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The 25 Best Digital Watches for Men

25 Best Digital Watches for Men

I have an admission to make. I almost didn’t write this article. After all, it’s been over three decades since I’ve worn a traditionally and purely digital watch. So what business could I possibly have scouring the Internet to find some of the most beautiful and downright awesome digital watches for men? This is the point at which we delve into a bit of a conundrum as to what defines a digital watch these days.

In addition to my other cadre of analog watches, which I’ve chosen to slap on my wrist for fancy occasions laden with elegant dresses and spit-shined shoes, I’ve almost exclusively worn an Apple Watch for the past four years. And while some may consider that device as a digital watch, after all, it is a digital device with a watch “app,” most horologists think of the Apple device more of as a wrist computer than a traditional timepiece. And of course, there are the hybrids. Part analog, part digital watch. Should these also be included on a list like this?

Finding so many great digital watches for men during my research, I decided not to be too much of a purist. With the exception of the Apple Watch, which is an incredible device of its own, I chose to include some watches that may not be considered purely and only digital.

1. Nixon - Dork Too Watch

Nixon - Dork Too Watch

Retro-futuristic nerds can utterly rejoice that Nixon decided to make a follow-up to their original Dork watch, the Dork Too! Let’s first talk about the insanely cool looks of this watch. The design and finish, along with the materials chosen for the construction of this digital men’s watch, would place it right at home in any dystopian movie. Perhaps it would be right at home on the wrist of some future astronaut exploring the outer reaches of the solar system.

But in addition to the fact that it comes in four amazing finishes, including the silver version depicted above, there is one unique feature of this watch that stands out as a conversation piece. Whenever you press the button on the front of the watch, the Dork Too will yell the time at you, amongst other things. What sort of things? Well, perhaps you’ll have to buy it to find out.

Key Features

Rechargable with micro USB port.
Edge-to-edge Crystal display
Functions include time, date, alarm and EL backlight.
Stainless Steel case


 Brand: Nixon
 Model: Dork Too Watch
 Case size: 34 mm

2. Braun - Men's BN0106SLBKG Prestige Digital Watch

Braun Men's BN0106SLBKG Prestige Digital Watch

Sure, you’d be forgiven for not knowing that the brand known for its gorgeously designed electric shavers, trimmers and stylers is also in the digital watch business. But the brand most closely associated with world-famous industrial designer, Dieter Rams has had a line of clocks and watches for nearly six decades. This modern, and yet decidedly retro-looking digital watch from Braun features a modern LCD screen embedded in a thick stainless steel case with a massive digital crown. With a Swiss quartz digital movement, and a stunning 42mm Bauhaus design case, you can’t go wrong with this Braun watch for men.

Key Features

 Digital men’s watch with chronograph and countdown.
Water resistant to 30 meters.
Rubber band with tang buckle


 Brand: Braun
 Model: Men’s BN016SLBKG Prestige Digital Watch
 Case Size: 42 mm

3. Casio - Men's Digital Watch - G-Shock White Resin

Casio Digital Watch Men's White

So prominent and synonymous has the Casio brand become with digital watches over the past few decades that it would be difficult to compile any great list of Men’s digital watches without including at least a few of their models on it. This G-Shock line watch has been around for about nine years now and is manufactured out of a patently survivable white resin case. The face features a gorgeous digital readout set against a black dial with a mirror finish. With plenty of digital features, if you’re looking for an incredibly sturdy, durable and relatively stylish Men’s digital watch in white, this Casio should be a good fit.

Key Features

Stop-Watch, Auto-Calendar features
Electro-luminescent backlight
Resistant to 200m


 Brand: Casio
 Model: DW6900NB-7 G-Shock White
 Case size: 50 mm

4. Void - V01 MKII-GO / MG Men's Digital Watch

V01MKII-GO Men's Digital Watch

This stunning digital watch from Void is an absolutely gorgeous piece. I’ve previously featured its decidedly more black sibling in our list of 70 Best Minimalist Watches, but I feel like it once again deserves mention here amongst these other men’s digital watches. The minimalist approach, coupled with the gold metal bracelet strap, makes for a unique look. Sleek, beautiful, and super high quality, the easy to read hour and date display is easily seen at any time of day, and like many of the Void watches has a backlight to help you know the time at night.

