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30 Incredible White Sneakers for Men

Best White Sneakers for Men

Amidst a sea of sneakers with more colours than you can shake your stick at, white sneakers for men remain a reliable classic, you can go back to time and time again. The versatility of the white sneaker, as it pairs with almost any outfit, is why I decided to compile this list. The other reason is that sometimes all-white kicks are hard to find locally and so you have to turn to the world of online retail to find just the right pair you’ll love. And finally, there’s something so sublimely minimalist about a choice set of white sneakers that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write this piece.

White sneakers of-course run the gamut of both price and quality. A lot of the white sneakers I’ve featured here are on the higher-end of the spectrum. The reason is that the moment you dip into the budget shoes, you immediately see why they’ve been priced that way. The last thing you want your white sneakers to do is crease too quickly, be difficult to clean or look grungy after only a few dozen wears. That’s not to say that your white sneakers will never get dirty or scuffed up. The best way to protect them, however, is to apply a good sneaker protector once in a while and get an easy-to-use sneaker cleaning kit.

I scoured hundreds of retailers that offer white sneakers online and probably had over a few hundred browser tabs open at some point during my search for what I consider to be the world’s best, and most beautiful white sneakers for men. With that said, go forth and enjoy the bounty of my search and my now somewhat RSI riddled hands. These are the best white sneakers for men.

1. Lacoste - Mens Bayliss Vulc PRM Casual Shoe Fashion Sneaker

Lacoste Mens Bayliss Vulc PRM Casual Shoe Fashion Sneaker

Lacoste is well known for its mega fashion empire. Part of that time is a shoe business that has produced some of the most exquisite and sublime sneakers available. This white sneaker is one of them. Featuring a subtle and casual style along with a leather upper and subtle Lacoste logo, this shoe has the perfect mix of design elements combined with restraint. The upper back part of the leather upper features a gorgeous perforated hole section and includes a stylish ornamental lace that goes through two eyelets. Featuring a solid rubber sole and a lace-up closure along with a cushioned footbed, this is one of the most beautiful white sneakers I’ve ever seen.

Key Features

 85% Leather, 15% Synthetic
Rubber sole
Low-top white sneaker
Decorative lace at the back


 Brand: Lacoste
 Model: Mens Bayliss Vulc PRM Casual Fashion Sneaker
 Sizes: 7-13

2. Oliver Cabell - Low 1 White Sneakers

Oliver Cabell - Low 1 White Sneakers

With a genuinely iconic silhouette, Oliver Cabell’s take on the low-top men’s white sneaker is pretty much what you would expect from a shoemaker whose footwear is handcrafted in the Marche region of Italy. In other words, exquisite is an understatement. Married with an Italian calfskin leather upper, the outsole is made of a durable and lightweight rubber. Even the bottom of this sneaker is minimalist, yet designed with a purpose.

Key Features

 Manufactured in Italy
Margom Italian outsoles
Italian cotton laces


 Brand: Oliver Cabell
 Model: Low 1 White
 Sizes: 5-14

3. Cole Haan - Men's Grand Crosscourt li Sneaker

Cole Haan Mens Grand Crosscourt li Sneaker

This sublime yet straightforward sneaker from Cole Haan is a stunning combination of design elements for a classic looking white sneaker. This shoe was designed to mimic the look of classic sport oxford sneakers, its a perfect way to add a tailored yet casual style to your outfit. And not for nothing, but these are some of the more affordable fashion sneakers I’ve mentioned on this list.

Key Features

100% Leather
Rubber sole
Injection molded outsole
Textile lined


 Brand: Cole Haan
 Model: Mens Grand Crosscourt li
 Sizes: 7-13

4. KOIO - Men's Capri Triple White Perforated Sneakers


There’s something about the design power of texture that can take a product to a whole new level. Designers have to be careful, however. Too much texture, in an otherwise uncluttered item, like a sneaker, can ruin everything. Luckily the designer behind these white sneakers from KOIO wielded power responsibly and decided to perforate just the right amount of surface area of this shoe. As a gorgeous all-white sneaker, this is a perfect shoe to wear for nearly any occasion.

