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30 of The Best Sunglasses for Men in 2020

30 of The Best Sunglasses for Men in 2020

Choosing a pair of sunglasses is like picking a haircut. It’s highly personal. It’s highly subjective. And it can have a considerable impact on the way you are perceived out in the world, especially if you’re a man. But there’s more to finding the best sunglasses for men than how they look. After all, as I’ve quoted Steve Jobs many times on this site, “the design is not just what it looks like and feels like, the design is how it works.” Various considerations come into play when choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses for your manly face. The aesthetics of-course are just the first thing to consider. These days, sunglasses play a vital role in your style. They convey something about your ability to choose something that looks good on your face and goes well with most outfits.

I spent a lot of hours scouring the web and numerous retailers while reading countless customer reviews until my eyes bled. All in an attempt to bring you what I believe are the most stylish and best sunglasses for men in 2020. Before you begin to peruse the list, know that I’ve also created a quick guide on how to pick the perfect pair of sunglasses for men. During today’s oh-so-fine economic environment, I’ve also tried to include sunglasses for men in various pricing brackets. That means you can easily find sunglasses for men under $50 and under $100 on this list. Without further ado, whether you want to look like James Bond or Ethan Hunt, here are some of the best aviators, polarized, wayfarer, sports, and fashionable sunglasses for men I could find.

1. Ray-Ban RB2132 - New Wayfarer Non-Polarized Sunglasses

Ray-Ban RB2132 - New Wayfarer Non-Polarized Sunglasses

Ah yes, how predictable. I know what you’re thinking. What kind of a lame-ass way is it to start a list of awesome men’s sunglasses with the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer model? And usually, you’d be right, except that when it comes to the world of sunglasses, is there a better-known brand. And is the Wayfarer model from Ray-Ban perhaps the most famous pair of sunglasses ever made? As a male, of almost any shaped face, and any age, it’s hard to go wrong with these Ray-Ban’s. While these are not the classic wayfarer model, the New Wayfarer uses the same iconic shape of its predecessor, yet it offers a smaller and thinner frame and softer eye shape for a new look. Available in ten different and exciting frame and lens colour options, these sunglasses have prescription-ready lenses.

Key Features

 Acetate or Nylon construction
Best suits round faces


 Brand: Ray-Ban
 Model: RB2132 – New Wayfarer

2. Warby Parker - Hunt

Warby Parker - Hunt Sunglasses

As I said in the intro, there is a way you can pull-off the Ethan Hunt look. And that starts right here, with this stylish pair of Men’s sunglasses, aptly named Hunt. Available in Jet black and some other colours that frankly don’t matter; in my opinion, the Hunt is a fantastic pair of sunglasses that is perfect for slightly larger faces with a wider fit. Warby Parker broke onto the scene over ten years ago (wow, has it been that long?) to challenge the status quo and virtual monopoly of the EssilorLuxotica empire. They’ve done pretty well for themselves, and that’s due in large part to their reasonable pricing model. But its also due to the aesthetic appeal of sunglasses like the Hunt.

Key Features

 Made from hand-polished cellulose acetate
Prescription lenses made from polycarbonate
100% UV blocking


 Brand: Warby Parker
 Model: Hunt

3. Hugo Boss - Men's BO879s Rectangular Sunglasses

Hugo Boss - Men's B0879s Rectangular Sunglasses

These rectangular shaped glasses from Hugo Boss are the exemplification of the upper class and stylish chic. With their polarized lenses and unique combination of hard and soft angles, they’ll be right at home on most faces.

Key Features

 Textured frames
Polarized lenses
Available in four frame and lens colour combinations


 Brand: Hugo Boss
 Model: Men’s B0879s Rectangular Sunglasses

4. Persol - 714 Steve McQueen Series

Persol Steve McQueen Series 714 Sunglasses

No doubt you’ve heard the name, Steve McQueen. If not, consider this your virtual slap in the face. Perhaps I’m a bit too harsh, and you don’t need to have at least a cursory understanding of who he was. Suffice to say, in his time; he was the epitome of Hollywood cool. Think Brad Pitt, but arguably even cooler. In 1968, Seve McQueen arrived on the set of The Thomas Crown Affair wearing a pair of Persol 714 sunglasses. Now you can own the same pair of ultra-cool sunglasses in four different flavours that are sure to stand out in the crowd. 