Key Features

Sapphire Crystal glass
LCD display with backlight
Quick release strap
316 Stainless Steel in a Matte Gold finish
5 ATM Water resistance


 Brand: VOID
 Model: V01 MKII-GO / MG
 Case Size: 36 x 42mm

5. Suunto - Core Men's Outdoor Sports Watch With Altimeter

Sunnto Core Men's Outdoor Sport Watch With Altimeter

To veer away for a moment from the more fashion style type of digital watches we’ve featured so far, this time-keeper from Suunto falls more into the outdoor sports category. In fact, if you’re seriously into tackling the outdoors by way of climbing or serious hiking, the Suunto might become your best friend. With a built-in altimeter to track your vertical movement, a compass to point the way, and a barometer to measure air pressure, the Suunto has been designed for your most ambitious of outdoor adventures. Stylish, rugged and informative, it’s one of the outdoor warrior’s best choices for a digital men’s watch.

Key Features

Outdoor watch
Compass and Sunrise and Sunset features along with weather alarms


 Brand: Suunto
 Model: Core

6. SINOBI - Digital Watch for Men S9368G

SINOBI Digital Watch for Men Sports Watch

If you’re particularly rough on your watches and don’t mind something a bit more flashy, you might consider this extremely affordable digital watch from Sinobi. Available in four different colour combinations, the Sinobi provides outstanding value. With good looks and plenty of functionality embedded within such as an LED backlight, stopwatch/chronograph, shock resistance, and a soft silicone rubber band that is practically wear-resistant, you’re getting a lot for your dollar with this watch. Did I mention it’s a hybrid as well? That is, it’s got both analog (the hands) and digital readouts? Bet you didn’t notice that at first.

Key Features

Chime on every hour (optional)
Dual timezone calendar
Analog – digital dual display can display different times, which is handy for those travelling regularly between two time-zones
3 ATM water-resistant


 Brand: SINOBI
 Model: Digital Watch for Men
 Case size: 47 mm

7. Nixon - Regulus Stainless Steel Watch

In a world full of dainty high-end watches, the Regulus is something different. Like the Chuck Noris of wristwear, this watch is solid and always prepared with one more surprise. Just look at it, and you know it’s made to withstand any terrain or conditions. The entire casing is built with shock-absorbent materials, so it can take a tumble. The battery is rated to hold up for at least 5-years. And with a 100m water-resistant case and pushers, you can go ahead and dive in.

Key Features

Dual chronograph timers
 Three independent alarms
Adjustable LED brightness for light-sensitive situations
A silent mode that keeps you stealthy


 Brand: Nixon
 Model: Regulus Stinless Steel Watch
 Case Size: 46 mm

8. POLAR - Vantage M - Multisport Digital Watch

Polar Vantage M Multisport Watch

I often feel bad for companies like POLAR. Here is a company with a rich heritage of producing some of the most excellent fitness trackers and heart-rate tracking devices for decades. And then comes a scrappy little company from Cupertino and runs over entire industries and puts more than one company out of business by way of introducing the Apple Watch.

That said, many professional athletes still feel that the Apple Watch does not provide the same level of precision when it comes to heart-tracking and overall workout tracking as compared to the watches available from POLAR. The Polar Vantage M, available in many different finishes, is one such watch. An all-in-one GPS multi-sport watch, the Polar Vantage M is an advanced fitness watch packed with a ton of features and good looks to boot!

Key Features

30-Hour battery life
Running index & running program
Integrated GPS
Heart-rate monitor
Guided breathing exercise function
Always on display


 Model: Men’s Fleece Pants Jogger Pant
 Sizes: SM-XXL

9. Casio - Vintage Men's A168WG-9EF Gold Stainless Steel Digital Watch

Casio Men's A168WG-9EF Gold Stainless-Steel Quartz Watch with Digital Dial

This waterproof digital watch from Casio is a vintage digital watch lover’s dream. The gold-toned finish of this stainless steel watch is reminiscent of what one would wear in the eighties; in fact, that kind of watch was the height of technology back then. What’s great about it also is that for vintage and stylish looks, you’re not paying much. And without any overtly masculine or feminine features, this is a genuinely unisex watch, and could even be considered a great kid’s digital watch also. Filled with more features than you would think, this retro Casio piece is just the type of throwback style you may need to bust out with an equally retro outfit.

Key Features

 Digital dial displays hours, minutes, seconds, am/pm, and day of week and date.
Daily alarm function, digital stopwatch, hourly time signal and calendar.
 EL backlight
 Digital quartz movement.


