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25 Elegant, Minimalist Boots for Women

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Boots are a critical piece of women’s fashion. They can be incredibly functional or merely ornate. No matter what style they are—ankle-high, knee-high, or above the thigh—your boots should make you look forward to wearing them. By building your closet with understated, elegant pieces, you can be sure you have the versatile wardrobe your life requires. With modern, clean lines, and minimalist charm guiding your selections, you can curate a timeless assortment that you’ll look forward to wearing. And, with the right combination, you may even start looking forward to rainy days.

So, if you find yourself looking to add to your collection or just want to have a peek at few really gorgeous selections, you’ve come to the right place. This is our list of 25 elegant, minimalist boots that you may find too hard to pass up.

1. Vivo Barefoot - Fulham Womens Chelsea Boot

Vivo Barefoot - Fulham Womens Black Chelsea Boot

I have to start with this fresh take on the classic Chelsea. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and chock-full of minimalist elegance. Perfect for work, with clean dark lines, and yet comfortable enough to wear hiking. The specially designed tread is made tough, yet flexible, with a concave, hexagonal shape that maintains traction over wet, cold, and muddy surfaces. Which is great, but really just look at them, they’re beautiful. They would probably be my top choice even without the fancy sole. Made in Portugal, from local leather, these are going to be your favourite boots, I promise. Of course, they also have a 100-day trial, so if for some reason you don’t like them, merely send them back for a full refund. Probably the closest you could ever get to be able to choose just a single pair of boots.

Key Features

Branded leather heel tab, for easy on and off
Removable Thermal Insole, for 4-season protection
100-day trial (Don’t like them, send them back)


 Brand: Vivobarefoot
 Model: Fulham
 Sizes: 35 to 43 (European Sizes)

2. Bed | Stu - Nandi Boots

Bed Stu - Nandi Womens Chelsea Boots

The Nandi is a handcrafted Chelsea from the famed Mexican cobblers at BedStu. Over the last number of years, these shoemakers have been building a reputation for forging quality products, the old fashioned way. Of course, it’s worth noting they also look gorgeous. This version of the Chelsea boot is going to be perfect for weekend trips to the country, bombing around the city on a day off, or adding some much-needed edge to a fancy outfit. If you’re ever wondering how you should complete a fall-look, the Nandi is an excellent answer. Available in five colour options, the tan is definitely my favourite, with its classic rustic look.

Key Features

Dual goring panels, and pull tab
Goodyear welt outsole, with treaded rubber
5.25-inch shaft, 1-inch heel


 Brand: BedStu
 Model: Watch Nandi
 Sizes: 6 to 11

3. Dr. Martens - 1460 Pascal Virginia Women's Black & White Up Boots


There’s something about a good pair of Docs that makes you feel like you can accomplish anything. And, if you grew up with these lace-ups as your punk-rock teenage boot of choice, and you felt compelled to leave them behind, these might change your mind. The 1460 Virginia is a celebration of 60-years Dr. Marten’s production (January 4, 1960), and the white soft, fine-grain leather is smooth, supple, and easy to look after. Built on the iconic, comfortable, Dr. Martens air-cushioned sole with Goodyear-welted lines, heat-sealed at 700°C. Oh, and they are minimalist, charming, brash, and adorable.

Key Features

 Finished with grooved sides
 Comfortable air-cushioned sole
Fine-grain leather


 Brand: Dr. Marten’s 
 Model: 1460 Virginia

 Sizes: 5 to 11

4. Sorel - Women's Emelie Short Lace Boot

SOREL - Women's Emelie™ Short Lace Boot

The struggle when you live in a wetter climate is, do you stick with your cute, sunshine-boots and just hope you can get from your home to the car unscathed, or go for the ugly trudgers. Weather protective boots have traditionally been high on function, and super low fashion. It’s almost as if they assume no one lives outside of the California sun-dome. However, the many people who live in metropolitan cities with weather more diverse than perpetual sunshine, continually find ourselves looking for something else. The Emelie boot is just such an alternative. Waterproof, full-grain leather, cut together beautifully with suede, and seam-sealed to keep your feet dry. The moulded rubber soles keep you up-right in even the slickest of conditions. And, removable die-cut memory EVA footbed and microfleece top cover make sure they’re also exceptionally comfortable.

