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25 Best Work at Home Sweatpants for Men & Women

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Right now, as you read this, I’m sitting here in my home office, shutting out the world. That is, except for phone calls, Zoom meetings, and FaceTimes. And not one of those interactions is aware that I have on the most amazing joggers. In fact, I rolled out of bed and went right from PJs to my work-from-home sweatpants. Although I was sure to toss on a fresh t-shirt and cardigan, to preserve appearances. In case you’re wondering which sweats are my office attire of choice today, it’s these ones. Of course, my six-pack is nowhere near as on point as the fellow on the product page. When you’re working from home, and more of us are, it’s crucial to productivity that you’re comfortable. But with so many cozy options, how do you decide which ones are right for you? Well, this list is a great place to start. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a work-from-home veteran in need of an upgrade, or a new telecommuter looking for your first home-office sweats. We are going to find you your best-fit work-from-home comfy pants, right here. So let’s get started.

1. ITALY MORN Men's Chino Jogger

ITALY MORN Men's Chino Jogger Casual Pants Khakis Jogging Slim Fit

Truly a hybrid, these chino joggers are super comfortable and can be dressed up or played down. While they are not going to be top of the list for wearing into the office. They are perfect for getting yourself to an appropriate level of sophistication for video meetings and chatting with the postman. That said, if it weren’t for the jogger style ankle cuffs, you could probably toss on a blazer and make them business suitable. These work-from-home pants, made from 98 percent cotton and 2 percent Spandex, with a drop crotch, won’t restrict movement and give you plenty of room in the places you want it most.

Key Features

98 percent Cotton 2 percent Spandex
Drawstring closure
Four pockets: 2 front, 2 back


 Model: Men’s Chino Jogger Casual Pants Khakis
 Sizes: XS-XL

2. Lululemon - At Ease Jogger 29"

You are working from home, and while you’re not a slob, you know where you are. With the At Ease Jogger, there is no attempt made to hide the fact that you re sporting a pair of sweats. That said, with these joggers, you are still looking respectable and stylish. You likely wouldn’t wear them for a day at the office, but of course, you’re working from home, so these are more than appropriate. However, they do have quite a lot of style. So maybe you would wear them to some offices, but where should you draw the line? Well, that depends on your office. If it’s a super formal, three-piece suit, type of place, I wouldn’t go anywhere near it. Although that sounds like the sort of spot that frowns on telecommuting anyway. If you work for a start-up, they are going to love these. Still, if your office is a touch more dress-code-insistent, then these are probably fine to pop round and pick stuff up, but I would change if you’re going in for a proper meeting.

Key Features

Four-way stretch
Streamlined fit through the butt and quads
Narrow from knee to cuff


 Brand: Lululemon
 Model: At Easer Jogger
 Sizes: XS-XXL

3. Southpole - Men's Basic Fleece Marled Jogger

Southpole Men's Basic Fleece Marled Jogger Pants

When you work from home, the only thing you should be focused on is executing your tasks as a high-performance employee. Having a well-tailored jacket, pocket square, and polished shoes are not going to help you with this goal, but being comfortable will. That’s not to say these Southpole fleece pants aren’t stylish; you just shouldn’t wear them to any sort of office with other people. The marled finish gives these sweats a fresh look, and the extra deep pockets mean you won’t lose keys or coins every time you sit down.

Key Features

100% Polyester
Elastic closure
Three pockets: 2 front, 1 back


 Brand: Southpole
 Model: Marled Jogger Pant
 Sizes: Regular XS-3XL Big & Tall 3XB-6XB

4. GILDAN - Women's Open Bottom Sweatpants

GILDAN Women's Open Bottom Sweatpants

These are the sort of work-from-home-sweats that are both super comfortable and entirely professional looking over video conference camera. Not quite as form-fitting as yoga pants or leggings, these sweats with their open cuffs and thicker top band give the appearance of being office attire, except they are some much cozier. The front-pocket-only styling allows for a flattering fit, without bumps or bunching. And the 50/50 Poly-cotton blend construction means they are easily machine washed without shrinking or stretching.