 Brand: CASIO
 Model: Vintage Retro Gold Digital Dial Watch – 168WG9UR
 Case sizes: 39 mm
 Case thickness: 10 mm

10. Movado - 40mm Connect 2.0 Digital Men's Watch


Powered by Google’s smartwatch operating system, dubbed as Wear OS, this Smartwatch from Movado has got all the things you’re probably looking for in a smartwatch. Available in three stylish finishes and colour combinations, the Movado Connect 2.0 is a 40mm stainless steel case with a ceramic case back and round digital touchscreen. With the Google Assistant on your wrist, heart rate sensor, and tons of other amazing capabilities, this is probably THE digital smartwatch you want on your wrist if you have an Android-based phone and don’t like the look of the square-shaped Apple Watch.

Key Features

 1 ATM Water resistant
All the capabilities of Google’s Wear OS operating system
Gorilla Glass crystal face
Interchangeable strap
24 hours of battery life
Accelerometer, altimeter, heart-rate sensor, microphone, NFC, untethered GPS, ambient light sensor, gyroscope.
Also compatible with iPhones


 Brand: Movado
 Model: Connect 2.0
 Case size: 40mm

11. Nixon - Re-Run Digital Watch

NIXON Re-Run Watch

One of the great things about Nixon watches is that each model almost always comes in a sizeable array of colour and finish variants. The Re-Run digital watch from the aforementioned watchmaker is no exception. As of this writing, the Re-Run comes in seven different finishes, including this all-white option, which I found particularly charming. There’s always been something so remarkable about the look of a white bracelet watch set against the background of someone’s skin that draws immediate attention to it. This watch from Nixon is a definite throwback to the time when only a digital display was the height of watch technology.

Key Features

 Digital calendar, dual time, alarm, backlight, countdown timer.
Jewelry-style bracelet
Stainless steel locking clasp


 Brand: Nixon
 Model: Re-Run Watch
 Case size: 38.5 mm
 3 ATM Water Resistant

12. Garmin - Fenix 5X Sapphire

Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire Digital Watch for Men, Women and Kids

Garmin is another one of those brands that you don’t usually think of when it comes to watch-making, but in recent years, they’ve made a name for themselves in this category of consumer products. The Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire is not a small watch. This model comes in at a whopping 51 mm case size, but that’s because it tries to maximize the real-estate on the dial to show a lot of useful information at once. The watch has also been designed with ruggedness in mind, hence the thick shock-proof stainless steel bezel. And despite all of its ruggedness, this multi-sport digital watch comes with plenty of elegant style.

Key Features

Stainless steel bezel
Heart-rate monitor
GPS with built-in maps
3-axis compass with gyroscope and barometric altimeter
Training widget and performance stats
LED backlit screen


 Brand: Garmin
 Model: Fenix 5X Sapphire
 Case size: 51 mm

13. Casio - Men's Silver Tone 25 Calculator Watch

Casio Men's Silver Tone 25 Memory Calculator Databank Watch

You would be readily forgiven for thinking that Casio is the original of the calculator watch. But those of you who were around in the mid-1970s will remember that it was Pulsar (then a brand of the Hamilton Watch Company) that originated the first calculator watches. But of course, it was indeed Casio that popularized the calculator watch and would go on to produce its most famous version of the calculator watch, the Databank watch. The Databank was not only able to perform like a scientific calculator but was also able to store appointments, names, addresses and even phone numbers. Now, believe me, in the early and mid-1980s, that was a huge deal.

Nowadays, Casio is still producing these watches, but not for the same reasons. Now it is entirely for the retro-nostalgia cool factor of the thing. Often worn ironically or to 1980’s themed parties, this rugged stainless steel watch and band with quartz movement is just the right accessory to up your retro game.

Key Features

 Quartz time movement
3 ATM Water Resistant
Mineral Crystal


 Brand: Casio
 Model: Men’s Silver Tone 25 Memory Calculator Databank Watch
 Case size: 33 mm

14. Hamilton Pulsar Digital Watch


Speaking of Hamiton Watches, here is a remake of the original Hamilton Pulsar watch, which debuted in 1970. This updated men’s digital watch features an astonishing array of aesthetic beauty that you won’t find in many digital watches. The original was worn by style icons such as Jack Nicholson, Joe Frazier, Elton John and Keith Richards. That unmistakable style has been brought back with this Hamilton PSR watch to make a statement. Using a hybrid LCD & OLED display for its primary digital read out, this stainless steel silver watch uses a digital quartz movement and is built like a tank.