Key Features

 Seam-sealed waterproof construction
 Rain-defying waterproof burgundy leather
Medial side zipper


 Brand: Sorel
 Model: Emelie™ Short Lace Boot
 Sizes: 5 to 12

5. Lulus - My Generation Black Suede High Heel Mid-Calf Boots

Lulus - My Generation Black Suede High Heel Mid-Calf Boots

If you don’t have a good, High Heel, Mid-Calf, Boot in your collection, these may be just what you need. If you do have one, you might want these anyway. Made from a Vegan suede, they will pair with almost any outfit. Dress them up or down, and you won’t feel out of place. The squared toe and 7-inch shaft, give you an elegant lift, and the subtle zipper at instep means they’re easy to take on and off without sacrificing minimalist style.

Key Features

3.5-inch wrapped block heel
Lightly cushioned insole
Felted rubber sole


 Brand: Lulus
 Model: My Generation
 Sizes: 5.5 to 10

6. Stuart Weitzman - THE MARGOT 75 BOOTS

Stuart Weitzman - THE MARGOT 75 BOOTS

Sock booties are must-have in every wardrobe. They have that timeless style that cuts one hell of a silhouette. Sure they could be office boots, but these beauties were made for going out. These black suede minimalist gems will turn heads from across the room and require very little light to get noticed. And, the cylindrical block heel adds a significant bit of stability without detracting from the look.

Key Features

Cylindrical block heel
Suede, Leather insole, Rubber sole
Made in Spain


 Brand: Stuart Weitzman
 Model: Margot 75
 Sizes: Limited Online

7. Taos Footwear - Billie

Taos Footwear Billie Boots

There’s just something amazing about a boot that’s barely tall enough not to be called a shoe. Billie is a classic minimalist low-rise, with an outside zipper that comes to a stop at a cutaway seam. These booties exude feminity without being over the top. Billies pair well with almost anything. As such, they tend to be a daily go-to boot for nearly anyone who owns them. Of course, if you’re wearing them daily, don’t forget how nicely they dress up. Swap business attire for evening wear, and you’ll feel like you’re wearing a different boot altogether.

Key Features

 Suede upper with contrast topstitching
Stacked heel
Durable rubber outsole


 Brand: Täos
 Model: Bille
 Sizes: 6 to 11.5

8. Lulus - Rabea Black and Nude High Heel Ankle Booties

Lulus - Rabea Black and Nude High Heel Ankle Booties

These ankle boots have a modern, feminine charm that’s hard to ignore. The solid black leather construction pairs gorgeously with the tan coloured “nude” elastic gussets on either side. The diving black lines from ankle to sole look like nothing else. Of course, this style also comes in red with black gussets, but once you’ve seen the black leather, why bother looking at the other option. It doesn’t even come close.

Key Features

4-inch wrapped block heel
Felted rubber sole
All vegan-friendly, man-made materials


 Brand: Lulus
 Model: Rabea Black and Nude High Heel Ankle Booties
 Sizes: 5.5 to 11

9. Coconuts By Matisse - Glacier Lace-Up Boot

Coconuts By Matisse - Glacier Lace-Up Boot

Gorgeous and affordable, there’s something of a Victorian look to these Coconuts. And yet the hook-style top laces and chunky black sole contrasting the eggshell white uppers give a gorgeous modern rocker-chic twist. The 2-inch block heel and 5-inch shaft height make sure these minimalist boots have just enough lift, but could be worn all day comfortably.

Key Features

 Lace-up style with side zip closure
Block heel
Man-made uppers


 Brand: Coconuts By Matisse
 Model: Glacier Lace-Up Boot
 Sizes: 6 to 11

10. Australian Boot Company - Blundstone 1960 - Women's Series Heel Black Nubuck

BLUNDSTONE 1960 Women's Series Heel Black Nubuck

When you think of great boots, Blundstone has to be near the top of the list. And while they are generally well-made and last a good long time, they don’t usually rank as elegant footwear. Although these boots do deserve a spot on this list. The angled heel cut and nubuck finish means that for at least the first couple of years, these boots can be worn to the office or dressed up for the club. Of course, being Blundstones, when the finish starts to fade, they make amazing all-purpose boots. Put them on for a long hike, wear them to the cottage, or turn them into incredible work boots in the garden. Not many other boots that start off this nice can ever hope to expect this sort of extended lifespan.