Key Features

Three needle top-stitching on waistband and hem for extra durability
Slightly tapered leg with open bottom for a more relaxed fit
Drawstring closure


 Brand: Gildan
 Model: Women’s Open Bottom Sweatpants
 Sizes: SM-XXL

5. BROKIG - Men's Gym Athletic Pants Sport Joggers Workout Sweat Pants

BROKIG Mens Gym Athletic Pants Sport Joggers Workout Sweat Pants

If you want to be able to stride seamlessly from your home office to the gym and look great in both locations, these are your sweats. A little on the snug side, these will definitely look amazing if you have rock-hard abs to go with them, although they’ll still look good if you’re not quite there yet. These pants are made with a 65/35 poly-cotton blend, meaning they are durable and soft to the touch. With the tapered legs, the ankle zippers will come in handy for getting them over your feet. And, the lightweight fabric makes them ideal for spring and summer outdoor activities.

Key Features

Lightweight and Breathable
Slim fit
Three pockets: 2 front, 1 back


 Brand: BROKIG
 Model: Men’s Gym Athletic Pants
 Sizes: SM-XXL

6. BALEAF - Men's Tapered Athletic Running Pants

BALEAF Men's Tapered Athletic Running Pants

Made from French terry fabric, these joggers are designed to wick away sweat, leaving you always feeling dry and comfortable. This is great is you’re going a little extra at the gym or if you just realized you’re late for a critical Zoom meeting with the boss. The tapered cut makes them look professional enough to wear in your home office without anyone thinking you’re phoning it in. I mean, you probably are, because you’re working from home, but it won’t look that way.

Key Features

Quick Dry Fabric
Slim fit design
Three pockets: 2 front, 1 back for secure storage of small items, like 5.5″ mobile phones, keys, and bank card


 Brand: BALEAF
 Model: Men’s Tapered Athletic Running Pants
 Sizes: XS-XXXL

7. FreePeople - Echo Harem Pants

FreePeople - Echo Harem Pants

There is nothing quite like spending your day working in a pair of Harem pants. This incredibly comfortable, early sweatpant style, allows for free movement, fun fabrics, and endless options for dressing them up or down. FreePeople’s Echo Harems, with 65 percent Modal, 35 percent Polyester, are ridiculously soft and extremely breathable. With a high-quality pair of sweats like these, they can be worn sporty to the yoga studio, dressed up for an office visit, or styled casually for a day working from home.

Key Features

 Subtly cinched details at the ankle for a femme touch
Machine Wash Cold


 Brand: FreePeople
 Model: Echo Harem Pants
 Sizes: XS-L

8. YIRUIYA - Men's Fleece Jogger Pant

YIRUIYA Men's Fleece Pants Jogger Pants

With these lightweight sweats, you may almost feel like you never got out of your pyjamas. And, if you really like, they could probably double as dream-pants. However, the clean lines and discreet elastic waistband make them an ideal choice for joining a video conference, popping out to Starbucks, or even visiting suppliers. They may not be client-pants unless your client also works primarily from home. In which case you could swap notes.

Key Features

100% Cotton
Elastic closure
Three pockets: 2 front, 1 back with button close


 Model: Men’s Fleece Pants Jogger Pant
 Sizes: SM-XXL

9. Oyamiki - Men's Linen Cotton Beach Pants

Oyamiki Mens Linen Cotton Beach Pants Casual Summer Elastic Waist Loose Trousers Cargo Beach Pant

These work-from-home pants might be pushing the sweatpant theme a touch, but they are casual, comfortable, and super stylish. They may even be considered office appropriate if you work somewhere in South America. The Linen-Cotton fabric is loose-fitting and breathable, with an elastic drawstring to secure them around your waist. Perfect home office attire, and also suitable for the deck of a boat, the beach, or a boardwalk. These are incredibly versatile pants.

Key Features

Loose fit, straight-legs and stretchy waist with drawstring
 Two front slanting insert pockets
 Skin-friendly, Cotton Linen Material


 Brand: Oyamiki
 Model: Linen Cotton Beach Pants
 Sizes: SM-XXL

10. Encircled - The Dressy Sweatpants for Women

Encircled - The Dressy Sweatpants

It’s almost like the folks at Encircled realized there was going to be a shift towards work from home and got ready. The Dressy Sweatpant is probably one of the best sweatpants for the home office available today. That said, this one could easily be go-to-the-office attire. It’s upstyle, made with flattering wide pleats and ruching at the ankle. The MicroModal® and Lycra blend fabric is incredibly comfortable, breathable and, best of all, sustainable. Chic enough for the office and casual enough for weekends. Encircle also makes tops to dress these pants up.

