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20 Minimalist Watches Under $200

By July 30, 2019 No Comments

The trick has never been about finding a watch under $200. There are so many watches available in the lower price bracket that accomplishing this feat may seem like an easy undertaking. However, the problem is actually one of an abundance of terribly designed trash. Finding a good watch, designed well, at a lower price is a challenge. As technology continues to make complex manufacturing simpler, it’s often the design part that is the sticking point. The watch works well enough, but so often is garish and ugly as hell. This is our list of manufacturers who have done it well. They didn’t forget that folks will be looking at what you wear on your wrist and that you might want it to elicit compliments and not morbid curiosity.

1. Aulta - The Seaward Nylon - Gunmetal Grey


This watch has to be seen to be loved. But, love it you will, and coming in well below the $200 mark you can afford to love this watch and maybe a couple more. The case is surgical grade 316-L stainless steel, with a hardened mineral crystal on top, and stainless steel screw down case back. The grey strap is polyurethane with a stainless steel buckle, and the contrast is unexpectedly awesome.

Key Features

Miyota 2405 Japanese quartz 3 hand movement
10 ATM water resistance
Luminescent coated second hand


 Brand: Aulta
 Model: The Seaward Nylon – Gunmetal Grey
 Case size: 42mm

2. Daniel Wellington - Cornwall

Daniel Wellington - Cornwall Watch

It’s fancy and casual. I don’t know that I would wear this with a suit, but I might. This timepiece is brilliant, but it has a nylon NATO strap. Which, oddly, I like. I just don’t know how to feel about this timepiece overall, but I sorta like that. The face is simple white with silver accents and a silver steel case. The strap is black and fixed with a silver steel buckle. It’s a brilliant minimalist watch.

Key Features

Japanese Quartz Movement
NATO Strap
3ATM Water resistant


 Brand: Daniel Wellington
 Model: Cornwall
 Case size: 40mm

3. Tsovet - SVT-CN38

Tsovet - SVT-CN38 Minimalist Watch

Ok, this beautiful minimalist timepiece is on the line. Technically it’s not under $200, but it is $200. But it’s so pretty I felt it needed to be on the list. Very plain-jane white face with ghosted logo. Striking metallic blue hands and the Tsovet trademarked, 0 in place of the ten-marker. There is something really cool about that, which I suppose is why they had it trademarked!

Key Features

Swiss Quartz Movement
Vegetable-dyed Italian leather straps
Premium 316-L stainless steel casing


 Brand: Tsovet
 Model: SVT-CN38
 Case size: 38mm

4. Braun - Gents BN0021

Braun - Gents BN0021 Classic Watch

Yes, the German company that makes hair trimmers, coffee makers, and food processors also make watches. And why not? When you’re a company with a solid pedigree of making consumer products that work and last it sort of makes sense. They actually have quite a few variations that are too expensive for this list. This selection is all minimalist charm. And while it looks like it fits in the Braun family, the dial takes influence from the Bauhaus German design school. It’s truly a classic and you are going to love the look of the mesh strap.

Key Features

Quartz 3 hand movement
5 ATM water resistant
Stainless Steel Mesh strap and case


 Brand: Braun
 Model: Gents BN0021
 Case size: 38mm

5. Void - V03B

Void - V03B Minimalist Watch

Can something be extra minimalist? If that’s a thing, this is the thing that is. Simple white face, no seconds hand, and two digit number markers from zero to fifty-five. This is a gorgeous timepiece. A matte stainless steel case paired with a Swedish Natural Tanned Black leather strap that will age beautifully over time. Despite being less than $200, this watch is meant to be worn for the long-term.

Key Features

Japan Quartz Miyota Movement
Swedish Black, Vegetable Tan Leather Strap
5 ATM Water Resistant


 Brand: Void
 Model: V03B
 Case size: 38mm

6. TOKYObay - Ara - Blue

TokyoBay Ara | Blue Women's Watch

If you’re looking for a more vibrant and colourful look to adorn your wrist, perhaps this affordable Ara watch from tokyoBay will satisfy that need. Inspired by the modern art found at the San Francisco museum, you can give your hand a clean but funky look. Available in five striking colours, the Ara watch uses a nice smooth leather strap and is powered by a Japanese Miyota quartz movement. 