Key Features

 Leather upper
Cotton laces
Subtle embossed logo on the back


 Brand: KOIO
 Model: Capri Triple White Perforated
 Sizes: 7-14

5. Onitsuka Tiger - Mexico 66 SD

Onitsuka Tiger - Mexico 66 SD

Onitsuka Tiger is an incredibly successful offshoot brand of ASICS. Or is it the other way around? In any case, the two are connected, and the running heritage and pedigree have always been apparent, even in the company’s line of fashion sneakers. This retro-inspired Mexico 66 SD sneaker has gone through various iterations throughout the years, but it first debuted in 1968 in Mexico City and has now been redesigned for modern life. Having owned perhaps half a dozen Onitsuka tiger sneakers, I can tell you unequivocally that you can’t go wrong with this low-top silhouette with classic design touches.

Key Features

 Classic Onitsuka Tiger design
Moisture management by way of a sockliner


 Brand: Onitsuka Tiger
 Model: Mexico 66 SD
 Sizes: 4-14

6. Polo Ralph Lauren - Men's Faxon Leather Fashion Sneaker

Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Faxon Leather Fashion Sneaker

While this sneaker from Polo Ralph Lauren is available in six other colours, it’s the nearly all-white that stands out to me as a classic and sumptuous sneaker. With an authentic and classic look, this is a shoe you’re most likely going to be wearing while at a fancy restaurant patio in the middle of summer. Or perhaps you’re sailing to an island for the afternoon, and you need a pair of white sneakers that will accompany that preppy look most men wind up wearing on sailboats. In any case, this all-leather white sneaker is the embodiment of a modern and minimalist style.

Key Features

 Two-toned round laces
All-leather upper construction


 Brand: Polo Ralph Lauren
 Model: Men’s Faxon Leather Fashion Sneaker
 Sizes: 7.5 to 17

7. JAK - Nova Off-White Sneakers

JAK - Nova Off-White Sneakers

Ever since first running across this Portuguese brand, I’ve been enthralled with the JAK brand of shoes and sneakers. With a truly superb eye for minimalist sneaker design, the creators of the Nova sneaker, also available in two other colours captured my attention. The iconic silhouette, along with nearly perfect lines across the shoe’s entire surface, means JAK has achieved a timeless design. Hand-made in Portugal, the Nova sports a Nubuck leather upper and a cemented and stitched rubber sole. A wonderful pair of sneakers I urge you to consider.

Key Features

Ultra soft calf leather lining
 Cotton laces
Removable shock-proof innersoles
Loose fit
Comes with extra laces


 Brand: JAK
 Model: Nova Off-White
 Sizes: 38-46 (European sizing)

8. Magnanni - Elonso Lo White and Red Men's Fashion Sneakers

Magnanni Elonso Lo White and Red Men's Fashion Sneakers

I had not heard of the Magnanni brand before, but when I searched for more knowledge about this company, I instantly became enamoured by their story. Starting in 1954 in Almansa, Spain, Magnanni has a rich shoemaking tradition that has been handed down for over four generations. A family business to be sure. The Elnso Lo is a modern cup sole fashion sneaker with strategically placed folded lines. Made of calfskin leather (pretty much the softest leather you can get), the upper is accented by a beautiful leather tongue tab. A stunning sneaker that any man will adore.

Key Features

Rubber sole
Calfskin Leather Upper
Handmade in Spain


 Brand: Magnanni
 Model: Elonso Lo White and Red Men’s Fashion Sneakers
 Sizes: 7-10

9. Uniform Standard - Series 3 White Tumbled Leather Men's Sneakers


I want to tell you a bit about the company that makes it before I tell you about this shoe. Uniform Standard is a newcomer, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the experience. The people that started the company have been making sneakers for other brands for over 15 years. Working with tanneries in Italy to source their materials, Uniform Standards is committed to only sourcing from producers that adhere to strict environmental standards. The remainder of the shoes’ materials, such as the outsoles, footbeds, insole boards, and even the packaging, are all made from partially or wholly recycled material.

The Series 3 white leather men’s sneaker is made from tumbled Italian leather. The contrasting suede toecap and heel add a lovely touch to the overall design of this sneaker, inspired by mid-century German army training shoes. Each pair of sneakers is hand-stitched and lasted in Portugal.