Key Features

Machine washable on the gentle cycle
Plant-based fabric
Certified B-Corp


 Brand: Encircled
 Model: The Dressy Sweatpant
 Sizes: XS-XXL

11. JL Sport - Authentic Brazilian Capoeira Martial Arts Pants - Unisex

If you are looking for the ultimate comfort in work-from-home pants, these Capoeira pants may be just what you never knew you needed. They’re specifically designed for the Brazilan Martial Art that looks like dancing. As such, they are breathable, comfortable to move in, and sweat and water-resistant. And, there is also no reason these specially designed martial art sweatpants couldn’t be repurposed into the ultimate in work from home casual wear. White, with clean lines, you could actually dress these up with a polo shirt and sportcoat for an office summer party at a moment’s notice.

Key Features

Elasticated waist with drawstring for maximum adjustment
Made with high quality, breathable fabric
Sweat and water-resistant


 Brand: JL Sport
 Model: Capoeira Martial Arts Pants
 Sizes: XS-XXL

12. HOEREV - Women's Soft Modal Slimming Yoga Pants

If you don’t have an ankle bootie in your collection, these are an affordable option that will look like you spent a lot more on them than you did. Perfect for pairing with any skirt that sits above the knees, these low-cut suede boots will finish your look fabulously. The 2-inch heel with the slight forward rake punctuates your feet and forces attention back to the rest of your outfit. Dark stockings and a pencil skirt go particularly well with these.

Key Features

Inseam zipper
2-inch block heel
Topstitched detail


 Brand: Franco Sarto
 Model: Dani Ankle Bootie
 Sizes: 6m to 12m

13. Comeon - Womens Casual Wide Leg Pajama Lounge Pants Floral Print

Comeon Womens Casual Wide Leg Pajama Lounge Pants Floral Print

While these fit perfectly as work-from-home sweatpants, with a little styling, they could be turned into genuine office attire. Of course, they are so incredibly comfortable that you may just want to keep them for home-office use. Made from soft, lightweight, stretchy material, these pants move with you and never hold you back. The gorgeous floral pattern makes them incredibly stylish, and they are sure to produce imitators if you wear them out.

Key Features

100% Polyester
Machine washable
Drawstring top


 Brand: Comeon
 Model: Casual Wide Leg Floral Print Palazzo Pants
 Sizes: S-XXXL

14. Champion - Women's Jersey Sweat Pants

Champion Women's Sweatpants

The Champion brand has made an incredible comeback in the last little while, and this throwback brand is still making incredibly comfortable fitness attire. When it comes to these Jersy pants, they have definitely outdone themselves in creating a comfortable pair of work-from-home sweats. The Jersy fabric means they are lightweight and breathable. The elastic waist with adjustable outer drawcord makes for a perfect custom fit. Nothing fancy, but amazing as home-office regulars.

Key Features

100 percent cotton jersey fabric
Machine Washable


 Brand: Champion Canada
 Model: Women’s Jersey Pant
 Sizes: S-XXL

15. BALEAF - Women's Bootcut High Waisted Yoga Pants

BALEAF Women's Bootcut High Waisted Yoga Pants

There is a reason yoga pants became so incredibly popular, even with people who never step foot in a yoga studio. They seem perfectly moulded to move with your body and never hold you back. They can also be styled for sport or done up as a little more office-ready. All of this tends to make them the perfect work-from-home sweatpant. And the Baleaf brand makes some wonderfully designed, and incredibly affordable yoga pants. The bootcut finish provides an extra bit of comfort and makes these pants easier to dress up. The high-waist elastic top means they hold snug to your body and move with you, never pulling away.