Key Features

Available in five colour options
Matching colour leather bands
5 Year limited warranty
Tested at 3ATM Water resistance


 Brand: TOKYObay
 Model: Ara, Blue
 Case size: 34mm

7. Rossling & Co - Continental 40MM - Tweed

Rossling & Co., CONTINENTAL 40MM - TWEED Watch

The simplicity of this beauty is just incredible. The white dial feels completely unencumbered. The indices are light coloured silver, but it’s the smaller seconds dial, marked but not enclosed gives the entire face a brilliant minimalist feel. The charcoal tweed strap, lined underneath with genuine leather adds for a distinct feel that’s just perfect.

Key Features

Swiss quartz movement
 Minimalist white dial with signature blue hands
Stainless Steel Silver case  
3ATM Water Resistance


 Brand: Rossling & Co.
 Model: Continental 40mm – Tweed
 Case size: 40mm

8. Withings Steel – Activity & Sleep Watch

Withings - Steel Watch

It’s a smartwatch, but it doesn’t look futuristic or trendy or tacky. In fact, it looks beautifully minimalistic and simple. And, it does activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, and lets you know how near you are to your goals all with an unobtrusive second dial. It’s quite literally the activity tracking watch for people with a keen sense of Bauhaus style. No one will know you’re wearing an activity tracker, it’s a watch I would wear without the fancy features. Oh, and it’s under $200.

Key Features

Compatible with iOS and Android
Stainless Steel Casing
8 Month single cell battery life
Chrome hands, silicone strap


 Brand: Withings
 Model: Steel – Activity & Sleep Watch
 Case size: 36mm

9. Mondaine Men's Swiss Railways Evo Watch

What’s really great about this Mondaine watch is that it’s very evocative of the classic railway clock designs that grace Swiss train stations – of which there are still over 3000. you may see around the world. The oversized markers along with the round red third hand are a classic and timeless look. This iconic look has been the blueprint for Mondaine watches since 1986.

Key Features

Swiss quartz movement
Durable saphire crystal
Water resistant up to 99 ft depth
Stainless steel case


 Brand: Mondaine
 Model: Quartz Evo Leather Band Watch
 Case size: 35mm

10. Triwa - Mist Klinga Watch

Triwa - Mist Klinga Watch

Classic and elegant, Triwa been doing an incredible job designing beautiful minimalist timepieces. And, very occasionally you can get one for less than $200. The Mist Klinga is just such a watch.  Interpreted in polished steel, light gray and brown Swedish organically tanned leather, this one is giving up nothing to get in on budget. So well designed, they include day and date without losing the aesthetic.

Key Features

Organic vegetable-tanned leather from Tärnsjö Tannery 
Stainless steel case
Miyota GL00 Movement
5 ATM Water Resistance


 Brand: Triwa
 Model: Mist Klinga
 Case size: 38mm

11. MVMT - Classic Series - White Tan

MVMT - Classic White Tan Minimalist Watch

There is nothing to this timepiece but pure minimalist charm. Simple white face, brushed matte steel casing, with a small date square at the 3rd marker. Silver hands and markers with a Black second hand and a tan 100% genuine leather strap complete the look. 

Key Features

Brushed silver stainless steel
Tan 100% genuine Leather Strap
Interchangeable Strap
3 Hand Miyota Quartz Movement


 Brand: MVMT
 Model: Classic Series – White Tan
 Case size: 45mm

12. Breda - Visser Watch - Brown

Breda - Visser Watch - Brown

A gorgeous simple timepiece named for famed abstract-minimalist artist Carel Nicolaas Visser. It has a square, 35mm face with rounded corners and a brushed dial, and never fails to attract attention. A stitchless leather band secures the watch, offering a timeless feel and an of-the-moment aesthetic.

Key Features

Japanese Quartz movement
Brown leather strap
316 L Stainless steel case


 Brand: Breda
 Model: Visser Watch Brown
 Case size: 35mm

13. Timex Archive - Whitney Village Watch, White

Timex Archive, Whitney Village Watch, White

This perfectly minimalistic timepiece is an update on the brand’s iconic Ivy League Style. It features a pared-down face with three hands and is secured by a reversible grosgrain strap, inspired by the traditional ties worn by college students. I love the faint silver markers one through twelve with a darker inside dial five through sixty. It’s a simple, but gorgeous, minimalist design touch.

Key Features

Quartz movement
Stainless steel case
5ATM Water resistant


 Brand: Timex Archive
 Model: Whitney Village Watch
 Case size: 36mm

14. Bulova - 98H51 Calendar Strap Watch

Bulova, 98H51 Calendar Strap Watch

This iconic American watchmaker started out in 1875, and while not the official NASA first watch on the moon, it was mission commander David Scott’s personal backup that broke out when his Omega crystal popped off! A timepiece that sold after for $1.6 million. And yet despite all that, they still make affordable Swiss watches. This particular model is a brilliantly simple minimalist watch that eschews complicated displays for a perfect, no-nonsense appearance. The rose gold-toned case also gives it a little something more than the stainless steel variety.

