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25 Best Metal Wallets for Men & Women

25 Best Metal Wallets for Men & Women

There are a lot of advantages to owning a metal wallet, and perhaps only one disadvantage. For those of you who like to roll with a minimalist style, the metal wallet certainly offers a distinct look that you won’t get from a traditional bi-fold wallet. The best metal wallets have very particular characteristics that add up to a great product:

  • Durable – In most cases, a metal wallet will easily outlast traditional wallets made of leather, canvas, or other materials in durability. While some are made of steel, most commonly metal wallets are made with varying grades of aluminum. Some are as fancy as using aircraft aluminum, while others use the same type of stainless or carbon covered steel that you see in high-end knife products. 
  • Minimalist – Good cardholder and cash holder metal wallets are designed to keep your items in as small a package as possible. Since you’ll most likely be suffering the single disadvantage of something hard in your pocket at all times, metal wallets have to rely on being as thin and slim as possible. 
  • Secure – Even the most minimalist of metal wallet cases include mechanisms to ensure that your debit and credit cards and any loose cash remain secure. This is usually achieved through either rubberized bands, metal clips, or small locks. 
  • RFID secure – Because they are metal, in most cases, RFID protection comes standard with metal wallets, but in cases where there is an open face, a good metal wallet still has to ensure that wallet skimming via RFID is always denied. 
  • Enough Capacity – If you’re looking for a great metal wallet, you’re likely not looking to carry around a million credit cards and the kitchen sink in it. That’s kind of the point of a metal wallet, to minimize how much bulk you have in your pocket. Having said that, the best metal wallets will still offer enough capacity for your most important ID cards, financial cards, and some room for paper bills. Don’t you wish cash would go away? I know there are good reasons for it not going away, but it’s annoying that we still have to deal with dirty paper for financial transactions. After all, 92% of all the world’s money is stored digitally
  • Quick Draw Of Cards – Like a good poker dealer, one of the best features of a high-quality metal wallet is its ability to quickly deal out your cards. Most manufacturers achieve this by providing you ample space to use your thumb to slide cards out of the wallet. Others use more creative solutions. Whatever the answer, this is very nice to have as a feature.

Without further delay, here are some of the best metal wallets you can find for both men and women in this year of our metal overlords, 2020. 

1. Humn Mini Minimalist Aluminum Wallet

I’m going to launch this list by showing you one of the more minimal metal wallets. It’s also very much a unisex wallet as it is available in a plethora of colours that will appeal to both men and women. That’s a weird thing to write in the year 2020, right? But let’s face it, women and men still tend to have their colour preferences. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, the Humn metal wallet is powder-coated to a buttery finish and laser engraved with the Humn logo. It’s about the size of a credit card, and its security system consists of a highly durable shock cord strap. 

Key Features

Constructed from Aircraft-grade aluminum
Made in the USA
RFID Blocking
Holds cash and credit cards securely


 Brand: Humn
 Model: Mini Minimalist Aluminum Wallet

2. The Ridge Wallet

When it comes to searching for the best metal wallet available, you’re going to find The Ridge on many top lists. And while this wallet falls into the slightly pricey category, it’s well worth the money. Let me tell you why. First, we have a lifetime guarantee. The maker of this wallet says it is so over-engineered and over-built that they’re incredibly confident in providing this guarantee no questions asked. That’s some real confidence in your product right there. Next is the functional and slim nature of this wallet, which still provides enough space for up to 12 credit cards.

Next is the integrated money clip with an embossed logo, which frankly is extremely nice. And finally, in addition to the chosen material of 6061-T6 aluminum, commonly used in the construction of aircraft wings and fuselages along with yachts, and bicycle frames, the Ridge Wallet provides great RFID scanning protection. For its final trick, this metal wallet includes an outside notch that easily allows you to push out cards and cash. The Ridge Wallet is perhaps the ultimate everyday carry (EDC) wallet.

Key Features

Constructed from Aircraft-grade aluminum
RFID Blocking
Holds 1-12 cards
Integrated money clip made of the same aluminum as the body
Available in four colours including Navy, Black, Gun Metal, and Rose Gold.