Key Features

Sapphire crystal face
Quartz movement
10 ATM Water resistant


 Brand: Hamilton
 Model: American Classic PSR Digital Quartz
 Case size: 40.8 x 34.7 mm

15. Bulova - Men's Computron Digital Watch

Bulova Computron Men's Watch

As you’ve probably noticed, I have a bit of a penchant for digital watches that have a retro look. And while Bulova watches are more known for their sophisticated up-scale designs, this digital watch is a combination of nostalgia and modern elements, which results in the LED Computron watch. While the one pictured above is of the sleek silver-tone stainless steel variety, the watch is also available in a gold-tone finish as well as black stainless steel. But no matter which version of this retro-inspired digital watch you choose, you won’t go wrong. Each version has been thougtfully crafted to exude a particular and distinct retro essence.

Key Features

 Quartz movement
Mineral Crystal
3 ATM Water Resistance


 Brand: Bulova
 Model: Computron
 Case size: 38mm

16. Fossil - Gen 5 Smartwatch Garrett HR Black Stainless Steel Watch

Fossil - Gen 5 Smartwatch Garrett HR Black Stainless Steel Watch

I have to give Fossil a lot of credit. This Texas-based fashion behemoth saw more quickly what was coming at them as far as the steamroller known as the Apple Watch than most of their competitors. That’s probably why they were one of the first manufacturers to warmly embrace Google’s idea of what a smartwatch operating system should be. The result has been a deep integration between Fossil’s design chops and Google’s software capabilities, ending with products like this Gen 5 Smartwatch. If you’re looking for a relatively cheaper yet still capable alternative to the Apple Watch, this smartwatch from Fossil might be a good choice.

Key Features

All the features of the Google Wear OS software platform
Activity tracker, heart-rate tracking, interchangeable watch bands.


 Brand: Fossil
 Model: Gen 5 Smartwatch Garrett HR Black Stainless Steel Watch
 Case size: 46 mm

17. Casio Men's PRO Trek Stainless Steel

This is your standard boss-type world explorer sort of watch. Rugged and kitted out with extra little gizmos to help you keep on top of it all. Lose your way. It’s got a digital compass with bearing memory. Think maybe the air pressure feels like you’re getting up too high? Well, the Altimeter and Barometer can help confirm that for you. And while you’re looking, check the thermometer to see if you might want to add another layer before you catch a chill.

Key Features

 Easy dial World Time
Water-resistant to 100m
5 Daily Alarms
1/100th Sec. Stopwatch


 Brand: Casio
 Model: Men’s PRO Trek Stainless Steel
 Case size: 51.5 mm

18. Suunto - Spartan Trainer Digital Wrist Watch

SUUNTO Spartan Trainer Digital Wrist Watch

Suunto is a Finnish company that has been specializing in the development of sports watches and instruments for over 80 years. The word “Suunto” in Finnish means ‘direction’. And with this watch, you’ll have plenty of it. Used by adventurers all over the world, the Suunto Spartan Trainer watch is perfect for the athlete and outdoor junkie in you. Whether you swim, cycle, hit the gym, run trails or go hiking on a regular basis under the most grueling conditions, the Spartan Trainer Wrist HR has been designed to track your activity. Available in six different colour combinations, including a stainless steel version, this watch comes with over eighty sport modes installed and provides precise training data and graphs right on your wrist. It also has built-in GPS navigation and, as with any respectable training watch, accurately measures your heart rate.

Key Features

Battery life up to 10 hours in training mode
GPS tracking with speed, pace and distance
Heart-rate monitoring
Over 80 sport modes


 Brand: Suunto
 Model: Spartan Trainer Wrist HR

19. Adidas - Archive_M1 - Men's Digital Watch

This men’s digital watch from German sports apparel and accessory maker Adidas harkens back to 70’s watch design through its retro looks. Available in five different colour combinations, including this gunmetal black combo is an excellent antidote to today’s digital information overload culture. This square-faced watch is made of stainless steel with a very nice looking stainless steel five-link bracelet as the strap. It features a digital display with easy to read digits and backlight for additional readability in dark settings. Simple and clean looking, this watch will surely get lots of compliments sitting on your manly wrist!