Key Features

 Sweat-wicking fabric
High-waisted style makes you feel all tucked
Gusseted crotch and stretchy construction for greater freedom of movement


 Brand: BeLeaf
 Model: Women’s Bootcut Regular/Tall High Waisted Yoga Pants
 Sizes: S-XXL

16. Fourlaps - Relay Track Pant


The Relay Track Pant is one of those styles that shifts effortlessly between tasks. If you’re wearing it as a work-from-home sweat and want to feel a little more formal, toss on a pair of Stan Smiths, a v-neck, and maybe a cardigan. However, if you’re popping out to walk the dogo, grab the Relay Track Jacket. It gives you that athlete in training silhouette that will make the neighbours wonder if you have a marathon coming up. Made from a 100% polyester brushed back fabric, these pants are super-soft and comfortable against your skin. And with their natural moisture-wicking abilities, they dry quickly, so you can break a sweat without getting soggy.

Key Features

Reflective bottom hem zippers
An athletic tapered fit with a good range of motion


 Brand: Fourlaps
 Model: Relay Track Pant
 Sizes: SM-XL

17. PajamaJeans - Women's Stretch Jeans Bootcut

PajamaJeans Womens Stretch Jeans Bootcut - Stretchy Jeans for Women

Don’t let the title fool you. These are sweats, they’re just made to look like they could be denim. And, that’s what makes them fantastic work-from-home sweatpants. Join a Zoom call, go to Starbucks, meet colleagues for lunch, no one is going to be the wiser that you are wearing incredibly comfortable sweatpants. Available in either black or indigo, you can dress them up with a blazer or go casual in a hoodie. Whatever way you style jeans, you can do the same with these. The combination of Western cut pockets with soft sweatpant material, means they hold tight to your body, but still look great!

Key Features

67 percent rayon, 27 percent nylon, 4 percent spandex
Tonal stitching to match the fabrics
Bootcut leg shape is tailored through the hips and thighs with a flattering flared hem


 Brand: PajamaJeans
 Model: Women’s Stretch Jeans Bootcut
 Sizes: XS-XL

18. Russell Athletic - Men's Dri-Power Fleece Open-Bottom Pant

Russell Athletic Men's Dri-Power Fleece Open-Bottom Pant

Russell has been making incredibly comfortable sweatpants for as long as I can remember. Their claim to fame has always been utilitarianism. Super cozy, no-frills, and easy to wash and keep. And these Dri-Power Fleece follow that same winning combination. The open bottom means you don’t have to worry about them riding up your calves, and the in-seam pockets mean they maintain a clean, flush look. Russells make a great work-from-home choice, but you will likely want to stick with the darker options. While there is a pretty extensive collection of colours, the brighter options tend to look straight out of the early nineties. Which is cool, but likely won’t help your credibility on video conference meetings.

Key Features

100% Polyester
Machine wash permanent press cold
Quick-dry moisture management fabric


 Brand: Russell 
 Model: Dri-Power Fleece
 Sizes: SM-XXXXL

19. Under Armour - Men's Rival Fleece Pants

Under Armour Men's Rival Fleece Pants

Under Armour has changed the game when it comes to making comfortable athletic gear, and you see their brand being worn now by some of the biggest names in sport. So when it comes to work-from-home sweats, it’s no surprise that they produce an exceptional product. These fleece pants, with their soft brushed inner surface, trap warmth and provide a layer of comfort many manufacturers will never be able to reach. However, while the cut and style are office-ready because they are joggers first, the branding is less than subtle. This makes it very apparent that you’re wearing track pants, even on a poor Skype connection. Although it may just be worth it.

Key Features

Upper: Midweight, 280g durable cotton-blend fleece
In-seam pockets
Open bottoms


 Brand: Under Armour
 Model: Rival
 Sizes: SM-XXXXL(Fits true to size)

20. Mack Weldon - Ace Sweatpants

Mack Weldon - Ace Sweatpants

Ok, so you’ve embarrassed the work-from-home lifestyle. Your home office is kitted out, the espresso machine in the kitchen is well-appointed, and your video conferencing skills are topnotch. And, while you love the idea of a work-from-home sweatpant, there is just something about it that you can’t get behind. Somehow it feels like you’re letting down your side. I have the answer for you. The Ace Sweatpant by Mack Weldon. They are absolutely incredible. They’re like the James Bond of sweatpants, stylish, sophisticated, and go well with a martini. Seriously, if it weren’t for the drawstring, I doubt you would even notice that these are sweats. Of course, with a light pull-over, no one will ever see that one giveaway. They begin with French Terry Fabric, micro sanded for extra softness, and then tailored like you would a nice pair of slacks. All this makes these pants classy, comfortable, and a little stretchy. I promise you will love them.