Key Features

 Made of Acetate
Polarized lenses
Customized monogram available


 Brand: Persol
 Model: 714SM Steve McQueen
 Measurements: 54-21-140

5. Deus Ex Machina - Brockhouse Sunglasses Black

Deus Ex Machina Brockhouse Sunglasses Black

This classic and somewhat oversized looking pair of men’s sunglasses come in one colour only, black. But that’s ok because its straight temples bring a timeless aesthetic that’s hard to ignore. Hand-made in Japan, the Brockhouse comes with a variety of extras including a beautiful oil skin and leather case, a military spec black steel pop fastener and an embossed polishing cloth. These sunglasses were clearly designed for a man that doesn’t mind making a statement, even when riding a motorcycle apparently.

Key Features

 Made of 4-base 100% Japanese Takiron acetate
High-polish to  prevent scratching
CR-39 custom tint lenses


 Brand: Deus Ex Machina
 Model: Brockhouse Sunglasses

6. Mr Porter - Kingsman Sunglasses

Mr Porter - Kingsman Sunglasses

Just like the on-screen Kingsman agents from the Kingsman movie series, these sunglasses are both distinguished and discreet. In other words, they exude a classiness and expensive look without being too obnoxiously loud about it. These Italian made men’s sunglasses are hand-crafted from black acetate and would look best on a more narrow and angular shaped face. With 100% UV protection and Italian manufacturing quality, you can’t go wrong with these for all of your summer adventures.

Key Features

 Made of black matte acetate
Slightly brown lenses
100% UV protection


 Brand: Mr Porter
 Model: Kingsman

7. Oakley - Diecutter

Oakley Diecutter Sunglasses

I’ll be the first to admit, these men’s sunglasses from Oakley clearly fall more into the sports sunglasses for men category than purely fashion frames. But if you love the Oakley brand as I do, there’s still something extraordinarily stylish about this pair. With an immaculate and minimalist look, the stainless steel frame includes no-slip ear socks that help increase grip with perspiration. The black iridium polarized lenses complete the dark and foreboding look, which is the way I like my men’s sunglasses.

Key Features

Stainless steel construction
 Silicone nosepads
Suitable for medium to large faces
Lenses filter 100% of UVA, UVB and even some harmful blue light
Glare reduction using polarizing technology


 Brand: Oakley
 Model: Diecutter

8. Etnia Barcelona - Waterfront Sun Sunglasses

Etnia Barcelona - Waterfront Sun Sunglasses

The Waterfront Sun model from Spanish eyewear maker Etnia Barcelona is available in three different colour combinations. It is a remarkable combination of materials, angles, and style.

The natural mineral glass lenses provide a sharper look on the world than traditional plastic lenses. But don’t worry, they’re still shock and scratch-resistant to provide maximum protection. Of-course, the look of these men’s sunglasses is unusual. They are all-together masculine but also elegant. And while I usually cringe at sunglass manufacturers for doing this, this time, the small Etnia Barcelona logo printed on the blue gradient lens adds to the classiness of these sunglasses. This is an incredible and stylish pair of sunglasses for men with modern art nouveau motifs.

Key Features

Maximum UV protection
Triple-layer anti-reflective interior cuts down on unwanted and distracting reflections
Hydrophobic and Oleaphobic coating on lenses


 Brand: Etnia Barcelona
 Model: Waterfront Sun

9. Vuarnet 180° 1931 Mono-Screen Panoramic Sunglasses

Vuarnet - 180 Degrees 1931 Mono-Screen Panoramic Sunglasses

Hey, remember when for a very brief time, everyone in grade school, circa the ’90s, wore a Vuarnet t-shirt? No? Well, perhaps you had to be of a certain Generation X age to have gone through that phase of life. In any case, the French brand known as Vuarnet has been on the leading edge creating incredibly fashionable and iconic sunglasses since the 1960s. So it comes as no surprise that these are some of the most badass and frankly out-of-this-world sunglasses I’ve ever seen. Undoubtedly inspired by the shape of skiing glasses, these panoramic sunglasses extend your field of view up to 180 degrees. Available in four colours, including a subtle matte black / grey, you won’t have any trouble turning heads when you wear this pair of funky frames.