 Brand: The Ridge
 Model: The Ridge Wallet

3. ROCO Aluminum Wallet

ROCO Aluminum Wallet

Clever design with a dedication to quality manufacturing is sometimes all that it takes to create a masterful product. Such is the case with this minimalist metal wallet from ROCO. While this is decidedly a wallet more skewed to men’s design sensibilities, it’s still a true beauty. Perfect for business cards, credit cards, ID cards, and more. The wallet comes with two sizes of rubber bands that allow you to keep things either as slim as possible or extend the capacity of this wallet with a larger rubber band, which facilitates the storage of up to 20 cards. The flexible silicone band won’t stretch and will keep its shape for the life of the wallet. It’s time to upgrade and carry your wealth in style with this awesome metal wallet.

Key Features

Aluminum construction on the body of the wallet
Comes with 2 sizes of silicone rubber bands
Holds up to 20 cards
Holds up to 20 cash bills


 Brand: Roco
 Model: ROCO Aluminum Wallet

4. Machine Era - Ti5 Slim Wallet

Another sleek and cleverly designed metal wallet is the Ti5 Slim Wallet from Machine Era. Designed to be ultra-light, ultra-durable, and super svelte, this wallet has plenty of tricks up its proverbial sleeve. Made of Titanium and covered with a PVD coating (Physical Vapor Deposition), this wallet is available in two colours, including the above shown Black. The open back on this metal card wallet allows quick access to your cards and cash, while the open hole on the front provides for your thumb to quickly slide out your most commonly used card. That same hole is just the right size for opening most bottle screw-tops. Holding up to seven cards, this is truly a metal minimalist wallet that you’ll come to love for its ultra-slim profile.

Key Features

Titanium construction (6al-4v)
PVD coating
Holds seven credit cards + cash


 Brand: Machine Era
 Model: Ti5 Slim Wallet
 Weight: 0.6 oz

5. Gerber 31-00251 GDC Money Clip Wallet

Gerber 31-00251 GDC Money Clip Wallet

Gerber is a brand known better for its huge range of knives, including a hefty collection of EDC knives. I’ve featured their brand here before, most notably amidst some of the best EDC pocket knives available. So when I came across this particular metal wallet, it was a surprise that it was by the same brand. But then of-course came the integrated mini-blade. As technology gobbles up much of our payment methods and we walk around with an increasingly larger share of our wallet contents stored on our smartphones, the need to carry a large number of credit cards and ID cards continues to dwindle. But the need to carry around a handy mini knife, well, that need probably never goes away. 

That’s what makes this metal money clip wallet so attractive. With the capacity to hold five credit cards, some cash, and the integrated and removable blade, this is an awesome everyday carry item. And if you’re worried about the handling of the small knife, don’t worry. The 1.7″ blade length knife lets you wrap a finger around the ring and press your thumb against the grip to provide you with a solid hold. 

Key Features

An integrated fine edge knife blade
Holds up to 5 credit cards
Money clip for cash
Finger slot with serrated thumb rest for maximum grip
Titanium coated steel body


 Brand: Gerber
 Model: 31-002521 GDC Money Clip
 Weight: 2.9 oz
 Blade Length: 1.7″

6. Grovemade Black Minimalist Wallet

If you’ve been following this blog for some time now, you’re probably become far too keenly aware of my obsession with the Grovemade brand. And while I was a bit dubious of their foray away from a product made of wood, which is their obvious manufacturing forte, I’ve come around to them exploring other materials. That’s why their Black Minimalist Wallet lands on this list of fine metal wallets for men. Made of lightweight anodized aluminum, this wallet features a beautiful no-frills design and even manages to incorporate a supple vegetable-tanned leather wrap around the frame.

Key Features

Manufactured in Portland, Oregon
Holds roughly five credit cards and a bill or two
Anodized 6061 Aluminum body
Domestic Vegetable-Tanned Leather wrap


 Brand: Grovemade
 Model: Black Minimalist Wallet
 Weight: 1.8 oz

7. Crosshatch Series: Aluminum Wallet

Sapling - Crosshatch Series: Aluminum Wallet

Sometimes not a lot has to be said about an object of such stunning simplicity and aesthetic. So I’ll keep it short when describing this metal wallet for you. It comes in five colours, including silver, black, gold, purple and red. So there’s plenty of options for those of you that want to express yourself with some pizzaz. For me, it’s black all the way, but hey, whatever floats your boat. Made of a single piece of 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, this metal wallet is virtually indestructible. Sporting an ultra-minimalist look, each wallet is bead-blasted and anodized to give its cross-hatch pattern a distinctive look.