Key Features

 Full Italian leather lining
Waxed cotton laces for extra strength
Included carry bag
 Hand-stitched in Portugal


 Brand: Uniform Standard
 Model: Series 3 White Tunbled Leather Men’s Sneaker
 Sizes: 7-13

10. PUMA - Smash V2 Sneaker

PUMA Smash V2 Sneaker

Puma has always been one of my favourite fashion brands. I’ve worn many of their sneakers in the past. So I can personally attest to their quality and comfort. The Puma Smash V2 shoe is a new interpretation of old iconic sneaker design. Inspired by tennis sneaker design, the Smash V2 features a soft leather upper and matching white rubber sole. A great shoe for daily wear, and if you don’t like the all-white finish, (which is kind of crazy if you ask me), the sneaker is also available in eight other colour combinations.

Key Features

 Leather upper
Rubber sole
Casual athletic sneaker


 Brand: PUMA
 Model: Smash V2 Sneaker
 Sizes: 4-14

11. Axel Arigato - Clean 90 Sneaker

Axel Arigato Clean 90 Sneaker White

Wow. This shoe is one of the cleanest and most minimalist men’s white sneakers I’ve found. Axel Arigato is a Portugal-based company that makes astonishingly magnificent sneakers, clothing and accessories for men and women. Hand-made from smooth leather in white with a matching rubber sole, the minimalist silhouette is a thing to behold. Most sneakers only glue their sole to the upper portion of the shoe, but Axel Arigato sneakers are also stitched together to provide extra durability and long life. Flat cotton laces and a very subtle logo stamp in gold finish the look of maybe my favourite sneaker on this list.

Key Features

 100% leather
Cemented to ensure the original shape is retained
Flat cotton laces
A polyester branded dustbag is included


 Brand: F-Stop
 Model: Dalston
 Volume: 21L
 Exterior Dimensions: 18.9 x 11.4 x 6.3 inches

12. Adidas - Men's Grand Court Sneaker

adidas Men's Grand Court Sneaker

The Adidas Grand Court is a handsome white sneaker that beautifully incorporates a few Adidas signature elements. First is the world-famous three slanted stripes, which immediately identifies the shoe as being an Adidas. Second is the Adidas name-mark logo, subtly embossed into the shoe’s rubber sole near the back. The Men’s Grand Court sneaker has extra cushioning and is reminiscent of ’70’s style with its suede upper and leather details. An excellent and versatile sneaker for all occasions.

Key Features

Suede, rubber and leather construction
Rubber sole
Pillow-soft cushioning for casual comfort


 Brand: Adidas
 Model: Men’s Grand Court Sneaker
 Sizes: 4-14

13. Von-Routte - Lyon Stripe White Sky Blue Sneakers

Von-Routte lyon stripe white sky blue sneakers

You don’t usually think of Australia as a hotbed of fashion innovation, especially when it comes to sneakers. But with increasing frequency, we see companies like Von-Routte come to the sneaker design game with some real gusto. This low-top sneaker is a gorgeous two-toned wonder. With a lace-up front, leather lining and embossed logo, it’s a beautiful combination of materials and design. The Lyon Stripe sneaker is hand-made in Portugal (apparently that’s where all the attractive white sneakers for men are manufactured).

Key Features

 Free world-wide delivery
Cushioned footbed
Stitched and glued sole
Leather lining


 Brand: Von-Routte
 Model: Lyon Stripe White Sky Blue
 Sizes: 7-12

14. Lacoste - Men's Esparre Sneaker

Lacoste Mens Esparre Sneaker

Smooth, sleek and probably the best logo placement I’ve ever seen on any sneaker are the defining characteristics of this men’s white sneaker from Lacoste. A tennis-court inspired Derby-style sneaker features a leather upper with clean lines and a gorgeous metallic crocodile emblem on one side of the heel. This sneaker is also available in three other beautiful combinations, and honestly, I like this shoe so much, I might just get a pair of them in each colour.

Key Features

 Leather upper
Rubber sole
Low-top white sneaker
Ortholite insock


 Brand: Lacoste
 Model: Men’s Esparre Sneaker
 Sizes: 7-13

15. Nike - Drop-Type Premium

Nike Drop-Type Premium

The Drop-Type premium is a premium white sneaker once again, inspired by classic tennis shoes from Nike’s yesteryear collection. The shoe sports some extremely subtle hints of colour throughout but also sports a gorgeously understated Nike logo that is stitched to the lower part of the upper body near the front of the shoe. The rubber toecap does not look too intrusive and is sure to extend the elegant white sneaker’s life for men.