Key Features

Tailored fit
Stealth zipped pocket
95% Cotton / 5% Stretch


 Brand: Mack Weldon
 Model: Ace
 Sizes: SM-XXL

21. FreePeople - Work It Out Jogger Women's

Free People - Work it Out Jogger Women's Sweatpants

Many people think of working from home attire in one of two ways, super comfortable, or professional. However, what most folks forget is that when you work from home, you get to break the fashion rules. These joggers by FreePeople are comfortable, but they exude a sort of edgy style that, if done upright, will earn serious points from the folks who like it more professional. Of course, you could rock them in the gym, and look super cute doing it, but these sweats, with a rocker-chick feel, have so much more potential than just gym wear.

Key Features

Pull-on style
Cinched ribbed ankles
Hip and back pockets


 Brand: FreePeople
 Model: Work It Out Jogger
 Sizes: XS-L

22. Bombas - Men's Cotton Sweatpants


These are sweatpants that were made after some serious considerations about how their customers would use them. Not content to sacrifice the tailored look, each pair of Bambas is made true-size to flatter a variety of body types and still be incredibly comfy. And when it comes to deploying them as work-from-home sweats, these breathable joggers keep you looking fresh and feeling comfortable. Made from French terry cotton, with hidden zip hand pockets and reinforced seams, they won’t feel anything like office pants, but they will look like them.

Key Features

Hidden Zip Hand Pockets
Fit-First Design
Reinforced seams


 Brand: Bomba
 Model: Men’s Cotton Sweatpants
 Sizes: SM-XXL

23. Rhone - Commuter Jogger

Commuter Jogger - Rhone Sweatpants

Many sweatpants are great for the home office, and some, with a little work, can even be made passable for more. However, the Commuter Jogger by Rhone needs no extra work. These pants look brilliant, and I would recommend them to anyone who has to travel for work. No matter where you’re flying to, you will arrive unwrinkled and ready for action. Truly a jogger at heart made from Flexinit fabric, these sweats dispense entirely with the drawstring and go for a more stylish button and zipper close. And while everyone else sees stylish slacks, you will know you’ve gotten away with a comfy pair of sweats.

Key Features

Flexknit Fabric
4 Way Stretch
Interior Media pocket


 Brand: Rhone
 Model: Commuter Jogger
 Size: 28-40

24. RicherPoorer - Men's Fleece Sweatpant

RicherPoorer Men's Fleece Sweatpant

The classic sweatpant has been making a comeback as people spend more time around the house. With the massive uptick in telecommuting, folks are looking to spend their working days productive and comfortable. The Fleece Sweatpant by RicherPoorer is the sort of garment that says, teleconferencing only sees my from the waist up, and damn it, I want to be cozy. With the elastic ankles and single top-stitch back pocket, these pants could have come forward in time on the Delorean. They have that beautiful eighties chic and are probably more comfortable than most any pants you’ve ever owned.

Key Features

Back patch pocket
Heavyweight fleece
Silicone softened for a broken-in feel


 Brand: RicherPoorer
 Model: Men’s Fleece Sweatpant
 Sizes: SM-XXL

25. Free People - June Bug Jogger

Free People - June Bug Jogger Sweatpants

June Bug Joggers, as the name implies, are super cute, and the fit is such that you may never want to spend your day working in anything but. The elastic cuff and tapered leg fit to form. Still, with a harem-pant style, low crotch, and mid-rise wasite, they are easily adjustable and extremely comfortable. The patched pockets and thick seamlines, give these pants a certain edge that says confidence, and I’ve got this, so back off and know your role. Incidentally, that’s a lot for a pair of sweats to say, which is why they may quickly become your favourites.

Key Features

 Mid-rise slouchy harem-style
 Patched pocket details and a washed design
Ribbed ankle cuffs


 Brand: Free People
 Model: June Bug Jogger
 Sizing: XS-L