Key Features

Holds 1-6 cards
Holds cash bills under the band or behind cards
RFID blocking
Available in five colours


 Brand: Sapling
 Model: Crosshatch Series Aluminum Wallet
 Weight: 1.5 oz

8. Decadent Minimalist Men's DM1 Aluminum Wallet

As you traverse your way down this list, you’ve probably started to wonder, how minimalist can these wallets get? It’s getting a bit absurd, isn’t it? Well, hold my beer, cause here we go. Let me introduce you to this fine piece of… shaped metal? Perhaps that’s a more apt description of this product, but nevertheless, it is an actual wallet. This truly minimalist metal wallet is made from a single piece of aluminum. That frame serves as the enclosure for four, eight, or twelve credit or identification cards. The open front and back are ideal for identification cards or security access cards as there is no RFID blocking intent with this metal wallet. No magnets, no hinges, no straps to break, and it weights literally almost nothing. What could get better as far as a stark metal wallet goes?

Key Features

3 different models can hold four, eight, or twelve cards respectively
Available in six anodized aluminum colours including black, bronze, purple, green, gunmetal, and red.
Open on both sides


 Brand: Decadent Minimalist
 Model: Men’s DM1 Aluminum Wallet
 Weight: 0.42 oz – yes, it barely weighs anything.

9. Aviator - Titan One Rugged Slim Wallet

This is the type of wallet you buy for life. The entire outer shell is made of Titanium, which is significantly stronger and more corrosion resistant than Aluminum. That’s part of the reason the price tag is as high as it is. Titanium is as strong as steel and only weighs about half as much. It’s also anti-magnetic, providing a high level of RFID protection to prevent digital theft. Manufactured in Germany, this wallet includes a highly elastic band that weaves through a sophisticated looking carbon fiber cash clip. This metal wallet also contains a beautiful coin compartment available in either aluminum or carbon fiber materials. But most unique of all, the design of this men’s metal wallet features an internal frame that helps adjust the width of the elastic band to help you dictate how many cards you want this wallet to fit. This allows you to control the overall bulkiness of this Titanium wallet without having to sacrifice its strength.

Key Features

99.9% pure Titanium construction
Anodized surface to help prevent scratches
Includes a modular coin compartment
Made in Germany
Can hold up to 20 cards + cash and coins
Screwdriver for adjustments included
Free Worldwide shipping
Lifetime Warranty


 Brand: Aviator
 Model: Titan One Rugged

10. Ikepod - Minimal Slim Gear Carry Wallet

If you’re sick of every wallet looking the same, even the metal ones, I’ve got the answer to your ails. This minimalist metal wallet from Ikepod carries with it a distinctive design that has been carefully thought through to provide the best metal wallet experience possible. First, it can fit 4-12 cars plus some cash in a streamlined profile. Next, the metal panels, although perforated in a unique pattern, provide complete RFID protection. It’s also available in either stainless steel or Titanium alloy.

Key Features

Holds 4-12 credit cards
5-year warranty
2 differently sized rubber bands available
Available in Stainless Steel or Titanium Alloy


 Brand: IKEPOD
 Model: Minimal Slim Gear Carry Wallet
 Width: 2.36 inches
 Height: 3.54 inches

11. Dango M1 Maverick Wallet

Dango M1 Maverick Wallet

Unlike some of the other metal wallets that have landed on this list, the form factor of this product from the manufacturer, Dango, is a bit different. Eschewing the traditional slim format, this wallet features a bifold design using a metal frame and either canvas or leather wrapping. But don’t let that get in the way. This is a truly superb metal chassis wallet that you should seriously consider. Available in a huge variety of colour and material options, the Maverick Wallet features a CNC-machined aluminum frame with RFID blocking features. The metal chassis also incorporates four loop holes into each corner if you want to attach keys, lanyards, and tethers. With a maximum capacity of sixteen cards plus cash, this is a beast of a metal wallet.