Key Features

 Classic low-profile
Autoclave construction
Rubber toe cap


 Brand: Nike
 Model: Drop-Type Premium
 Sizes: 7-12

16. VANS - Sk8-Hi Casual High-Top Shoes

VANS Sk8-Hi Unisex Casual High-Top Skate Shoes,

I’ll readily cop to the fact that I’m not a massive fan of high-top sneakers. But of course, some love them. And they certainly have a distinctive look and also provide more canvas for sneaker designers to play with. That said, this Sk8 high-top skate shoe from VANS is not precisely a sneaker, but I thought it was worthy enough to make it on this list. Made from a combination of durable canvas and suede upper, it also features a padded ankle and vulcanized waffle outsole.

Key Features

 Canvas and leather construction
Lace-up high-top white sneaker for men
Available in a huge range of other colours


 Brand: VANS
 Model: Sk8-Hi Unisex Casual High-Top Skate Shoes
 Sizes: 7.5-15

17. Everlane - The Court Sneaker

Everlane The Court Sneaker

Once upon-a-time Everlane was but a mere startup with a subscription-based model that would send you some beautiful clothing every month. Times have changed, and Everlane is now an online fashion behemoth. As a result, the product line has expanded significantly. And yes, they now sell shoes, including this all-white men’s Court Sneaker. With true-to-size sizing, the upper is made of 100% full-grain leather, sourced from a Gold-certified tannery. And if its looks haven’t convinced you, know that this versatile leather sneaker is in-part made of recycled rubber and polyester, making it a low-impact product on the environment.

Key Features

 Made in Vietnam
100% Full-Grain leather
100% Recycled polyester lining


 Brand: Everlane
 Model: The Court Sneaker
 Sizes: 7-13

18. Gola - Classic Men's Tennis Mark Cox Trainer

Gola Classics Men's Tennis Mark Cox Trainer

Gola is another long-time favourite of mine when it comes to sneakers. I’ve had a suede pair of them for about twelve years now, and while they certainly don’t look brand new, they’ve worn in exceptionally nicely. My history with Gola sneakers tells me one thing. They exhibit a level of quality rarely seen in today’s cutthroat world of sneaker manufacturing. The Gola Classic Men’s Tennis Mark Cox Trainer is based on a shoe that was initially worn in 1975 by tennis player Mark Cox. The white upper is combined with a gorgeous signature three stripe colour accent. And in case you’re looking for something with even more colour, this white sneaker is available in seven more inverted colour combinations.

Key Features

 Tennis shoe inspired design
Retro style harkens back to the 1970’s
Vegan friendly construction


 Brand: Gola
 Model: Classics Men’s Tennis mark Cox Trainer
 Sizes: 8-13

19. Atoms - Model 000

Atoms - Model 000

I have been lusting after this pair of white sneakers from upstart Atoms for a little while now. Hey Atoms people, I wear them in size ten, and I like them in both the Black and Ocean Blue colour. Now that I’ve completed my begging for these incredible sneakers out in the open let’s talk about the snow-white version of these bad boys. Made of a breathable material, one of the great features of the Model OOO is that it comes in quarter sizes, meaning you’ll get the perfect fit. Of course, that’s just the start of what makes this a great sneaker. First, there’s the aesthetics. Look at these things; they’re absolutely perfect in every respect. Clean lines throughout and a subtle texture that gives the shoe a signature look.

Then, of course, there’s the fact that Atoms decided to give the sneaker an antimicrobial copper insole helping to eliminate foot odour and keep your feet safe from germs. But perhaps my favourite part of Atoms sneakers is that they’ve incorporated a lacing technology that seems almost out of this world. The laces are made of some sort of magic elastic material that’s both stretchy but firm enough to keep your shoe nice and snug. What does this mean? You’ll likely only ever have to lace them up once, allowing for easy slipping on and off.