Key Features

Black Nubuck Uppers
Block heel with angled cut
All-season versatility


 Brand: Blundstone
 Model: 1960 Women’s Series in Black Nubuck with heel
 Sizes: 6 to 11

11. Hunter - Original Short Gloss Waterproof Rain Boot

Hunter - Original Short Gloss Waterproof Rain Boot

Hunter did something no one thought possible, they took the basic wellington boot and made it stylish. Adding a rubber buckle, slopping the instep a touch, and sticking a minimalist-cool logo at the top seemed to do the trick. That and adding a removable padded insole for some much-needed comfort. They’re actually such a simple design that it’s hard to say much more about them. Although, if it rains even twice a year where you live, you will love having a pair of these in the coat closet on the ready! Functional, practical, and super cute.

Key Features

1-inch heel


 Brand: Hunter
 Model: Original Short Gloss Waterproof Rain Boot
 Sizes: 5 to 11

12. Franco Sarto - Dani Ankle Bootie

Franco Sarto Dani Ankle Bootie

If you don’t have an ankle bootie in your collection, these are an affordable option that will look like you spent a lot more on them than you did. Perfect for pairing with any skirt that sits above the knees, these low-cut suede boots will finish your look fabulously. The 2-inch heel with the slight forward rake punctuates your feet and forces attention back to the rest of your outfit. Dark stockings and a pencil skirt go particularly well with these.

Key Features

Inseam zipper
2-inch block heel
Topstitched detail


 Brand: Franco Sarto
 Model: Dani Ankle Bootie
 Sizes: 6m to 12m

13. Matt & Nat - Montroyal Boots - Black

Matt & Nat - Montroyal Boots Black

It used to be almost impossible to find stylish boots that were made from Vegan-friendly materials. There were options, but they were cheap, and the vinyl usually started to flake after a couple months. Matt & Nat products, on the other hand, are high quality, well designed and continuing to attract non-vegans in droves with their sustainable product lines. The Mountroyal is a particular favourite. Clean, minimalist lines, pull-on styling, with a back gusset that lets your calve cutaway perfectly from your heel. Easily transition from office to evening and back again.

Key Features

Rubber outsole bootie with elastic trim
High-quality polyurethane uppers
2-inch heel


 Brand: Matt & Nat
 Model: Mountroyal
 Sizes: 36 to 41

14. Dr. Martens - Leyton Women's Leather Casual Boots

Dr. Martens Leyton Women's Leather Casual Boots

Some situations call for an incredibly comfortable, casual, flat-soled boot. And when they do, why not make that boot a Dr. Marten’s Layton. It uses a slimmed-down version of their Air Wair sole (the Waffel sole), with lightweight, soft leather, inspired by athletic shoes. The seven eye height means they are pretty much in line with a high-top sneaker, but they look so much better. These pair perfectly with jeans, and will tone down a dressier look to everyday acceptable.

Key Features

 Flexible, air-cushioned, waffle sole
Soft and supple naturally tumbled Nappa leather with matt finish
Extra cushioning added in the insole


 Brand: Dr. Marten’s
 Sizes: 5 to 11

15. Kate Spade - Sally Boots

Kate Spade - Sally Boots

If you need a classicly minimalistic finish for an outfit, and the weather looks like rain, the Sally boot by Kate Spade is a perfect piece. I would suggest every woman that works an office should have these ready in case a day of off-site meetings falls during a wet spell. Of course, they’re so adorable that you could wear them most any day and just be pleasantly prepared if it does happen to rain. While these gorgeous boots probably pair best with skirts, they will also turn a pair of jeans and blazer into a classy office statement.