Key Features

Holds up to 16 cards
RFID protection
Bi-fold wallet
Made in the USA


 Brand: Dango
 Model: M1 Maverick Wallet
 Width: 14 inches (folded out)
 Thickness: 0.7 inches

12. FIDELO Minimalist Wallet for Men

FIDELO Minimalist Wallet for Men

We continue this list with what I can only describe as a Hybrid wallet. The core of this system is a metal wallet that includes two money clip bands and is made of an RFID protecting solid aluminum cardholder. This metal card holding wallet features an innovative, jam-free pop-up card trigger that allows for fast card access at the push of a button. Another innovative feature of this metal wallet is the distinction between which frequencies the RFID protection has been designed to block. Unlike most wallets, it doesn’t take a sledgehammer approach. Rather, it’s designed to block only signals related to financial transaction cards in the 13.56 MHz frequency, which means that security access cards and hotel room keys in the 125 Khz frequency are allowed to pass through for your convenience.

Remember how I called this a Hybrid wallet? That’s because it also comes with a high-quality horse-grain leather exterior pouch for added heft, protection and frankly, awesome aesthetics. Add on top its low price and multiple colour and material combinations; this is a splendid wallet for any man that wants a unique metal wallet style.

Key Features

Unique RFID blocking protection
3-in-1 Hybrid wallet
Includes 2 money-clip bands for custom sizing storage
Includes a top-grain leather case
Can hold up to 5 cards + cash


 Brand: FIDELO
 Model: Minimalist Wallet for Men
 Height: 4.3 inches
 Width: 2.6 inches
 Thickness: 0.32 inches

13. Armour Supply Co RFID Blocking Wallet for Men

This rugged and clearly male-oriented metal wallet from Armour Supply Co. features a lightweight, compact design with some extras thrown in. Every purchase of this metal wallet comes with a key holder and tactical multi-card tool, both made from aluminum. The multi-card device features a bottle opener, screwdrivers, hex keys, ruler, and more. The back of the wallet features a strong stainless steel spring-loaded money clip that is quite frankly one of the nicest integrated clips I’ve seen on a metal wallet. Featuring a 100% satisfaction guarantee, this wallet is available five different aluminum colour finishes and an exterior carbon fiber shell.

Key Features

Fits up to 12 cards and five folded cash bills
Comes with a Key Holder and Tactical Multicard tool
RFID protection
Made of high-quality aluminum and stainless steel
Available in Green, Red, Navy Blue, Orange, Tan, and Carbon Fiber finishes


 Brand: Armour Supply Co.
 Model: RFID Blocking Wallet for Men

14. B&D - Slim Minimalist Brushed Stainless Steel Wallet

B&D - Slim Minimalist Brushed Stainless Steel Wallet

If you’re once again in the market for a uniquely styled metal wallet that more resembles a flask, or perhaps a container with a missile launch button that a villain would carry around in his pocket, then you’ve stumbled upon the right wallet. This minimalist wallet is the perfect everyday carry companion for those that like that stainless steel brushed look. With rounded corners and the ability to hold up to five cards and one folded cash bill, it’s not going to win any awards for capacity. But what it perhaps lacks in size, it more than makes up for in portability and style.

Key Features

Brushed stainless steel construction
Rounded smooth corners
Small and light enough to fit in a front suit or blazer pocket
Holds up to 5 credit cards


 Brand: B&D
 Model: Slim Minimalist Brushed Stainless Steel Wallet

15. D02 Dapper Wallet

Dango - D02 Dapper Wallet

Clean lines and contrasting colours and materials are the highlights of this metal framed wallet. The aluminum frame is uniquely finished in a plated nickel, and the result is a highly polished and gorgeous looking metal wallet. The front of the wallet features a leather cover and a handy cross-stitched rubber band to hold all your cards and cash bills. Everything about this wallet screams quality. That includes the push notch that allows you to access cards from the front & back easily. The aluminum backplate provides all-around RFID skimming protection while not looking completely obtrusive.

Key Features

Made in the USA
Holds up to 12 credit cards
RFID blocking
Made from 6061 aerospace grade aluminum
Top grain leather secured to the Dango Wallet chassis
Only 0.3 inches thick with six cards


 Brand: Dango
 Model: D02 Dapper Wallet
 Weight: 2.5 oz
 Dimenions: 3.475″ W x 2.625″ H
 Stainless-steel crews

16. New-Bring Multifunction Metal Wallet

New-Bring Multifunction Metal Wallet

This New-Bring product is so much more than a slim and useful metal wallet. It’s a premium product whose useful functions are comparable to the obsessively detailed craftsmanship that went into the making of this metal multifunction wallet. First, let’s talk about the materials. The wallet body is made from aviation-grade aluminum, which provides plenty of strength and rigidity while bringing the benefits of low-weight. Next, the included accessories are made of 304 Stainless steel that is corrosion resistant.