Key Features

Quality Japanese-quartz movement
Mineral crystal
Stainless-steel case; white dial; date function
3 ATM water resistance


 Brand: Bulova
 Model: 98H51 Calendar Strap Watch
 Case size: 37mm

15. Ambassador - Heritage 1921 Watch

Ambassador - Heritage 1921 Watch

This timepiece is an instant classic. Using the pieces found in Art Deco 1921, this piece eschews the often ornate look of the time, for a more minimalist feel, which even then had a core group of admirers. SIlver stainless steel casing, two textured white face, with simple silver indices and hands with a brown, genuine leather, strap. It’s minimalist design for just under $200 and nothing about this watch is cheap.

Key Features

Japanese Quartz Movement
Clous de Paris dial texture
3 ATM water resistance


 Brand: Ambassador
 Model: Heritage 1921
 Case size: 40mm

16. Timberland - Ashland Watch

Timberland - Ashland Watch

Yes, the boot company makes a nice watch. It’s got a simple black face, with the logo ghosted in. Copper coloured indices and a date square. The wristband is a wheat coloured silicone and comfortable as hell. It’s almost like they were struggling to decide if they were going to make a nice, simply styled timepiece or a functional boot of a watch. Seems they actually struck a pretty great balance. This is not going to be my go-to wrist wear for a fine suit, but you know, it could do pretty well with most anything else.

Key Features

Ion-plated stainless steel case
Date function
Silicone strap
5 ATM Water Resistant


 Brand: Timberland
 Model: Ashland Watch
 Case size: 47mm

17. Timex - Waterbury Classic

Timex - Waterbury Classic Watch

You better not be hating on Timex. These guys are the workhorse of watches. They really do take a licking and keep on ticking, and you know what, they make some pretty damn fine looking timepieces too. The Waterbury Classic is gorgeous. That cream coloured dial with simple sans-serif numbering is perfect. The brushed silver stainless steel case completes a wonderfully old-timey feel and the meticulously stitched tan leather band, scream of pure craftsmanship and authentic minimalistic watchmaking. And, it totally still has the INDIGLO® Night Light!

Key Features

INDIGLO® NightLight
Genuine Leather Strap
Quartz Analog Movement
3 ATM water resistant


 Brand: Timex
 Model: Waterbury Classic
 Case size: 40mm

18. Ted Baker London - Daniel Leather Strap Watch

Ted Baker Daniel Leather Strap Watch 42 mm

Ted Baker always has some nice things to look at. They’ve been able to swing wildly from simple accoutrements to incredibly garish candy wear. In this case, they did a nice job. The White markers blend into the textured minimalist dial of an easy-read round watch. The clean hands and a second subdial disrupt its slightly monochromatic style for a simple modern look.

Key Features

Quartz movement
Stainless steel/leather


 Brand: Ted Baker London
 Model: Daniel Leather Strap Watch
 Case size: 42mm

19. Eoniq - Alster Lite

Eoniq - Alster Lite Minimalist Watch

The folks at Eoniq are big on having you customize your watch to be just perfect for you. With the Alster Lite, there is not a whole lot of tweaking that needs doing. Based on traditional German minimalist design, I prefer this piece with the white face and subtle silver markers. The genuine leather strap, appropriately, ages and becomes more beautiful with character as time passes. What more could you possible what them to do to this fine piece of work?

Key Features

Genuine calf leather by Swiss supplier
Laser engraved at the back of the watch
Citizen Quartz Movement


 Brand: Eoniq
 Model: Alster Lite
 Case size: 40mm

20. STERNGLAS - Naos

Sternglas - Naos Watch

I hope you will forgive me this timepiece. It does come in under 200, the trouble is it’s under 200 Euros. But it’s so incredibly gorgeous that it needed to be on the list. If the principles of Bauhaus had true expression, this would be it. It’s simple and yet no detail left to chance. The typography on the dial is simple and yet remarkable. This is a true minimalist timepiece.

Key Features

RONDA Caliber 714 movement
24-month guarantee
Domed sapphire glass
5 ATM Waterproof


 Brand: Sternglas
 Model: Naos
 Case size: 38mm