 Model: Ose Desk
 Dimensions: 29″ H x 63″ W x 32″ D

30. Urban Outfitters - Ashford Desk

Urban Outfitters - Ashford Desk

This sawhorse framed home office desk from Urban Outfitters is a beautiful, simple and modern home office desk with a glass top. The frame is manufactured out of sustainable mango wood in a natural unvarnished finish. There’s not much else to say except that this is a charming vintage meets modern desk that should fulfill the desires of any glass-top desk fans out there looking for a pleasant working surface for their home offices.

Key Features

 Some minor assembly required
 Made of mango wood and glass
 Sawhorse frame legs


 Brand: Urban Outfitters
 Model: Ashford Desk
 Dimensions: 52″ x 29.8″ x 30″

31. Gracie Oaks - Christin Desk

Sometimes when you sit down at your desk, there’s nothing inspirational about it. Nothing about its design that pushes you to more productivity or more creative ideas. But not with this combination writing and office desk. This beautiful desk combines a sterling combination of mixed materials that exudes a wonderous aesthetic. The three included drawers create plenty of space to keep your desk uncluttered, while the angled front and minimalist metal legs will give you the inspiration you need by providing a stylish workspace.

Key Features

 Finished back
 Easy to assemble
 Available in two finishes: Gray Wash, and Dark Walnut
 Cable management


 Brand: Gracie Oaks
 Model: Christin Desk
Dimensions: 32″ x 42″ x 18.75″

32. XDESK - Solo Plus

XDESK - Solo Plus

Without a doubt, this will likely be the smallest home office desk as far as surface area goes that you see on this list. But with its small size come considerable advantages. First, like most other desks from XDESK, this small but capable free-standing and space-saving design is height adjustable and also powered by an electric motor. This desk may be the perfect solution for any space-challenged office, apartment or room. Plus, if you ever simply feel like working from a more comfortable chair than whatever you’re used to sitting in at your office, the compact footprint of this desk means you can pull it up to almost any seating surface, including your couch!

Key Features

 Power adjustable height desk
 Solid aluminum frame
 Bamboo wood desktop
 Digital LED memory controller
 Weight capacity of 125 lbs


 Brand: XDESK
 Model: Solo Plus
 Dimensions: 24″ x 30″ OR 24″ x 36″

33. Herman Miller - Airia Desk

Herman Miller - Airia Desk

In the world of furniture design, there are plenty of big names. But as far as prestige and renown, you’re unlikely to find a brand name more known than Herman Miller. So it’s no surprise that what the infamous furniture maker has created here with the Airia Desk is nothing short of astounding. Its form alone is enough for it to land on this list. But don’t mistake its sleek lines for lack of function. This gorgeous desk was inspired by the need for serious professionals who need a serious desk in their home office without sacrificing the desire for their desks to resemble the quality of the work they do. The desk also features gorgeous cork-lined organizers within the drawers and a serious cable management system that acknowledges today’s work-space that is heavily reliant on technology. I can’t gush enough about how much I love the design of this desk that mixes a blend of laminates, wood, veneer, and white-coated metal.

Key Features

 Cable management included
 Drawer with organizers incluced
 1-Year Warranty


 Brand: Herman Miller
 Model: Airia Desk
 Dimensions: 30.5″ x 56″ x 29.75″

34. STIR - Kinetic desk M1

If you buy this desk for your home office, there is no way you will be able to go back to work unless you have one there too. It’s probably the world’s first smart-desk! Not only does it transition seamlessly from sitting to standing, but it’s ergonomically designed and beautifully finished. Oh, and it will sync with third-party devices like your Fitbit to help keep your fitness on track. With a built-in Capacitive LCD touch screen, multiple users can adjust their perfect settings. And because it’s Bluetooth and cloud-enabled, the M1 will sense which user is at the desk through their devices and set it to their unique presets.

Key Features

 Programmable for regular reminders to sit and stand
 BlueTooth enabled
 Syncs to third-party fitness apps


 Brand: STIR
 Model: Kinetic Desk M1
 Dimensions: 59.5″ x 29.5″ x 1.125″
 Adjustable Height: 25″ to 50.5″

35. ModernDigs - Walker Desk - White on Walnut Base

Walker Desk - White on Walnut Base

Function, meet fantastic form. That neatly summarizes what I think of this desk. It’s a bold design that can seamlessly integrate into most home-office settings while providing for a very striking wall-mounted design. It’s the type of desk you simply can’t take your eyes off of. It is made from high-gloss lacquer and natural wood veneers and merely is minimalistic and contemporary at the same time. Two small pencil drawers include enough storage space for some of your office supplies.

Key Features

 Wall-mounted home office desk
 Specialized wall-mounting brackets included


 Brand: Modern Digs
 Model: Walker Desk
 Dimensions: 64″ x 26″ x 45″

Sebastian Arciszewski

Sebastian Arciszewski

An enthusiast of all things minimalist. I love the simple design and always look for an aesthetic that complements how an item works. Because after all, a design is how a thing works. You can find me on twitter: @sebastian_a