Key Features

78% PVC, 22% elastic


 Brand: Kate Spade
 Model: Sally Boots
 Sizes: 6 to 10

16. Simon Miller - Pack 100mm Leather Ankle Boots

Simon Miller - Pack 100mm Leather Ankle Boots

This ankle boot shows obvious signs of western influence in the best possible way. The beautiful Italian leather sliding neatly to a pointed toe, with Cuban wood grain 3.75-inch heel, provide just enough of an outlaw feel to make any outfit look confident. However, unlike a proper cowboy boot, the height and angle of these boots push and define your heel before tapering into your ankle and calves, giving you a natural edge line.

Key Features

Crafted in Italy from smooth black leather
Cuban heel and pointed toe
 Side zip fastening


 Brand: Simon Miller
 Model: Pack 100mm leather ankle boots
 Sizes: 39 and 40 (availability varies throughout the year) 

17. CHLOÉ - Rylee Leather Heeled Ankle Boots With Buckle

CHLOE - Rylee Leather Heeled Ankle Boots With Buckle

If you’ve ever wanted a minimalist style boot with a little something extra, Rylee may be just what you’ve been looking for all along. With a cowboy-inspired silhouette, these boots pitch forward slightly, giving you just the right amount of lift. The mix of smooth leather and reptile -textured leather give them a magnificent old-world handcrafted feel, and the buckle placed perfectly on the instep provides just the right amount of flair to grab attention.

Key Features

Crafted in Italy
Inside zipper closure
 Buckled strap across the instep


 Brand: CHLOÉ 
 Model: Rylee Leather Heeled Ankle Boots With Buckle Women’s
 Sizes: 35 to 41 (This style runs small, CHLOÉ recommends selecting a half size bigger)

18. Salvatore Ferragamo - Shadi Leather Ankle Boots

SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Shadi Leather Ankle Boots

I don’t know that it’s possible to have a list of women’s boots and not have a Ferragamo on there. Now, these are likely not going to be your everyday sort of footwear. However, for that crucial meeting, or that special night out, a Shadi Ankle boot may be just what you need to give your confidence that little extra boost. Simple, minimalist, and elegant, the subtle black on black crisscross design attracts attention but is never ostentatious. Crafted in Italy, the entire boot, upper, liner and sole are all intentionally selected leather. The 1.6-inch heel gives you just enough lift but doesn’t take away from the just how comfortable these boots are on your feet.

Key Features

Upper: Leather; Lining: Leather; Sole: Leather
Inside zipper closure
Made in Italy


 Model: Shadi Leather Ankle Boots Women’s Black
 Sizes: 35 to 41 (Fits true to size)

19. Acne Studios - Bertine Leather Heeled Ankle Boots

Acne Studios - Bertine Leather Heeled Ankle Boots

These boots should qualify as modern, minimalist artwork, they are so incredibly stunning. Crafted in Italy from textured glossy leather and set on a stacked block heel, the white on wood grain provides an elegant, inspiring fashion piece. These boots, flowing with the curve of your heel up through your ankle, serve to accentuate your natural lines. And, by putting the zipper on the back seam, nothing interferes with their sophisticated shape. They pair perfectly with evening wear, although you will want to be careful to wear some more understated and let the boots steal the show.

Key Features

Upper: Leather; Sole: Leather, Rubber
Back zipper closure
2.4-inch heel


 Brand: Acne Studios
 Model: Bertine Leather Heeled Ankle Boots
 Sizes: 35 to 41 (Fits true to size)

20. Eddie Bauer - Lodge Boot

Eddie Bauer - Lodge Boot

Sometimes the perfect boots are ones that look like you could storm a castle with them on. That no obstacle will slow you down, and yet they still look super cute with leggings, a sweater, and a vest. The lodge boot by Eddie Bauer is that sort of footwear. Stable, comfortable, protection from the elements, and totally adorable as part of your fall wardrobe. Constructed in waterproof full-grain leather with WeatherEdge® and FreeHeat® technologies to keep you dry and warm when the weather turns wet and cold. The InsoFit® cushioning EVA footbed and MidLite® premium EVA midsole provides all-day support and comfort. This is the perfect minimalist boot for when the leaves start to change, right through when the flurries fly.