Key Features

 Anti-microbial copper insoles
Elastic laces
Lightweight outsole


 Brand: Atoms
 Model: Model 000
 Sizes: 4-15

20. JAK - Atom All White Sneaker


An incredibly svelte shoe, the JAK Atom all-white was designed and crafted in Portugal and has achieved an iconic look. With a one-piece tongueless leather upper, this shoe is bound to turn the heads of nearly everyone that sees it. Made of full-grain calf leather, natural cotton laces and a cemented and stitched rubber sole, the Atom all-white shoe is bound to please.

Key Features

 Full-grain calf leather upper
Ultra-soft calf leather lining
Cotton laces
Extra slim innersoles for a loose fit
Comes with extra laces and cotton transport bag


 Brand: JAK
 Model: Atom All White
 Sizes: 6.5 to 12

21. Allbirds - Men's Tree Runners

Allbirds - Men's Tree Runners

Allbirds are the darlings of Silicon Valley. If you drew a heat-map of the United States to show where the highest concentration of Allbirds shoes is, I’m willing to bet that the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area would be glowing red hot. These breathable and super-lightweight sneakers are made from responsibly sourced eucalyptus tree fibre. That makes them unique amongst the sneakers listed here. And if this all-white look is not your particular cup of tea… wait a minute, if all-white sneakers aren’t what you’re looking for, how did you land on this page? Nevermind. Once you’ve owned a pair of Allbirds, you’ll want them in many other colour combinations, which, as luck would have it, are plentiful.

Key Features

 Made of renewable materials
Machine washable
Minimizes odour
Ideal for warmer days


 Brand: Allbirds
 Model: Men’s Tree Runners
 Sizes: 8-14

22. New Balance - All Coasts 425

New Balance All Coasts 425

With a mix of design cues taken from two other well-known New Balance sneaker models, the All Coasts 425 offers a charming silhouette that is a mix between a classically designed tennis shoe and a coastal-inspired court shoe. The addition of the splash of red on the tongue along with the upper back makes for a stylish men’s white sneaker. Made of suede and canvas with a rubber outsole, this is the kind of shoe you can wear with almost any semi-casual outfit.

Key Features

 Made from suede and canvas
Rubber outsole
Cotton laces


 Brand: New Balance
 Model: All Coasts 425
 Sizes: 3.5-11.5

23. Converse - All Star Pack Pro Leather

Converse - All Star Pack Pro Leather all-white sneakers

Inspired by the shoes worn by “Dr.J” Erving, the current iteration of the Pro Leather is a brand new silhouette that has been designed to be more of a fashion sneaker. This means the whole structure of this white sneaker has been overhauled for improved fit and function. This men’s shoe is a stunning high-top white sneaker with just the right amount of detail and features, including the stitched star. But like many Converse sneakers, what you’ll notice the most is the utterly beautiful structure of the laces, which certainly does not disappoint.

Key Features

 Iconic Star chevron
Reinforced leather construction


 Brand: Converse
 Model: All Star Pack Pro Leather
 Sizes: 3-16

24. Spring Court - LA Classique B2 White

Spring Court LA CLASSIQUE B2 WHITE sneakers

If there was ever a mid-top sneaker that I could wear with joy, the LA Classique B2 White from Sping Court is probably it. With a unique silhouette and signature four holes punctuating the rubber sole, this is a beautiful sneaker that falls squarely somewhere in between a low-top and high-top shoe. The white cotton canvas upper is a thing to behold, but once you’ve navigated to the product page, make sure to check out the bottom of the sole. The rubber outsole’s pattern and natural colour are a perfect match for the rest of the shoe.

Key Features

 Flat cotton laces with 14 eyelets
Natural colour rubber outsole
Removable cotton top insole
Patented ventilated outsole


 Brand: Spring  Court
 Model: LA Classique B2 White
 Sizes: 35-46

25. Greats - Royale White Sneaker

Greats - Royale White Sneakers

Another relative newcomer to the shoemaking racket, Greats, is an American company headquartered in Brooklyn. With an eye towards superior quality, Greats has narrowed its manufacturing process to sourcing its materials only from a small valley in Italy where they work with seasoned craftspeople. The result? An absolutely exceptional line of footwear. The Men’s Royale white sneaker (also available in other colours) is Great’s best-selling sneaker. And it’s easy to see why. Every pair is hand-made in Italy and crafted out of full-grain leather both on the inside and out. Meaning this is a shoe you can comfortably wear without socks. Though what kind of a monster would want to ruin fine Italian leather with their foot sweat?