Key Features

 Purple flash blue lens
Anti-reflective lenses treated with oleophobic and hydrophobic coating
100% UV protection
 Frame made with performance nylon.
 Manufactured in Italy


 Brand: Vuarnet
 Model: 180° 1931 Mono-Screen Panoramic Sunglasses

10. Ray-Ban - Clubmaster Aluminum Square Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Aluminum Sunglasses

Ray-Ban likes to describe these sunglasses as some sort of mixture of vintage and modern. And while I agree with that general assessment, I’d also have to say that there is something a touch futuristic-looking about them. These popular sunglasses for men are one of Ray-Ban’s top-selling models. Made from aluminum metal, the Clubmaster is an exceptionally lightweight frame and come in a variety of colours and finishes. Refactored for the modern world from the classic Clubmaster shape, you can’t go wrong with a traditional yet contemporary pair of Ray-Bans.

Key Features

 Aluminum frame
Polarized Green Classic G-15 lenses


 Brand: Ray-Ban
 Model: Clubmaster Aluminum

11. Shwood - Canby Wood Sunglasses

Shwood Canby Wood Sunglasses

Shwood is a Portland-based company that, in 2009, began with a simple pair of wooden sunglasses. In the following eleven years, the company has experimented with a wide variety of materials. Their lineup of wood frames, however, remains my favourite. The Canby sunglasses for men come in two wooden finishes, a light-coloured Walnut, which you can see in the image above, as well as a darker distressed Walnut colour. This pair is Schwood’s flagship model and offers some pretty classic styling that looks good on almost any shaped face. With a tremendous amount of attention to detail, this is one of the nicest men’s wooden sunglasses you can own.

Key Features

 Premium grade hardwood
Comfort spring hinges
100% UVA / UVB blocking
Comes with a travel case and microfiber cleaning cloth


 Brand: Shwood
 Model: Canby Wood Sunglasses

12. ROKA - Phantom Titanium Aviator Sunglasses for Men

Roka - Phantom TItanium Aviator Sunglasses for Men

This pair of men’s Aviator sunglasses are different. Their heritage is not purely formed out of the world of fashion. It’s a sort of hybrid that you don’t often see in the world of men’s sunglasses. Perhaps that’s why since their introduction only a mere three years ago, they’ve been bestowed a ridiculous amount of accolades and awards. What I meant by hybrid is that they are obviously inspired by the iconic pilot’s frame, but have the pedigree of sunglasses designed for an athlete. Constructed with a ridiculously light titanium frame and infused with advanced lens coatings as well as sweat-proof, the Phantom Titanium is available in four different frame and lens combinations.

Key Features

Only weigh an ultralight 20 grams
Fingerprint resistant
Durable titanium frame


 Brand: Roka
 Model: Phantom Titanium Aviator Sunglasses for Men

13. Raen Wiley - Rectangular Sunglasses

Raen Wiley Rectangular Sunglasses for Men

This pair of rectangular sunglasses for men are oversized, which can look especially good on larger and rounder faces. Designed in California, these sunglasses use industry-leading lenses that provide 100% harmful UVA and UVB protection. Non-polarized and RXable (lenses can be turned into prescription lenses), this pair of handsome and handmade sunglasses will look great on plenty of men’s faces. They are also available in three different lens colours, including a slightly green tinge, brown. And if that’s not enough variety for you, they are also available in five different frame colours.

Key Features

 Acetate frame construction
Non-polarized lenses
Case included
Lenses are prescription ready


 Brand: Raen 
 Model: Wiley Rectangular Sunglasses

14. Maui Jim - Even Keel Polarized Fashion Sunglasses

Maui Jim - Even Keel Polarized Fashion Sunglasses

Smooth. Steady. Streamlined. That’s an excellent summation of these stylish men’s sunglasses in just three words. Designed to make an impression, these brushed silver frame sunglasses with a powder blue lens will give any man a unique aesthetic that might catch the attention of someone you want to either enchant or impress. Also available in some classic colour combinations including a gorgeous gunmetal frame with translucent matte grey lenses, these Maui Jim frames provide sharp contrast and super-crisp optics by way of 20 to 30% thinner and lighter lenses than standard plastic or glass lenses.