Key Features

Waterproof, seam-sealed, full-grain leather upper
100g fleece lining
SportGrip® XT all-season carbon rubber outsole for added traction


 Brand: Eddie Bauer
 Model: Lodge Boot
 Sizes: 6 to 11

21. Alfred Cloutier - Camilla 8C66 Women's Winter Boot

Alfred Cloutier - Camilla 8C66 Women's Winter Boot

Sometimes it’s hard to find a good minimalist boot that can survive the winter and not sacrifice style in the process. The Camila is such a boot! Perfect minimalist styling, with a lace-up, that almost feels like a Victorian throwback. The one catch, these boots are going to take between two to four weeks to arrive, because each pair is custom-made to order by Quebec artisans. Now, I love the classic black leather finish, but be sure to check out their site. You’ll be lucky if you don’t spend the next twenty minutes customizing boots with their real-time selector tool.

Key Features

Custom made to order
Genuine 530 g wool insulation for optimal warmth
Thermoplastic rubber sole with block heel


 Brand: Alfred Cloutier
 Model: Camila 8C66
 Sizes: 36 to 41

22. Dear Frances - Park Boot, Nutmeg

Dear Frances - Park Boot, Nutmeg

At the time of writing, the Nutmeg colour in this boot was sold out. However, I highly recommend you wait for it and buy it as soon as it’s back. It looks excellent in Esspresso, the Khaki green is a good look, and it’s hard to go wrong with black, but the Nutmeg is simply gorgeous. Think Timberlands, but with a minimalist designer who is intent on making you look beautiful. The sole is a little bit chunky, but not obnoxiously so. The laces are rugged, but not the sort thing you’ll find on a construction site (they’re actually Organic cotton, but you can’t tell for looking at them). And the leather is nubuck, handcrafted in Italy, which feels fantastic. These casual looking boots go wonderfully with jeans and a sweater, but honestly, they look amazing dressed up.

Key Features

 Lightweight rubber sole
Italian Leather


 Brand: Dear Frances
 Model: Park Boot
 Sizes: 35 to 42

23. Free People - Vegan Ranch Boot

Free People - Vegan Ranch Boot

The folks over at Free People have been designing some incredible pieces in the last couple of years. These Ranch boots are no exception. Think of them as a shortened cowboy boot, with so much more style. And, while they’ve worked in some subtle classic cowboy patterns, these boots hold tight to minimalist standards and look just right for everyday wear in the city. Available in five colours, the white has to be my favourite. Elegant and super versatile, with a perfectly tinted woodgrain sole. There is no end to the ways you can style this boot. Definitely a collection essential.

Key Features

Side zipper closure
Pointed toe and a chunky block heel
 Classic stitched details


 Brand: Free People
 Model: Vegan Ranch Boot
 Size: 6 to 10

24. Dr. Martens - Hurston Chelsea Boots

Dr. Marten’s has another spot on this list because they continue to make amazing minimalist variations on their already impeccable designs. The Hurston Chelsea is just such a design. And a way to know they are producing boots that women want is that these ones have a coveted spot on the Free People website. Of course, you can find them on the Dr. Marten site, right here. But, on Free People, they show you some great ways to style them that the Docs folks don’t bother with. It’s so lovely to see the 3.5-inch heel, matched with Dr. Martens AirWair™ air-cushioned sole, paired with Free People Ranch Pants. These are stunning boots.

Key Features

Dr. Martens AirWair™ air-cushioned sole
3.5-inch heel
Made with Sendal, a semi-Analine, natural-look Nappa leather with a smooth full-grain finish


 Brand: Dr. Martens
 Model: Hurston Chelsea
 Sizes: 5 to 11

25. Free People - Jackson Shoeboots

Free People - Jackson Shoeboots

The last boot on our list pushes the idea of what it means to be a boot, just a little. Jackson Shoeboots are going to be useless in the rain and even worse in the snow. That said, they are absolutely gorgeous. With their boot tread, topped with open-toed, ankle height uppers, these Shoeboots are brilliantly suited for the end of spring through the end of summer. They provide comfort, stability, and heaps of sartorial charm all in one gorgeous pair of boots. Artisan crafted in Portugal, from fine leathers and premium materials, you’re unlikely to find anything else quite like them.

Key Features

Cutout side detail
Cushioned footbed
Adjustable strap


 Brand: Free People
 Model: Jackson Shoeboots
 Sizing: 36 to 41