Next, let’s talk about all the useful features. Aside from its obvious function of replacing your traditional fat wallet by way of its compact design, this wallet enables you to integrate the following tools: USB stick, bottle opener, and key holder for up to 6 keys. So why carry around a separate keychain, or multi-tool, when you can get the same function in this handy metal wallet?

Key Features

Aluminum construction
Keyholder (4-6 keys)
USB stick
RFID protection


 Model: Multifunction Metal Wallet
 Weight: 154g

17. Solid Design - Slim Wallet

Solid Design - Slim Wallet

Sleek, lightweight, and with finishing choices for nearly everyone, this precision-machined metal wallet is designed to hold up to six cards plus a few banknotes. While this wallet has the usual standard feature of many of the competing metal card wallets I’ve already mentioned here, I wanted to include this one because of its minimalist design. Smartly designed and thoughtfully crafted, the Slim Wallet is a minimalists wallet dream.

Key Features

Aluminum construction from a solid block of Aluminum 6061
Military spec matte is anodized (I’m not sure what military spec means in the context of aluminum anodization, but it sure as hell sounds cool, doesn’t it?
Capacity for up to 6 bank cards + cash bills
Replaceable elastic strap
Available in four finishes, including the above pictured Black Aluminum. Other finishes available are Silver Aluminum, Brass, Titanium


 Brand: Solid Design
 Model: Slim Wallet

18. Secrid - Cardprotector Wallet

Secrid - Cardprotector Wallet

Don’t let the odd-name of this product distract you from the fact that it’s a beautiful, lightweight metal wallet. Sleek and rounded just perfectly in each corner, the Secrid wallet uses a patented mechanism to let you easily slide out cards with one simple motion. The mechanism is hidden when not in use, and so it provides for an incredibly sleek and stylish metal wallet that holds no equal to its simplicity and beauty. The all-aluminum wallet of-course provides complete RFID protection from unwanted signal scanning and is available in four colours, including a stunning fire-engine red.

Key Features

Aluminum construction
Holds up to 4-6 cards


 Brand: Secrid
 Model: Cardprotector Wallet
 Weight: 1.69 oz

19. ROCO Minimalist Aluminum Slim Wallet

ROCO Minimalist Aluminum Slim Wallet

This version of what Roco considers a slim minimalist metal wallet is visually striking. It provides an instant view of the contents of your wallet by way of its aluminum cut-outs. These same-cut outs also serve as thumb-notches for quick removal of your cards no matter which hand or orientation you are holding the wallet in. The flexible silicone band is the real star of the show here. It allows this wallet to quickly expand out to a capacity of holding up to 20 cards. Though if I’m being honest with you, I have to wonder what kind of a person would carry that many cards with them? If you’re looking for a minimalist metal wallet that exudes sleekness, this Aluminum Slim Wallet from Roco is a marvelous choice.

Key Features

Aluminum construction
Holds up to 20 cards
RFID protection
Available in three finishes including Silver, Gold, and Black


 Brand: ROCO
 Model: Minimalist Aluminum Wallet

20. Martrams Carbon Fiber Metal Money Clip Wallet

Martrams Carbon Fiber Metal Money Clip Wallet

Before you yell at me, let me first say that yes, I know that Carbon Fiber is not a metal. But the reason this wallet landed on this list is that despite its name, the Carbon Fiber portion of this wallet is but a mere component of its entirety. The wallet chassis is made of aluminum and also contains a layer of aluminum foil to provide for RFID protection. What I like most about this wallet is the aluminum money clip embedded along the elastic at the back of the wallet, which provides a premium look.

Key Features

Aluminum and Carbon Fiber construction
RFID blocking
Can hold up to 12 credit cards and some folded cash bills
Lets through radio signals for ID badges and hotel / building access cards


 Brand: Martrams
 Model: Carbon Fiber Metal Money Clip Wallet
 Weight: 2.15 oz
 Size: 3.4 x 2.1 x 0.4 inches

21. Lexture - Aluminum Wallet

Lexture - Aluminum Wallet

Available in three brushed aluminum finishes, including Black, Red, and Blue, this metal wallet’s unique feature is that it includes a detachable money clip. I greatly appreciate this feature for the simple reason that it allows you to slim down your wallet as much as possible, but still gives you the option of carrying around cash bills if you ever need to. With a generously large thumb notch for sliding cards in and out of the wallet, its got great usability and can hold up to 12 credit cards, which is more than enough for most people.