Key Features

 Superior optics
Super thin lenses
Polarized sunglasses
Scratch and solvent resistant


 Brand: Maui Jim
 Model: Even Keel

15. SunSki - Seacliff Men's Sunglasses in Mist Brown

SunSki Seacliff Men's Sunglasses

These polarized shades are made from recycled materials, which is a bonus in this day and age. But that’s not the only reason you should consider them as your next pair of sunglasses. First of all, the shape is nearly perfect. They are also available in four different colour combinations and, without a doubt, would look at home on the face of someone like Ryan Gosling. Look cool without really trying is what these sunglasses say to me. They’re a medium-sized frame with small-to-medium coverage, meaning they’ll likely look best on small to medium-sized faces. Oh, and they also come with a lifetime warranty, which is fairly rare in the sunglasses racket.

Key Features

 Polarized lenses
100% UVA / UVB blockage
Made of recycled SuperLight resin material
Lifetime warranty


 Brand: SunSki
 Model: SeaCliff

16. Bose - Frames Rondo Bluetooth Sunglasses

Bose Frames Rondo Bluethooth Sunglasses

Before Apple’s long-rumours Augmented Reality glasses arrive on the market, these Bose Frames Rondo may be the next best thing. Sure, they don’t have any AR features, but they have a solution to the sometimes awkward look of AirPods in your ears. Incorporating a small but powerful Bose speaker right into the frame, these sunglasses are Bluetooth enabled and pump music, podcasts and phone calls into your ears. They’re compatible with both Apple’s iPhones and Android devices, and the lenses are fully prepared to be turned into prescription lenses. A pretty great combination of providing your eyes relief from the sun and sound connectivity while still looking pretty fabulous.

Key Features

 Open-ear audio
Bluetooth connectivity
100% UVA / UVB protection
Integrated microphone
iOS and Android compatible
Prescription lenses available
Wireless charging
Play / pause controls + volume controls + access Siri or Google Assistant


 Brand: Bose
 Model: Frames Rondo
 Battery life: Up to 3.5 hours of music playback

17. Oakley - Apparition Men's Sunglasses

Oakley Apparition Sunglasses

If you’re looking for a durable and trendy pair of men’s sunglasses that ooze plenty of cool, you’ve come to the right place. The Oakley Apparition shades combine sporty and fashion-first aesthetics through a combination of shape and options. With a massive selection of frame colours and lens technologies, you can get just the look you’re looking for. Pictured above in the Satin Black Ink frame colour and Prizm Ruby lens colour, these sunglasses create a universally flattering silhouette. The combination of lightweight materials with stainless steel strength means you won’t have to worry too much about babying these sunglasses while out and about in the world.

Key Features

 Lifestyle sunglasses
Lightweight stainless steel temples
Available with PRIZM lens technology designed to enhance colour, contrast and detail.


 Brand: Oakley
 Model: Apparition

18. Warby Parker for Alex Mill: Downing Sunglasses

Warby Parker for Alex Mill Downing Sunglasses

Alex Mill is an exciting company. Its primary products are clothing, much of which I love. They sell fashionable clothing staples like shirts, tees, polos, jackets, pants and outerwear for both men and women without chasing every new trend. I would call their apparel designs as being timeless and evergreen. It’s little wonder that they hooked up with Warby Parker to produce this limited edition set of unique shades. Available in three different, truly awesome colour combinations, if I had all the money in the world, I’d buy all three options.

Key Features

 Available in two other colours: Breaker Blue and Russet Red
Based on Warby Parker’s Downing frames
Comes with a customer-printed lens cloth


 Brand: Warby Parker for Alex Mill
 Model: Downing Sunglasses

19. Vuarnet - Legend 02 Sunglasses

Vuarnet - Legend 02 Sunglasses

This pair of men’s sunglasses from Vuarnet is probably the most aptly named pair of shades you’ll find anywhere. After all, this pair was worn by Olympic ski champion Jean Vuarnet in 1960 and was quickly adopted as “THE” pair of shades to wear by celebrities like Mick Jagger. Now available in a massive seventeen different frame and lens combinations, you’re not going to go wrong wearing this pair of men’s sunglasses. Practical for nearly any casual or formal setting.