Key Features

 Premium Italian leather
Lined with soft-leather making socks optional
OrthoLite insoles provide extra cushioning
Waxed cotton laces


 Brand: Greats 
 Model: Royale
 Sizes: 7-15

26. Church's - Boland Calf Leather Classic Sneaker White

Church’s is a renowned British company whose roots go back to 1873 when in a small workshop, Thomas Church and his family decided to create a small factory to produce shoes. Through the decades since, Church’s has grown to offer some of the most elegant footwear Great Britain has to offer. I’ve given this pre-amble in service of the idea that now, you may not be surprised by the 450 EURO price tag of the Boland sneaker. Sure, that’s a lot of money, but what you get is one of the world’s most beautiful men’s sneakers in white. The Boland is a sophisticated take on what a men’s sneaker should look like. Clean, civilized and luxurious.

Key Features

 Straight lace-up laces
Leather contrast tongue with Church’s logo
Metal eyelets
Rubber sole


 Brand: Church’s 
 Model: Boland
 Sizes: 5-13

27. SWIMS - Breeze Tennis Knit

SWIMS Breeze Tennis Knit sneakers

While this Men’s white sneaker belongs on this list, by virtue of, you know, being white and being a sneaker, there’s another reason I think you should know about it. It’s probably the most technologically advanced shoe on here. No, that doesn’t mean the Breeze Tennis Knit will talk to you or give you the weather forecast. What it does mean, however, is that this machine-washable classic tennis shoe has had a tremendous amount of technology incorporated into its construction. The folks at SWIMS have put meaningful thought into all aspects of this sneaker from considerations about ventilation, comfort, weight, breathability, and traction.

Key Features

 Upper-layer, mid-layer, and outsole designed to promote ventiliation
Ultra-light outsole


 Brand: SWIMS
 Model: Breeze Tennis Knit
 Sizes: 7-13

28. Von-Routte - Rochelle Shoes White

Von Routte - Rochelle Shoes White Slip-On Sneakers

I’m not even sure what to say about the aesthetics of this particular sneaker. It’s weird, but also incredibly fresh and so novel, it immediately made me want it. It’s a two-toned sneaker with an elastic band on the front, which technically makes it a slip-on. It’s hand-made in Portugal, and it looks absolutely stunning on any wearer’s feet. That’s pretty much all you need to know about this fantastic sneaker from Von-Routte.

Key Features

 Leather upper
Rubber sole
Comfortable cushioned footbed
Stitched and glued sole for durability


 Model: Rochelle Shoes White
 Sizes: 8-11

29. Gola - Classic Men's Badminton Plimsoll Trainer

I couldn’t end this list without including another pair of Gola sneakers. This Badminton inspired shoe has been slightly adapted throughout the years to have more of a fashion focus. The off-white men’s sneaker has a canvas and suede upper with the classic wing flash branding in Baltic blue—an affordable and beautiful white sneaker with just enough colour to impress.

Key Features

Canvas upper
Lace up plimsoll
Heritage style


 Brand: Gola
 Model: Classics Men’s Badminton Plimsoll Trainer
 Sizes: 7-13

30. JAK - Royal Wob White Sneaker

JAK - Royal Wob Sneakers

The Royal Wob is one of those shoes in a company’s product lineup that has the capacity to push an entire company towards a successful future. This minimalist shoe is an impressive combination of upper and sole. I chose to include it because while there is an all-white version, this black and white mixture appealed to my sense of balance. And in situations where the sole is pitted against a dark floor or street, you might even look like you’re floating on air. Made with full-grain calf leather and extra slim innersoles for a looser fit, the Royal Wob from Jak Shoes is what a white sneaker should be. Simple, elegant, refined and oozing with plenty of lux.

Key Features

Ultra soft calf leather lining
Natural cotton laces
Cemented and stitched rubber sole
Comes with extra laces and a cotton transport bag.


 Brand: Gola
 Model: Classics Men’s Badminton Plimsoll Trainer
 Sizes: 7-13

Sebastian Arciszewski

Sebastian Arciszewski

An enthusiast of all things minimalist. I love the simple design and always look for an aesthetic that complements how an item works. Because after all, a design is how a thing works. You can find me on twitter: @sebastian_a