Key Features

Dual-time, stopwatch, calendar functions.
Stainless steel case with hardened mineral crystal
Manufactured in 2019


 Brand: Adidas
 Model: Archive_M1 
 Case size: 36 mm

20. Void - PXR5-PO / RE Digital Men's Wristwatch

VOID - PXR5-PO/RE Men's Digital Wristwatch

The PXR5-PO from Void is a men’s digital watch that has stood the test of time. Considering that a lot of modern watch manufacturer’s simply don’t have watches that remain in their permanent collection, it’s a note of quality and design prowess that this watch was designed back in 2005. Part of the reasoning behind the design of this particular timekeeper is that British designer Michael Young wanted to create a “watch that tells time” but also one that “I want to wear with different clothes.” That’s probably why the simple, yet elegant velcro woven nylon strap is available in ten different colours, including the red pictured above.

What I like most about the PXR5-PO is that the watch case is super unique amongst most digital watch designs and more resembles a cool looking belt buckle.

Key Features

 Digital LCD
Time, Date and Backlight functions
316 Stainless steel case
3 ATM water resistance


 Brand: VOID Watvhes
 Model: PXR5-PO
 Case size: 36 x 45.6 mm

21. Nixon - Base Tide Pro Watch

NIXON - Base Tide Pro Watch

While this digital men’s watch was designed with precisely one demographic in mind (surfers), don’t let that fool you into thinking this watch can’t be a permanent and stylish fixture on your wrist. The Base Tide Pro Watch from Nixon is pre-programmed with info from over 550 beaches across the globe that are known to be surfing hotspots. But what I love about this polycarbonate-cased digital timepiece is that it comes in a vast variety of colourful case options.

Key Features

10 ATM Water Resistant
High/low tide time and height as well as sunrise and sunset info
Chronograph timer, three alarms, and backlight.
Display can toggle between tide graph and date.


 Brand: Nixon
 Model: Base Tide Pro Watch
 Case size: 42mm

22. Skagen - Smartwatch HR - Falster

SKAGEN - Smartwatch HR - Falster 3 X by KYGO Black Silicone

Skagen is one of my favourite watchmakers in the world, so it didn’t come as a surprise to me that they would also jump on the Smartwatch bandwagon to offer at least some viable alternative to the juggernaut of the Apple Watch. The Falster 3 Smartwatch is a beautiful example of what you can do when you marry technology and design in a form that respects traditional watchmaking aesthetics.

Key Features

Features the lastest version of Google’s Wear OS smartwatch software platform
Stainless Steel case
Full-colour circular display
8GB of onboard storage
Silicone strap
3 ATM Water resistant


 Brand: Skagen
 Model: Smartwatch HR – Flaster 3 X
 Case size: 42 mm

23. Adidas Men's Digital Watch

For some reason, Adidas is always brilliant at taking everyday old-school items and making them super cool. All these years later, and it’s still hard to top a Stan Smith. When it comes to understated digital watches, one look at this, and you’ll wonder why they don’t just knock it off with the shoes and make nothing but timepieces. Brushed stainless steel in flat silver, this watch isn’t overflowing with options. It’s a stopwatch, because, well, Adidas is a sports company. Still, after that, it’s just a well-designed basic digital watch that you’re going to really want in your collection.

Key Features

Black watch face with digital numbers
Silver brushed stainless steel case and band
Subtle color-coded buttons
Water-resistant to 50m or 165ft


 Brand: Adidas
 Model: Men’s Digital Watch
 Case size: 36 mm

24. Timex Men's Ironman Transit 40mm Watch

The Ironman line has been one of Timex’s most iconic additions to the world of timekeeping. With a minimalist design aesthetic and trademark durability, this is the sort of watch that lasts you a lifetime. It’s also a lot of watch for the money. And while it comes in a variety of colors, the blue 16mm resin strap is definitely the coolest looking option. With its 100-hour chronograph, 10-lap memory, and 24-hour countdown timer, the Ironman doesn’t miss a beat. 

Key Features

 Customizable alarm
24-hour military time mode
2 time zones
Day, date & month calendar


 Brand: Timex
 Model: Men’s Ironman Transit 40mm Watch
 Case size: 40 mm

25. ZIIRO Watch - Eclipse

ZIIIRO Watch - Eclipse

Another watch that truly takes the idea of minimalism and out-of-this-world design to another level. The Eclipse watch is manufactured with a combination of a stainless steel case and a silicon rubber case. Its unique dial contains only two notches, one denoting the hour of the day and the other the minute of the hour.

Key Features

 Stainless steel case
 Japanese Miyota 2025 movement
3 ATM water resistant


 Brand: ZIIIRO
 Model: Eclipse
 Case size: 43 mm

Sebastian Arciszewski

Sebastian Arciszewski

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