Key Features

 Suites most medium sized faces
Frame is a Nylon construction
Made in France


 Brand: Vuarnet
 Model: Legend 02

20. Carrera - Hot Aviator Sunglasses

While the word Aviator graces the formal product name of these sunglasses from Carrera, they more resemble a slightly modified aviator shape. In any case, the resemblance is close enough to give this product that moniker. But while the form does, in fact, more or less match the class aviator shape, there are other design flairs here that I like more. First is the unique hinge system that, instead of trying to de-emphasize that part, works to capitalize on it. Next is the silver-coloured line that runs the length of the temple and the Carerra logo on the bridge of the glasses. Overall, a nice pair of shades for a man that doesn’t mind a bit of shine on their sunglasses.

Key Features

 One-year warranty
Polarized lenses
Made of Acetate plastic


 Brand: Carrera
 Model: Hot Aviator Sunglasses

21. Warby Parker - Fletcher Sunglasses

Warby Parker - Fletcher Sunglasses

The deceivingly simple look of these modern sunglasses may have you question whether they belong on this list of best sunglasses for men, but I assure you they do. Here’s why. First, the Wayfarer shape instantly warms a soft spot in my heart. Next, the super clean lines worked into the entirety of the body make for a pleasant minimalist aesthetic that is also near and dear to my heart. And this being Warby Parker, you get to choose these frames in either medium, wide, and extra-wide options. This is great because, after all, some of us are just graced with gigantically broad faces, aren’t we?

Key Features

 Constructed out of hand-polished acetate
Prescription lenses made from polycarbonate, non-prescription lenses made from CR-39 plastic.
100% UV Ray protection


 Brand: Warby Parker
 Model: Fletcher

22. Shwood - Francis Wood Sunglasses

Shwood Francis Wood Sunglasses

Another terrific pair of wood sunglasses for men comes from Shwood. With a rounded silhouette and keyhole bridge, this pair is instantly flattering on a wide variety of face shapes. Big, small, round, square, it doesn’t matter. This pair has been designed to be more of a Unisex style that can accommodate almost anyone. With a classic but modern look, the Francis is available in a Dark Walnut, and Walnut finish with grey polarized or non-polarized lenses.

Key Features

 Made from premium-grade hardwood
Comfort spring hinges (makes them easier to take on and off)
CR39 lenses
100% UVA & UVB protection
Includes a travel case and microfiber cleaning cloth


 Brand: Shwood
 Model: Francis Wood Sunglasses

23. Persol - 649 Series Sunglasses

Persol - 649 Series Sunglasses

Persol is an iconic shades maker. As a result, they have a long-list of famous eyewear in their product lineup. This is one of them. The 649 Series of Men’s sunglasses was originally designed in 1957 for Turin tram-drivers. It became infamous when legend Marcello Mastroianni wore it in the classic movie: Divorce, Italian Style. Available in five distinct colour combinations, the 649 Series is one of Persol’s best-selling pair of sunglasses.

Key Features

 Free monogram engraving available
Available in small and standard sizes


 Brand: Persol
 Model: 649 Series

24. Ray Ban - Original Wayfarer Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classic Sunglasses

What else is left to say about possibly the most iconic pair of sunglasses ever made? They’ve been around for nearly seven decades, and the only thing that’s changed about them is that they are now synonymous with the look of cool in the summer months. Musicians, celebrities, artists and those with impeccable fashion sense have all embraced this classic throughout the years. So why not you?

Key Features

 Acetate plastic frame
Green Classic G-15 plastic lenses


 Brand: Ray-Ban
 Model: Original Wayfarer Classic Sunglasses

25. Maui Jim - Peahi Polarized Wrap Sunglasses

Maui Jim Peahi Polarized Wrap Sunglasses

Some men simply prefer a rounder shape of sunglasses. That’s completely fine, especially when they come in the form of frames that wrap around, providing a greater field of view. That’s the signature look of these shades named after a legendary surf break on Maui’s north shore. These durable frames are designed to last and look pretty incredible while doing it. Available in a large selection of lens and frame colours, you’re more than likely to find a combination that will suit you.