Key Features

Aviation Aluminum construction
RFID blocking
Can hold up to 12 credit cards
Includes gift packaging
Removable stainless steel money-clip


 Brand: Lexture
 Model: Aluminum Wallet

22. Obstructures - A4 Three Plate Aluminum Wallet

Obstructures - A4 Three Plate Aluminum Wallet

Originally created out of a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013, this Aluminum wallet brings something truly unique. First, it’s been through multiple design iterations based on consumer feedback. That alone puts it heads and shoulders above most wallets. Iterative design from manufacturers usually results in a much higher quality product. Using a unique system of “O-Ring” elastics, this metal wallet is designed to open as if though you were opening a deck of cards horizontally. Obstructures even made a video about it. This is perhaps the most versatile and unique metal wallet made. Its unique aluminum tab system combined with the O-Ring system makes it a highly attractive metal wallet for you to consider when shopping. 

Key Features

Aviation Aluminum construction
O-Ring unfolding system allows easy access to cards
RFID protection


 Brand: Obstructubles
 Model: A4 Three Plate Aluminum Wallet

23. Duxtlo - Slim Minimalist Wallet for Men

Duxtlo - Slim Minimalist Wallet for Men

I’m not entirely certain what makes this strictly a men’s wallet. Still, this nicely shaped and designed aluminum wallet from Duxtlo comes in a huge variety of colours that are bound to satisfy even the most discerning of shoppers. Even fully stacked with 12 cards inside, this wallet is extremely slim and compact. Made with aerospace-grade aluminum, you can count on this wallet being able to take a wallop and show minimal or no wear. Eye-catching and sturdy enough to be backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. That’s enough for me to recommend this wallet to anyone.

Key Features

RFID Blocking
Holds up to 12 cards
Includes a gift box
Embedded cash strap
Available with either a cash strap or a money-clip


 Brand: Duxtlo
 Model: Slim Minimalist Aluminum Wallet for Men
 Available in 7 colours
 Weight: 3.5 oz

24. Matrix Credit Card Holder

Matrix Credit Card Holder

Let’s say you’re a frugal person in the sense that you want to buy something that will last for life when you make a purchasing decision. There’s even an entire subreddit dedicated to items that are durable, high-quality, practical, and will practically last forever. Enter the Matrix (see what I did there with that turn of phrase?!) Credit Card Holder. It’s a small pocket-sized card holder that can hold up to six cards using a top-facing tensioned titanium spring. The skeletal frame is unlike anything I’ve seen, amongst other metal wallets. It’s CNC milled to crazy close tolerances, which make it feel like a perfect object sitting in your hand. Weighing less than 3 ounces with a stonewashed and anodized finished, this supremely awesome metal wallet is an object you will buy for life. 

Key Features

Made of Titanium
CNC milled
Holds up to 6 cards


 Brand: Anso of Denmark
 Model: Matrix Credit Card holder
 Available in 3 finishes
 Weight: 2.9 oz

25. FIDELO Minimalist Wallet for Men - Slim

FIDELO Minimalist Wallet for Men - Slim

If you’re the type of person who has collected dozens of watch bands for your Apple Watch, simply because you enjoy changing the look of a beloved fashion and function accessory, this is the metal wallet for you! The innovative part of this wallet is that it comes with two sets of faceplates, aluminum and carbon fiber. The included custom screwdriver makes swapping them out a breeze. Additionally, this gorgeous Fidelo wallet lets you purchase additional faceplates in multiple colours. Oh, and did I mention that it also comes with a really nice stainless steel money clip? Compact, light, and strong with comprehensive RFID blocking. Getting this metal wallet is akin to buying three wallets for the price of one.

Key Features

Holds 1-12 cards
Removable money clip
2 core bands for thickness adjustment


 Brand: FIDELO
 Model: Minimalist Wallet for Men – Slim
 Weight: 2.4 oz
 Size: 3.4 x 2.25 x 0.25 inchesWeight: 2.4 oz

Sebastian Arciszewski

Sebastian Arciszewski

An enthusiast of all things minimalist. I love the simple design and always look for an aesthetic that complements how an item works. Because after all, a design is how a thing works. You can find me on twitter: @sebastian_a