Key Features

 20-32% thinner lenses than standard sunglasses
Superior optics
Includes a case, and cleaning cloth
2-year warranty


 Brand: Maui Jim 
 Model: Peahi

26. Oakley - Men's Latch Round Sunglasses

Oakley Men's Latch Round Sunglasses

The trend of clear frames has been going strong for a few years now. And while it didn’t start in the sunglasses world, it quickly migrated there as well. Many manufactured, such as Oakley, have jumped on the trend to create some pretty spectacular shades. The Men’s Latch Round is just such a pair. The rounded lens represents a more vintage style that has been combined with some of Oakley’s most advanced lens technologies. So what we have here is a superb combination of old and new, resulting in one of the best-looking pairs of men’s sunglasses available in 2020.

Key Features

 Plastic frame and lenses
100% UV-A and UV-B protection


 Brand: Oakley
 Model: Latch Round

27. Vuarnet - Legend 03 - The Dude's Sunglasses

Vuarnet - Legend 03 - The Dude's Sunglasses

Vuarnet seems to have a real knack for creating eyewear that appears to resonate with the Hollywood types. The Legend 03 is inspired by an original 1960’s design but didn’t take off in popularity until a particular Coen Brothers film was released. One of my favourite movies of all time, The Big Lebowski, features Jeff Bridges as “The Dude” wearing this pair of Vuarnet men’s sunglasses. Available in seven different colour options, this pair of shades offers the usual gamut of Vuarnet lens technologies you’ve come to expect from this French sunglasses manufacturer.

Key Features

 Seven different colour options.
Great for larger faces with rectangular or square shapes.
Frame is made of nylon material exclusive to Vuarnet.
Made in France.


 Brand: Vuarnet
 Model: Legend 03

28. Warby Parker - Durand

Warby Parker - Durand Sunglasses

This somewhat strangely shaped pair of sunglasses tries to straddle the line between square and round. It does that by striking a remarkably subtle balance, which leads it to land on this list of the best sunglasses for men. Available in five different colour options, including the above clear frame and dark grey lens combo. The Durand is also available in a surprisingly feminine choice for any ladies that want to take a pair of these beautiful sunglasses home. As with all Warby Parker glasses, the Durand has scratch-resistant lenses that block 100% of UV rays.

Key Features

 Prescription lenses made from polycarbonate
Non prescription version is made from CR-39 plastic
Available in medium and wide widths


 Brand: Warby Parker
 Model: Durand

29. Vuarnet - Swing 1611

Vuarnet Swing 1611 Aviator Sunglasses

I can’t say with any level of certainty what the name of these sunglasses seems to imply. But with the French and their historical predilections for such things, I wouldn’t put it past them to have named these shades for such scandalous/fun activities. In any case, this pair of beautiful aviator sunglasses are designed to be almost all lens. With their ultra-thin frame and temple supports and made of titanium, they’re an attractive option for any man looking for a lightweight pair of shades with plenty of style and attitude.

Key Features

Anti-reflective lenses
Oleophobic & Hydrophobic lens coating
100% UV protection


 Brand: Vuarnet
 Model: Swing 1611

30. Warby Parker - Raider Sunglasses

Warby Parker - Raider Sunglasses

I’m going to finish off this list of what I consider to be some of the most fashionable and frankly, attainable men’s sunglasses by saying that despite featuring all manner of shapes here, I think I may have under-represented the Aviator style. This vintage-inspired pair of shades from Warby Parker will get you one step closer to sporting that Dirk Diggler look (that’s a reference to the movie Boogie Nights for all your philistines or Millennials)

Key Features

Constructed from stainless steel & custom cellulose acetate
100% UVA and UVB protection
Anti-scratch coating
Available in medium and wide widths


 Brand: Warby Parker
 Model: Raider

Sebastian Arciszewski

Sebastian Arciszewski

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